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Gabrielle Union


... With Giant Diamond Ring

1/2/2014 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0102-dwayne-gabrielle-instagramDespite the fact he may have cheated on her .. and that he just had a child with another woman ... Gabrielle Union made it clear this week she's STICKING WITH Dwyane Wade.

Wade and Union spend New Year's Eve together -- and even posted a photo together, showing Gabby hanging on Wade's arm, while flashing her new $1 million engagement ring.
Wade included a caption that says, "Brought the NewYrs in with my beautiful fiancé and great friends...2013 was filled with ups and downs...without them u can't grow. So I'm better now becuz of them. 2014 I'm ready...#UnionWade."

As TMZ Sports previously reported, Wade fathered a child that was born in November with a woman who isn't Union. Wade insists the two were on a break when he knocked the woman up, though judging from Union's social media pages, it seems she and Wade were very much together at the time the kid was conceived.

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No Avatar


They deserve each other... She is no "gem".

272 days ago


Ridiculous to say the woman tricked. What about men being responsible for safe sex.wades full of ****, not sure he really love gabby, maybe he just has her around cause she look good.not so attractuve people are always better in bed.he didnt care if he got that woman pregnant or not.if he dont learn to cover up, hes gonna get another.prehaps he need to learn from lebron on how to be a real man.wades living his life a lie.what done in dark always come to light.if he had a good prayer life this would not have happened, gabbys dumb founded.even with a little breakup you dont go out and not care and get a woman pregnant.

272 days ago


Why do people care so much about stuff that has nothing to do with them. Its very clear she isn't going anywhere. Don't judge her for what she wants to do with her life, its her life. This world is to judgmental for me. Is the choices she make going to change your life, no get over it and fast.

272 days ago


That's what she gets, I mean she should have thought about it when she took him from his wife.... He will never change. Knocking up a woman means he doesn't use protection. Stupid Bastard.

272 days ago

Best Mom    

Someone needs to have a serious talk with this girl. She is crazy if she stays with him!

272 days ago


she no longer has the credibility as a strong, independent, I-got-my **it-together, badass I once thought she had.

272 days ago


Dwayne Wade better keep Kobe Jeweler on speed dial, Once a Cheater always a Cheater and he will be apologizing with some massive rings in the future.

272 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

@Aaliyah, Does it change your life if other people judge a douchebag and his evil b!tch that was with him while he was married? No? Maybe you should take your own advice then then by getting over people judging the two nasty people in the story, and fast! She isn't going anywhere until he replaces her just like he replaced his wife with her.

272 days ago


I bet his exwife is laughing at Gabrielle right now

272 days ago


Says it all........

Cheating.... ok.

Fathering children out of wedlock while you're dating me..... ok




272 days ago


Gabriel, please don't marry that man. Marriage is not the answer, you can do better. He has to much baggage. Love your self, don't let this man bring you down. I think you have to much class. It want get better. His a basket ball player and have done some good deeds but his not good for you. His cheating before the marriage. Even if you to were separated at the time, its still not good. Okay what do I know, it's not my business. I was just trying to help. Just have some pride, he's making you look like a fool in the public eye. Number one his younger than you, but don't matter if was commented.

272 days ago


Wow. Gabriel doesn't realize, "once a cheater always a cheater." It a cliche but iys the truth. Of course a man can change but a remorse heart and a process have to take place before you consider he's. No one. Absolutely no one can change over night or a month. I bet he took the proposal serious when she found out he cheated and knocked the woman up. He went and got big ring for his guilt. But watch, he gonna cheat again.

272 days ago


She sure is desperate.

272 days ago

Jersey city Jim    

Gabrielle Union is no longer Gabrielle Union. With such a sophisticated name you would expect a certain level of self worth. Nope! Now she's just sad Gab. Definitely not marrying for love. Hmm! Can rich girls be gold diggers too?

272 days ago


Gabby, dont you think wade needed to be home with his one month old baby than partying in the bahams.priorities first.the mother probally got to go nowhere cause someone had to look after the child.or the babysitter did nothing new year but sit with your new creation.you learn from the first child not a third one.

272 days ago
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