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Dwyane Wade

His Personal Life's Off Limits

In the Locker Room

1/5/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0103-dwyane-wade-gabrielle-union-tmzDwyane Wade's baby mama drama is NOT a joke in the Miami Heat locker room ... with team sources telling TMZ Sports his teammate refuse to make light of the situation out of respect for the All-Star.

Of course, Wade's personal life has become a huge story ... after he acknowledged he knocked up a woman who's not Gabrielle Union back in February. Wade claims they were on a break at the time, though judging from Gabby's Instagram page, it seems they were very much together.

Now, our Miami Heat sources tell us ... there's an unspoken pact between the players to leave the topic out of locker room convos -- "It's quiet as a mouse when it comes to the D-Wade situation."

As one source put it ... the players have way too much respect for Wade "to make fun of that at all."

We also spoke with various league sources who tell us virtually the same thing ... no wants to be the guy that's caught talking smack about Dwyane Wade.

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Karvey Kardashian    

How in the hell is there a person, alive or dead, that has, or ever had, respect for such a douchebag? You meant to say they don't have room to open their mouths about it because they do the same garbage!

289 days ago


People need to respect each other....Jonathan Martin deserves respect too...he was uncomfortable with the jokes being made....they should have realized that and quit it

289 days ago


You do not haveto respect him personally, but there is no need to harass a person....this is the type of respect the artcle is referring to.....you are free to think that he is a whore with no self control, but if he do not want you to talk about his personal life and you keep doing it then this is harassing a person which is wrong.....(that is talk about him/joke about his life in his presence)

289 days ago


Wait...I just read it says the pkayers have too muCH RESPECT FOR DWAYNE TO MAKE FUN ABOUT IT.....SO after he did that they did not lose some of theirrespect for him??..self control....men need some self control....keep it in your pant....stay away from the situation that might lead to sex if you are easily tempted and lack control

289 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Best sports team in the whole world. They are truly like a family. That's why they always win. They'll do anything for each other. I am proud Rey are my hometown team

289 days ago


Whew! *wipes brow*. This is good to know because I was sooooooo worried about the dudes on his team giving him the proper amount of respect. My day is now complete.

289 days ago


They should be ripping him a new a* * whole right about now. If they don't say something, I hope potential opponents who play him DO! Who the fuc* he is, GOD? Miami players need bigger balls then that!

289 days ago


Since team mates have too much respect to talk "smack" behind Wade's back, I'll do it and I am sure I am not alone (far from it). Wade is the BIGGEST whoring POS. Ms. Union would be smart to walk away and walk away now. Union doesn't deserve it, she doesn't need Wade, never has. Wade getting another person pregnant on Union should serve as a reminder that Wade is shameless, narcissistic and vile human being (who does that to someone in good faith, all the while professing their love?) Gabrielle Union RUN for your motherf**king life -- you can do better and will.

289 days ago


Personally I believe if Gabby had His Money or more, she would leave!!! She's on the COME UP & I can't blame her!!!!! Seal ur future honey cause BET's MaryJane isn't going to do it!!!ijs

289 days ago


"Out of respect for the all-star" why does this man deserve respect?? Because he can make a shot in a hole?That's what got him in this mess SMH

288 days ago


if he keeps it up he'll for sure be broke by the time he retires, im sure he has other kids out there that the media has no idea about.

288 days ago

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