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Katherine Jackson

Where's The Money You Solicited

From MJ Fans?

1/2/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned.  The question -- Where did the money go?

TMZ broke the story last week ... Katherine -- along with Paris, Blanket and Prince --  made an online plea to Michael's fans to contribute money so she could license songs and images from the MJ Estate for a documentary she wanted to make.

We made it clear in our story ... the whole thing reeked of a scam, because the Estate was never contacted about licensing anything for Katherine's documentary and based on what we know ... there's no chance in the world the Estate would sign off on the project  for any amount of money.

And here's what's really suspicious ... The website Katherine used allows her to keep the funds if the project is never made ... money contributed by MJ fans.

So almost immediately after we posted our story ... Katherine and/or her people pulled the plug on the project.

A source close to Katherine tells TMZ ... he's been told every cent of the money raised was refunded and Katherine got nothing ... but we can't confirm it.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ Katherine wants to do a documentary and she "fully anticipates the executors will see the artistic honesty of this project  and help make [it] successful."  She shouldn't hold her breath.

Here's the deal ... Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here.



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Flight Medic    

That should be "reeked" of a scandal. Spell check doesn't help if you don't know your language.

203 days ago




GIVE BACK THE $$$$$$$$ *******S!!!!!!

203 days ago


isnt this the lady that let joe beat the crap out of michael?

203 days ago


Is there ONE relative that can help this woman put her foot down? sweetness and good intentions under such extraordinary cir***stances is what keeps resulting in bad decisions.

203 days ago


Much has been said about Joe Jackson being abusive, but Catherine is seen as an innocent victim. However, if you let your kids be beaten, you are not a victim. She had a responsibility to protect her children, even if it was from their father. Catherine allowed her children to be abused, and that is no different than if she had abused them herself.

203 days ago

There's a problem here    

Anyone who freely gives money to this family of vultures deserves to lose it. In the words of Thomas Tusser from the 16th century ... "A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted."

203 days ago


She's fundamentally a good woman with good intentions? She allowed her husband to beat her kids mercilessly and then use them for money. Yup, amazing woman!

203 days ago


Good person with good intentions and often manipulated. Maybe she's just too old and too inexperienced to be in the biz today. Asking fans to pitch in? Bad form. Especially while they live in the life they do. You know Mama Jackson doesn't shop at Target.

203 days ago

user name    

Talented people are allowed to do anything. MICHAEL JACKSON WAS A PERVERT! Quit paying for the pervs parents to live like royalty!

203 days ago


It's shameful and disgusting that these people with hundreds of millions of dollars in trust are asking MJ fans to give up part of their rent or gas money to pay for a project that only the family would benefit from financially. That's as low and greedy as it gets.

203 days ago


the money is probably sitting in Joe Jackson's bank account right now

203 days ago


The Jacksons are the black version of the Kardashians.
Train wrecks what shouldn't be given any notice by the media.

203 days ago


This is not Katherine Jacksons doing- obviously someone else is behind all this, and using her name as the matriarch to act as if shes doing this. Shes an elderly grandmother for chrissake and scamming is the last thing on her mind. I suspect the money hungry sons are behind this !!

203 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Time for the milking of MJ to end! Mrs. Jackson is a very old woman. Obviously there will be those who try to scam her, take advantage, etc. But, that doesn't exclude her from being ultimately responsible for her actions. To solicit funds from MJ fans for ANY reason is just wrong. Do***entaries are done on stars all the time and never have I heard that fans paid for them to be made.

203 days ago


It went to keep van god. She paid her tithes leave her alone dang.

203 days ago
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