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Katherine Jackson

Where's The Money You Solicited

From MJ Fans?

1/2/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Katherine Jackson has pulled the plug on her campaign to solicit money from Michael Jackson fans to pay for an MJ documentary ...TMZ has learned.  The question -- Where did the money go?

TMZ broke the story last week ... Katherine -- along with Paris, Blanket and Prince --  made an online plea to Michael's fans to contribute money so she could license songs and images from the MJ Estate for a documentary she wanted to make.

We made it clear in our story ... the whole thing reeked of a scam, because the Estate was never contacted about licensing anything for Katherine's documentary and based on what we know ... there's no chance in the world the Estate would sign off on the project  for any amount of money.

And here's what's really suspicious ... The website Katherine used allows her to keep the funds if the project is never made ... money contributed by MJ fans.

So almost immediately after we posted our story ... Katherine and/or her people pulled the plug on the project.

A source close to Katherine tells TMZ ... he's been told every cent of the money raised was refunded and Katherine got nothing ... but we can't confirm it.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ Katherine wants to do a documentary and she "fully anticipates the executors will see the artistic honesty of this project  and help make [it] successful."  She shouldn't hold her breath.

Here's the deal ... Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here.



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The whole family is nothing but a greedy bunch o' sacks of crap who can and only ever did use Michael for money! The only ones manipulated are those poor children! No wonder why MJ became a dope addict! Losers!

257 days ago


Fundamentally good woman? C'mon TMZ. She's a greedy b****. The whole Jackson family are out for money. They're stuck in the past and can't get over the fact that Michael hit it big and left the rest of the Jackson 5 in the dust. Miss Katherine wants to even things out between her offspring before she dies. She has three grandkids who are rich beyond all measure and sons who cannot afford to pay their child support. This is all about making sure the rest of the family gets what's owed to them

257 days ago


She's as dirty as her s***my ex husband was.

257 days ago


and wasnt she the one who wanted another shot at suing some progam recently that was found not guilty? she is just like her husband they both are money hungry it seems.

257 days ago


Katherine was simply the lesser of two evils in Michaels life. Joe would beat him into submission and Katherine played off that and loved him into getting what she wanted. Does anyone other than me remember her and Joe being sued for a concert in korea that he made it clear he did not want to do? Or the fact that johovah witnesses don't celebrated birthdays but as long as that $100,000.00 necklace was wrapped in brown paper it would be acceptable to break Gods rules according to her religion. The woman is a true hypocrit but of course even horribly abused children will cling to the parent that does the least damage to their body and soul. What else do they have? Michael would have been a star with or without

256 days ago


give them credit for not selling his bones yet

256 days ago


Seems like there will always be a reason for bad blood between Katherine and Michael's executors.

256 days ago


"Katherine Jackson is fundamentally a good woman with good intentions, but it's apparent she is often manipulated by people with bad intentions and that's what happened here."

Thank you, exactly. Katherine is being pushed around and medicated....shameful..same is happening to her as did Michael since she holds the purse strings. Don't believe anything else....the WRONG people were behind this project. There are other scammers out there trying to take fan money....WAGENER! Don't do it, fans. You could only believe what Michael said, and now he is gone.

256 days ago


TMZ is giving Katherine Jackson the benefit of the doubt, but she doesn't fully deserve it. This is another Jackson Family money-making scheme that she's in on (just like the "tribute" concert in Cardiff -- with LaToya as mastermind -- that didn't give one red cent to charity and left the workers unpaid), but I don't think Kate was fully informed about the true intent of this fundraising scheme.

She may have hoped to make money by pay-per-view sales and any other types of sales generated, but her business partners (Sonia Lowe fronting for Howard Mann, neither of whom was mentioned in Katherine's letter to the fans) never had any intention of finishing this do***entary. They lifted this scheme right out of Mel Brooks' playbook for The Producers, which was to raise a bunch of money for a flop that would close on opening night, and then keep all the money raised.
Howard Mann knew that the estate would never allow this joke of a "do***entary" to happen. The real plan was to get Michael's mother to tug on naïve, trusting fans' heartstrings and beg them for $3.2 mil, and raise even more; then Mann could blame the big, bad estate for refusing to license anything to Katherine, the do***entary would be dropped exactly where they left it (even though the children had been duped to participate and believed they were doing something to honor their father), and Howie and Kate would be legally entitled to keep all of the fans' hard-earned money, with 75% going to Howard Mann (via his partner/girlfriend?? Sonia Lowe) and 25% to Katherine, per their reported agreement.

ONCE AGAIN, Michael's children were cruelly and selfishly used by these adults to scam the fans and enrich themselves. Katherine would then have used her share of the fans' money to help pay AEG's $1.2 mil court costs for the last trial (a trial not for money; she just wanted to know what happened to her son...). Hopefully the judge will stop momma in her tracks as she tries to drag her son through the mud yet again with a second shakedown trial to grab the $40 BILLION jackpot that she, Joe, Janet, Randy, Jermaine, Rebe et al believe rightfully belongs to THEM. After all, it was THEIR BROTHER/son who worked his butt off all his life, and THEY (and their progeny) should be able to cash in on that hard work now that he's dead.

None of them could care any less about Michael's reputation or the effects of their actions on the estate, because the estate benefits only Michael's children and charities, with nothing for the siblings and just enough to take care of momma for RIGHT NOW ONLY. Michael, his reputation, and his estate do not matter to them AT ALL; their only obsession is using any means necessary to extract cash -- somehow, some way -- from someone, somewhere, anywhere -- BEFORE momma croaks; otherwise, it's GAME OVER!

Big unanswered Q: If Katherine needed a lousy $3.2 mil, why didn't she just ask JANET for it? Or did Janet (who has said she wanted to be bigger than her brother [fat chance!!] and who also has said virtually nothing about her brother since he died except that he was a drug addict) tell her mother to get it from the stupid fans?

Hey Janet, have you BOTHERED to watch "This Is It" YET ???? Or still too soon for ya?

256 days ago


Barbara Lawrence Dead -- 'Oklahoma!' Star Dies at 83

TMZ likes to talk about dead people because it is lazy reporting and the deads don't talk back! Hey where is Paris Jackson's bikini photos? After all your site is very pro- pedophilia, arn't you?

RIP whoever this lady is! She is the same age as Katherine Jackson, where does KJ follows suit?

256 days ago

Cry Baby    

I come here to party for tgif god panties party time. But I guess after all the rabids were robbed blind, they are in no mood for party!!!


256 days ago

Cry Baby    

Does anybody want to see Debbie Rowe in a bikini? Exactly!

Well, maybe Katherine Jackson, she wears it better. she wears MJ's wig better anyways!

256 days ago

Cry Baby    

Please come and visit Mimi and her show. 10% of the profit (if she ever makes it) will be donated to Katherine Jackson for her do***entary!

256 days ago

cry baby    

I come here to party for tgif god panties party time. But I guess after all the rabids were robbed blind, they are in no mood for party!!!


256 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

I swear that's the same glasses that once MJ wore!

256 days ago
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