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Beyonce 'Trivialized' Deaths of Challenger Crew

1/1/2014 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


got off easy with NASA ... rather than saying she blatantly exploited the deaths of the Challenger astronauts, the space agency essentially said she dishonored the memories of the crew.

As you know ... Beyonce's song, "XO" begins with sound from mission control in 1986 ... as they react to the spaceship blowing up and the 7 crew members careening to the ground.

NASA 's response ... "The Challenger accident is an important part of our history; a tragic reminder that space exploration is risky and should never be trivialized."

Beyonce came out with a bizarre, hollow justification ... "The song 'XO' was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones to remind us that unexpected things happen ..."

It's not exactly that there was suddenly a burning need to help the families cope with the deaths that are almost 2 decades old. 

Could it be that Beyonce just knows good drama when she sees it?


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I love Beyonce and goddamn this happened so many years ago Beyonce was too young herself to remember and the people that listen to her music don't give a damn, it was a malfunction not a part of history it's not like she blew the ship up

211 days ago


Disrespectful trash

211 days ago


I'm disgusted with TMZ. They still have a n article and video up showing how HAPPY and LUCKY they felt that Beyoncé recognized their camera crew and actually put them in this very same XO video they are now trying to deface. Umm seems very hypocritical . TmZ is starring in this video. The song and very successful album honestly didn't benefit an ounce from adding that audio to the beginning of that one song. She was trying to convey a message of love and recognition. Reminding people that life is short. The song is about love. Everyone who is angry and hating her hated her already. Quite obvious. Keep it up haters she is unstoppable and amazing. You don't have her success, her fan base, her money, or anything. All you have is a TMZ account to write your worthless opinions. I created this after watching the show on TV. Such nonsense I had to leave a comment. Erasing this garbage

211 days ago


Creating controversy is the new thing to do these days.

All these chicklets have seen the attention Miley Cyrus has gotten from her ridiculous and classless behavior, that they are all joining in now. Look at Keisha. Madonna and so many others.

Now, this trick has been knocked out of first place as far as who are people talking about and she hoped on the controversy bandwagon and I'm positive she is sitting on those fat ass and thighs of hers today and reeling in the fact that there is press about her.

She makes me sick.

211 days ago


Both her and her husband are P.O.S.'s.

211 days ago


...TMZ, I like your show. But this whole Beyoncé thing with the sound bite is being taken way to serious! It was said on your show "TMZ Live" that EVERYONE knew what the sound bite was taken from. No... Only those who lived that experience would know. The average person wouldn't, and I'm 33 being 6 at the time. When producers use sound bites from, let's say the internet, unless it sounds very similar there isn't much research done. I feel like if a Celine Dionne were to have done this, we'd be having a different discussion.

211 days ago


beyonce you are a piece of garbage. You are selfish,spoiled uneducated. Im glad I dont buy your music. I suggest everyone else boycott you.

211 days ago


Can't wait for more idiots to use tragic events to make money!!!!! Mmm 9/11 next jay-z song !!!!!!!!!!! Pleople make money from tragedies just like beyonce she ain't no different from any other gold diggers

211 days ago


almost 2 decades old...... ah......... try 3 decades old. 1/28/86 28 years this month.

211 days ago


Can't stomach this chick or her husband. When you adore then, I don't understand, do you visualize yourselves in their bedroom(s). I say that because I believe she did not birth her child, is embarrassed by her, her husband is as gay as they come, and their music sucks.

211 days ago


Well, if recordings exist, would Beyonce use the commands of the nazi officers as they gassed the Jews in the showers? You know, to help the victims' families heal.

211 days ago


Beyonce is an idiot

211 days ago


Beyonce is annoying -- to put it mildly...Oh, and totally overrated.

211 days ago


I don't know if this has been shown before, but here's the supposed last words of the crew as researched by

211 days ago


OOPS. Here's the clickable Snopes link:

211 days ago
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