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Def Leppard Drummer

One Direction Ripped Us Off BUT...

1/3/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

British rockers "Def Leppard" claim "One Direction" ripped off one of their biggest hits ... and get this ... they're flattered.

Def's legendary one-armed drummer Rick Allen tells us any fool can hear the similarities between their 1987 hit "Pour Some Sugar On Me" ... and 1D's tune, "Midnight Memories."

Allen apparently thinks he has a good lawsuit, but he's not going to court ... because he's taking it as a compliment.

Maybe the real reason for calling off the lawyers ... Allen seems to admit he's done to other bands what 1D did to his.  Listen to him ... it's hysterical.

Still, we gotta ask ...



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What a FABULOUS guy!!!!!! Seriously... I'm stunned. He chatted, he was kind.... just not what I was expecting from such an amazing and talented band...

264 days ago


Got to agree with him it sounds an awful lot like Sugar to me. Cool of him to take it as a compliment and not sue them. A lot of people, the majority of people, wouldn't do that because they are narcissists with huge egos. Rick Allen deserves some respect for being the bigger man about it.

264 days ago


Now that was awesome, what a great guy for taking the time to talk. Never once did Rick hurry thru or seem dis-interested. And kudos to the paparazzi person for not being a d***.

264 days ago


good interview.....

264 days ago


Your video wont play tmz *****

264 days ago


Oh yeah, totally ripped off. Change out the words and it is the same song.

264 days ago


Hello any classically trained musician could tell you exactly where that riff actually originated. Probably Beethoven! Maybe Bach! Music like art builds on its self through the centuries. What an arrogant generation we are to think we are original.

264 days ago


Def Lappard sounds better

264 days ago


Wow, that is actually Very blatant.
Structure, some progressions, even the mood feel especially in the chorus.

If they did sue....
Hands down.
And a decent penny at that.

264 days ago

Cindy J    

Well, I loved Def Leppard, and through my daughter I like 1D, too. I have heard Midnight Memories MANY times and NEVER made that connection so not sure there's much validity. Not saying there aren't similarities after reading this story, but "ripping off" is a strong statement.

264 days ago

I steal pets    

A not jerk rockstar? Well, I'll be! Seems like a nice and humble guy, of course almost dying probably does give one a gracious outlook.

264 days ago


What do you expect from a bunch of talentless ****s? Musicians they are not.

262 days ago


ok...all music sounds like the other it seems .. reason I prefer instrument without words.. If you are going to pick on One Direction then also pick on the females who also copy other bands STYLES ... taylor swift - we will NEVER get back together blends with one direction blends with def leopard... ok we learn from the past, and reverence it into other songs/ lessons... country music artist include the original artist in a way.. Listen to OL' ALABAMA... layed back swaying like George no matter who you pick on ,,haha,,instrumental joking... pick on every one.. cause we all love music yes, they used a blend of music yet they need to REMIX it with an ADD-IN.. like Brantly Gilbert adds George Jones.. Brad Paisley added ol' ALABAMA...and then MILEY / Hannah is adding or BLENDING into Madonna / cher / boy george ... just need to REMIX an Blend a name/band into their songs... it;s a learning experience to reference band/people/ where you got the idea from into your songs // do***ents....

261 days ago


we learn from our past. The boy band seemed to have learned or likes the def leppard style and to me .. If your PICKING ON the boys, you also need to pick on the girls. Taylor Swift,,, nahnanh nah nah I'm telling mom song , known has NEVER getting back to gather sounds like one direction songs,, they all sound like/ blend into a previous style.. they need to learn how to COUNTRY it..learn from Brad Paisley add Ol' ALABAMA if your BLENDING/REMIXING A SONG / STYLE... Brantley Gilbert added/blended/ remixed with GEORGE JONES.. so just as one learns in school, CUT/COPY/PAST an REFERENCE !! always where you get your information/style from. and you can include HANNAH/ M.C. in with this ..she wants to be : CHAR/ MODANNA/ CINDY /DEBBIE and even BOY GEORGIE.. they all need to learn to ADD/BLEND the old with their style... so yes, one direction may have copied def style yet No, they did not RIP THEM OFF.. did any of the previous bands COPY RIGHT ALL OF THEIR MUSIC/ LYRICS/STYLE/ DRUM SOLOS/ VOICE SOLOS//..over all LEARN A LESSON TO REFERENCE where you get your information / music from...from a preschool poster/poem ..CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE..

261 days ago
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