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Katherine Jackson

Where's The Money You Solicited

From MJ Fans?

1/2/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned.  The question -- Where did the money go?

TMZ broke the story last week ... Katherine -- along with Paris, Blanket and Prince --  made an online plea to Michael's fans to contribute money so she could license songs and images from the MJ Estate for a documentary she wanted to make.

We made it clear in our story ... the whole thing reeked of a scam, because the Estate was never contacted about licensing anything for Katherine's documentary and based on what we know ... there's no chance in the world the Estate would sign off on the project  for any amount of money.

And here's what's really suspicious ... The website Katherine used allows her to keep the funds if the project is never made ... money contributed by MJ fans.

So almost immediately after we posted our story ... Katherine and/or her people pulled the plug on the project.

A source close to Katherine tells TMZ ... he's been told every cent of the money raised was refunded and Katherine got nothing ... but we can't confirm it.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ Katherine wants to do a documentary and she "fully anticipates the executors will see the artistic honesty of this project  and help make [it] successful."  She shouldn't hold her breath.

Here's the deal ... Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here.



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Hot Chocolate    

Harvey- Dome a favor don't do that to Katherine.

Her kids defined an entire generation.

I say fund it. Just get her some help who has integrity economically. That family has a lot of things going on right now.

291 days ago


The people who donated to KJ's outdated do***entary were promised gifts according to how much they donated. In order to receive these gifts, I'm assuming they had to provide their address on KJ's docu website when they donated. They better get a refund !!!

Katherine's only "good intentions" is to financially support Rebbie, Jermaine, Randy & Joseph. Her name has been in the news since MJ died and each article is regarding $$$$$$$ she wants.

Katherine testified in the AEG Live trial that she only went to one of the many family interventions to talk with MJ about meds. A week before MJ died, Joseph asked her to move in with MJ to help him because he looked like he didn't have long to live and she told Joseph no because she didn't want to disturb MJ. Where was this mother's good intentions then??????

291 days ago


The whole family is and always has tried to make as much money off Michael as they can. They're all just grimy.

291 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

The greed is just shocking here. They have no shame and didn't care much about MJ was alive as long as he earned. It's no wonder he turned to drugs for escapee. THEY KILLED MJ SLOWLY. They had a Dr to scapegoat though and he went to prison for no reason. Also anyone who sent money is stupid

291 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Who the hell wrote the line that Kathryn is "fundamentally a good woman"?? A good woman does not turn a blind eye or encouraging by enabling a man who humiliates, stunts and whips her children into little money-making machines. A "good woman" does not live a life pushing her children to earn money while she sits on her ass and rakes in the money they earn. A "good woman" would claw her way to the ends of the earth to save her child who is destroying himself. And by the way, who the hell did that 1st grade reader picture of those children eating stacks of pancakes? WTF!!???

291 days ago


This family suffers from GREED.

291 days ago


Mother of dead drug addict child rapist need money for ho' family

291 days ago


Let the hate flow but I still believe there are lots of people - mainly greedy azz lawyers on retainer and need a reason to keep the faucet flowing, pushing this 80+year old woman into this stupidity.

291 days ago


I am shocked Michael would leave his very old mother custody of this kids. At her age most of those people can't even take care of themself. He had so ma y other relatives, it makes me wonder why he didn't trust any of them with the people he loved the most?

291 days ago


Where were her good intentions whenJoe was beating her golden goose?

291 days ago


Why does she need the money so bad? She's suing left and right and now this. What's the deal?

291 days ago


Katharine is Losing her Battle With AEG very Badly, and she knows there is no way she will get any money out of them, Katharine needs money to pay for AEG legal Defense, and now that Conrad Murray is making Lots of Money doing Interviews around the world about his relationship with Michael, Katharine wants to go after Conrad Murray, But she has a couple of Problems Money, and she gave up her right to sue, when she gave up her rights to Restitution.

291 days ago


Is that last paragraph TMZ's opinion of this...woman? It's not in quotes, so y'all actually think she's "fundamentally a good woman with good intentions..."? really?

291 days ago


Most pathetic family on Earth. All of MJ's issues were caused by them

291 days ago


Don't forget she's also a crazy azz Jehovah witness.. So there's your "easily manipulated" angle.. Crazy is as crazy does

291 days ago
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