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Lindsay Lohan

Suck It, Paris ...

I Can Rock A DJ Booth Too!

1/1/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is battling Paris Hilton on a new front -- she's toying with the idea of becoming a DJ.

Lindsay was a hanger-on at Pier 94 in NYC Monday night ... studying 2 very famous spinners -- Diplo and Jillionaire of Major Lazer.

She wasn't spinning, but she was getting pointers from the 2 guys for hours.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay wants to resurrect her music career  ... this time around focusing on electronic dance music. 

Lindsay Lohan -- already one of the top 5 DJs in the world.



No Avatar


Can Samantha Ronson mentor her? She's well versed to a life of well funded play

261 days ago


the only thing this balding trick rocks is arab ding-a-lings for cash.

261 days ago


Um, Major Lazer isn't a person.

261 days ago


These days a DJ doesn't mean a thing. Anyone can do it and heck it's sold in costco. Btw this is coming from an ex Dj.

261 days ago


This is just setting her up for another failure.

261 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

"She wasn't spinning, but she was getting pointers from the 2 guys for hours.
Yes, pointing their erect peens at her more than willing mouth.

261 days ago


"It's good to see her having fun and finding new things to do.

Crouched under the DJ booth snorting & blowing, while fun to her, is nothing "new" for Blo.

261 days ago



Usually, by now we have had reminders that Linds was in Mean Girls, she is sooooo Talented, she is taking a career break after another spectacular year, that she is a Ratings Bonanza and the full load of Bulloney, we are ROTFLOL, eh?

And yet, not a peep from those delusionists! Linds is a curse to anyone near her.

Aliana! Give Lilo some Dog Food, she has been a Bad Girl!

261 days ago


Oh so ambitious a new career as a still my heart....give a monkey a mouse and a keyboard and it would do the job ....That's like training to be a ditch digger.....or a pooper scooper.....really and Oprah is going to show this as a comeback. !!!!.....How about enrolling in a trade school and earn a degree or certification in something useful.....I would say college but she doesn't have enough brain cells left for that....but then that would evolve actual work and that's something she doesn't do......

261 days ago


BAM!! @dlisted;

Lindsay Lohan’s silicone cheeks in The Canyons should’ve made this list:

261 days ago


She looks like a idiot in that hat......a complete brain dead what to be rapper idiot......I hate to see woman dressed like screams WHORE....louder then anything.....

261 days ago


Sence its slower the molasses running up hill in here ...let me expand.....I hate hats with straight brims like that on anybody.....anybody....I would rather see a man in a tricorne hat then that screams I am a idiot who can't think for myself is the worse fashion fad in 100 yrs....I have never ever seen anyone who was wear a hat like that look anything but stupid......I had a grandson who wore a hat to see me one day....I gave him 3 seconds and one chose....take it off and fix the brim or I burn it....He's 23 and he looked me in the eye and .................took that hat off and curved the brim like it was make to look....LOL .....His fiance gave me the biggest hug....She hated that thing to.......
Lindsay looks like a absolute Idiot...a old nasty smelly idiot.....! now that I offended have the posters on here with my ramblings I will wish Everyone
Happy New Year............

261 days ago


"Ha ha ha". Linds is #2 on the Tom Leykis Show Top 10 Deadpool for 2014! #1 is Mary Tyler Moore. She's 77.

In your face, Auntie Niece-Nibbler..... see you later on Twitter. Your Jihad fails again. "Ha ha ha".

261 days ago


Washed (I don't mean a shower) up loser with absolutely no direction in life. Although I would love for her to put another album and see like Rolling Stone review it. The comeback has it the mountain, once again. If I were in Manhattan I'd love to run into this skank. She'd probably destroy my smartphone or just give me the clap from just being near her.

261 days ago


A Huge Arctic Express is headed into the NC mountains tonight and then again this weekend and My poor joints and bones are already screaming like 50,000 fans at a Duke and Carolina Basketball game.....I am going to have to resort to the old fashion remedy for call Pappy's Own Cure'

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He brewed white lightnin till the sun went down
Then he'd fill up a jug and he'd pass it around
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Well the G men T men revenoers too searchin for the place where he made his brew
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I took a little sip and right away I knew
And my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue
Light has started flashin thunder started krashin (whew white lightnin)
Well the G men T men...

Well a city slicker came and he said I'm tough
I think I want to taste that powerful stuff
He took one slug and he drank it right down I heard him moanin' as he hit the ground
Mighty mighty pleasin you'r pappy's corn squeezin (whew white lightnin)
Well the G men T men.

261 days ago
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