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Katherine Jackson

Where's The Money You Solicited

From MJ Fans?

1/2/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned.  The question -- Where did the money go?

TMZ broke the story last week ... Katherine -- along with Paris, Blanket and Prince --  made an online plea to Michael's fans to contribute money so she could license songs and images from the MJ Estate for a documentary she wanted to make.

We made it clear in our story ... the whole thing reeked of a scam, because the Estate was never contacted about licensing anything for Katherine's documentary and based on what we know ... there's no chance in the world the Estate would sign off on the project  for any amount of money.

And here's what's really suspicious ... The website Katherine used allows her to keep the funds if the project is never made ... money contributed by MJ fans.

So almost immediately after we posted our story ... Katherine and/or her people pulled the plug on the project.

A source close to Katherine tells TMZ ... he's been told every cent of the money raised was refunded and Katherine got nothing ... but we can't confirm it.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ Katherine wants to do a documentary and she "fully anticipates the executors will see the artistic honesty of this project  and help make [it] successful."  She shouldn't hold her breath.

Here's the deal ... Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here.



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JAG II    

Greedy old bat

295 days ago


Scam as usual from the Jackson's. It's always been about the money. They knew Micheal was a drug head pedophile all along.

295 days ago


I have less that ten bucks in my account but I paid all my bills. Why is she complaining again?

295 days ago


Katherine Jackson
Michelle Obama

Name two gluttonous, self-entitled, famous black women who like spending other people's money.

295 days ago


First she sues for billions - AND LOSES! - then she runs a charity scam. This woman is no dummy. She's just trying to make money off her dead (cash cow) son. Will it ever end?

295 days ago


Jackson family are gold digging money grubbers!

295 days ago


You know, i am SICK to death of hearing what a "good person, fundamentally, Katherine Jackson is", and how she is Just being MANIPULATED by others she is. Time after time she gets CAUGHT, red-handed, TRYING to feed the Ugly monster the family greed has become, and really, under Joe AND Katherine's "leadership"

295 days ago

kay M    

the money was refunded you idiots, and how I know because I made a contribution and it was refunded back to me in full. So stop talking bad about her and stop believing everything you hear from the media

295 days ago


I saw the "pledge video". It was painful. Especially to see Blanket obviously not wanting to do this, but someone must have forced him.
He managed to talk so nobody could understand a word he said - he didn´t want to do this. He looks very, very uncomfortable at every "promotion-event" he is dragged to and he clearly shows his discontent with body language and facial expressions.
He is a little kid! Michael must be turning non-stop in his grave!

295 days ago


Dear Katherine,
please tell me your bank account number I want to send you some money, poor lady.

295 days ago


This woman (Kathryn) is one of the biggest scammers of the century! She puts on a sweet, loving and religious face & manner while nearly everything she does is aimed at getting money for herself. Topping it off, she's done such a terrible guardianing job that a desperately miserable Paris cut her own wrists, and K sometimes claimed she never knew Paris was unhappy and sometimes said that Paris had attempted suicide more than once in the past. Then, furious that Paris brought unfavorable publicity to her, K placed her in a "school for troubled teens," which on the face of it seems reasonable, but K plans to keep Paris there "for several years" (while at the same claiming that Paris is doing "very well.) Inasmuch as Paris is 15, K clearly plans for Paris to remain at the school until she becomes of age. Hopefully, K won't be around at that time or she would/will claim that Paris needs to be institutionalized--and K continues to collect the huge payments for "guardianing" Paris.
Despite Katherine's sweet facade, most MJ fans know her as the grasping, greedy charlatan that her activities & actions since MJ's death have proved her to be.

295 days ago


Katherine Jackson is an astute business woman. She knows exactly what she is doing. I doubt she is being manipulated by anyone. The only ones being manipulated are Michael Jackson's three children, who have no say in what is going on.

295 days ago


That old lady is crazy! Who the hell does she think she is? Stop making an old fool of yourself Katherine. Michael is gone. Your money train has stopped. Stop kicking the dead horse hoping more coins come rolling out! It's sad. It's embarrassing. And It's tarnishing what's left of Michael's memory... please, just stop now.

295 days ago


Yeah, she's manipulated over and over and over. The whole family are nothing but a bunch of greedy people who didn't even care about the little pedophile.

295 days ago


theres something disturbing about that book cover lol

295 days ago
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