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'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson

Ready... Aim...

Refuses To Fire On A&E

1/1/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson rang in the New Year with a VERY interesting and probably insincere statement -- "We all learned a lot."

Willie appeared on FOX News Channel and on the surface made nice with A&E ... not gloating that the network folded like a cheap suit and brought back Phil Robertson after he made those anti-gay comments.

But here's the deal  ... the family won outright.  They threatened to all leave the show if Phil wasn't reinstated and they got what they wanted and no one has apologized for the comments.

So we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


I guess they don't trim their beards because that thing looks nasty.

258 days ago


Its a reality show. Do people want reality, or their vision of it? I just don't get the hype.

258 days ago


P.R. - an embarrassment to true Christians....Sickening how many ignorant & uneducated people have supported this entire fiasco - go away DD.

258 days ago

devil's advocate    

Sounds to me like the Robertson family was ready to fire on A$E. They were ready to quit the show, it's A$E that refused to fire.

258 days ago

nancy williams    

What did A&E every do to Harvey.. You guys are sure hard on them. It will be interesting to see how much viewership they lose in the new season.

258 days ago

Delta Communications    

A "True Christian" follows Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

A "Chic-Fil-A Christian" follows Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Palin.

258 days ago


I bet A&E is making more money than they are. It is kinda hard to school your boss. Even if the Duck Dynasty family left A&E they wouldn't own rights to the show. In the end, it is much ado about nothing because it is a show about a silly family and duck calls. Phil is hardly a Pope.

258 days ago


How does his wife deal with all that facial hair.....he has to wash that beard properly after going down on his wife....if not that vagina scent will linger

258 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

What kind of douche bag would wear our flag as a headband?

258 days ago


He may live in the country, not he's not stupid.

They were mufti-millionaires before A & E came along

258 days ago


TMZ, what were you expecting? You thought this would be a walk in the park like you did orchestrating the firing of Isiah Washington, wrong. These Networks know where their bread is buttered and as long as they are making money for them, they are prepared to look the other way. Same happened with Alec Baldwin. This is lesson to TMZ, you do not have that clout when it comes to these things so let it go!!

258 days ago


This guy took their brand and made it what it is. Their beliefs arent an act but everything else is. Savvy business man in sheeps clothing. Im from west monroe and its a dump. Good for him for turning nothing into something.

258 days ago


"probably insincere" -- and that right there tells you everything you need to know about TMZ and their "news reporting."

258 days ago


Does anyone else understand that Phil Robertson is a CHILD MOLESTER, RACIST & HOMOPHOBE???!!!
I was actually a fan of this show, but what bothers me is how this man has made Anti- gay comments and got away with it....but not only that -- the fact that he said black people were "happy happy happy" back in the segregation/slavery days is beyond absurd...AND NOW this fool is saying CHILD MOLESTATION IS COOL!! Why is he allowed to get away with this! GO AWAY DD!!!

258 days ago


Phil's comments were not anti gay. Phil not desiring sex with a man doesn't make him a homophobe. Uneducated staffers tmz working the holidays are clueless.

258 days ago
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