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Lindsay Lohan

Suck It, Paris ...

I Can Rock A DJ Booth Too!

1/1/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is battling Paris Hilton on a new front -- she's toying with the idea of becoming a DJ.

Lindsay was a hanger-on at Pier 94 in NYC Monday night ... studying 2 very famous spinners -- Diplo and Jillionaire of Major Lazer.

She wasn't spinning, but she was getting pointers from the 2 guys for hours.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay wants to resurrect her music career  ... this time around focusing on electronic dance music. 

Lindsay Lohan -- already one of the top 5 DJs in the world.



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Can u see anyone actually hiring her? She would be 4 hours late probably drunk/stoned, have a few breakdowns and roll around on the floor. Yeah. Who wants that for their wedding, birthday, anniversary?

273 days ago


The money in those pics must be fake or someone would've already reported that she stole it.

273 days ago


ugh. make. it. stop.

273 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!

273 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"Oh Lindsay is just sooo talented!! She can (allegedly) spin records. "

Seems to me I was doing that around the time I got my first turntable. I think I was around 5 years old.

That is, until I moved onto more advanced options like an 8-track player, not to mention cassette tape!

Good luck with those, you dumb smelly balding talentless thieving grifting snatch.

273 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Well, it's a new year, but Lohan is still just a lying, balding, smelly, mangy, duck-lipped, rotten-toothed, drunk, drug-addled, saggy-boobed, fetid, unclean, unemployable, uninsurable, thieving, aging, clamslamming, nasty, narcissistic, diseased, coke snorting, untalented, debt-ridden, tax-evading, chicken-legged, flabby-assed, contemptuous, worthless, filthy, disgusting, vomit-inducing, moldy, lazy, slimy, homeless, wretched, reptilian-skinned, skanky, shifty-eyed, halitosis-laden, grifting, graffiti-littered, cue card-reading, attention-craving, fire alarm pulling, cell phone stealing, toilet-clogging, trailer-trashing, miserable, entitled, triple-chinned, hotel-dwelling, bracelet-stealing, Taliban-sucking, insect infected, dried-up bag of vagina, a Canyon-holed Snatchasouras, with delusions of grandeur, dirty fingernails and a porno-only DJ-only career (maybe). Her genetic makeup is part Snatch, part insect, and part vodka.

273 days ago


I see her "singing"career lasted as long as a bottle of cheap vodka does for DWIna, now it's a DJ? Hope she runs into SamRo!

273 days ago


The last time this B.O smelling freak even took a shower was when she was locked up like Lindsay Lohan in jail. Those lungs to the awful hands, can you imagine?

273 days ago


It is 2014 and Lindsay is still fabulous and everyone is jealous of her! Lindsay was in Mean Girls!!

273 days ago


"HEY!!! Where'd my $1,000.00 turntables go?!!! They were just right here!!!! And my wallet!!! Where's my wallet?!!!"

273 days ago



Lindsay Lohan was observed at Applebee’s Fine Dining last night trying to make a hook up with a local Rich Guy or Five, eh? The failed porn star on the lam from Oprah had the Spaetzel, Tube Steak and for dessert, the creamy banana surprise in a stall in the Men’s Rest Room. Five times! She loaded about $10K in her pink bag, as usual.

In a related story, her mother, the infamous single snatch of four and perennial contender for Worst Mother of the Year Award was being fingered under the table in public, again, at Jugs and Strokers (a biker bar) near the Merrick Mansion.

When a local Pap showed Lilo the DWIna picture, Lindsay responded “Not again! Not in PUBLIC! ****! That shameless slut is soooo embarrassing! Family Fist!” Linds stiffed Applebee’s for the bill.

273 days ago


I'm curious, what proof do we think that "water bottle" actually is? She's clearly shielding her eyes so no one can see (talkin to you Orca) how spun out she actually is.

273 days ago


A Tale Of Two Apples

Paris had two apples. She cut them up and sold them at an apple slice stand, and made enough loot to buy four apples. She kept doing that. Now Paris has one million apples. Apple Computers was so impressed, they gave Paris a one-billion-dollar deal to be their spokesperson. Now Paris is RICHRICHRICH!!

Linds had two apples. She fermented them into jailhouse wine and guzzled it. Now Linds has nothing, so she borrowed more apples from a "good friend for years". She never paid back the apples, so now Linds has debt. She blamed the debt on a black kid. Now the black kid is suing Linds for one billion dollars.

See the parallels? Neither does Linds. Or DUIna.

273 days ago


FFS! It's a New Year Day PAR-TY here @tmz!!

Happy, Happy 2014 to All!!

(and WTF? Is Blo the ONLY person on molly who dances like a Granny?)

273 days ago
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