Black Keys Singer I Don't Own Bob Dylan's Real Hair ... But I Can Get It!!

1/3/2014 7:22 AM PST

Finally, SOME ANSWERS in the war over Bob Dylan's hair ... and TMZ is getting the full explanation right from the guy who used to co-own it, Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach.

We broke the story ... Dan and his ex-wife Stephanie Gonis were fighting over several assets in their divorce, and in court docs, listed one of the contested items as "Bob Dylan's Hair," leading many people to believe they had locks of Bob's legendary fro chillin' on their mantle.

But Dan tells TMZ ... it's not all as it seems -- the "hair" in question wasn't from Bob's head -- it was something else entirely ... a psychedelic poster they nicknamed "Bob Dylan's Hair."

However, Dan says ... if he ever decides he wants an authentic lock from Bob, he now has a pipeline into the singer to get one, thanks to a generous Dylan family member.