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Kim Kardashian

My MILF Secrets ... Exposed!

1/5/2014 7:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian's great ass and post-preg toned body didn't come naturally ... and last night in Beverly Hills she told us her secrets to being a full-blown MILF.

Kim was leaving La Scala with Brittny Gastineau when we asked about the Instagram photos she and Blac Chyna posted hours before ... showing off their hot mom butts after a workout sesh.

A humble Kim had no problem telling us how she got super fit.

Hint: She didn't say photoshop.




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Kim's narcissism aside, her friend's butt looks like a big bag of rocks. Weird!

291 days ago


Cover yourself Kim k! You don't have a nice body or at least a natural one ... So fake !!! Why do you keep showing your butt?? That's where your feces come out and isn't proportional to your height and body type !!! Smh why is she famous again?? Ohh yeah PORN and not being good at it!!! At least professional porn stars show some moves and positions .. Kim k does t even know how to give head !!

291 days ago


Yea right, tmz. See, after I work out my clothes are covered in sweat, my hair is pulled up and gross. And when I get a shower I don't put on clean work out clothes just to take pictures. So.. Yea, you are a moron if you believe they did anything.

291 days ago


Imagine her toilet seat after taking her daily laxatives ... Her butts is disgusting!! I thought big butts were a bad attribute seems like porn stars can get away with anything lol

291 days ago


When did having a big fat dumpy ass become a sign of beauty? Only the hood rats find this kind look attractive. Walking around with the look of a full 20lbs bag of sh*t hanging ouy of your backside is not attactive.

291 days ago


Thanks for showing me in picture form what butt ugly means. Fake azz, fake boobs, fake hair, fake tan, fake noses, if anything real was left on these ****s I would be surprised. Her kid ig-Nori looks like kim before the surgery and hair removal. Poor kid is without a mother and father as they are too busy avoiding it.

291 days ago

King Edward    

Hot ass? Really? its disgustingly FAT ASS. Not for me.

291 days ago


How classy.... Good luck North

291 days ago


At least a blow-up doll can you give you something more than these two can give you.....wittier conversation.

291 days ago

Tammy LM    

I for the life of me can't see why in the world anyone would find that attractive at all. And I'm not insecure or jealous at all before anyone even suiggests that. I see LOTS of beautiful women gacing Hollywood with outstanding envious bodies. Jennifer Aniston for one has got a gorgious body. Outstanding figure. Magan Fox despite being such a conceted bitch has got probably one of the most if not THE most beautiful bodies AND faces of any one female I've ever seen. Having said that,

WHAT IN THE HELL, is attractive about a woman with a deformed looking fat bubble butt like these Kardashians, and Cocoa etc.????? WHAT???
What man would find a fat completely out of human proportion ass so attractive on a woman? It looks like a comical joke it's so out of proportion with the rest of her body. It looks like a deformity. They have a normal looking woman with normal looking measurements then all of a sudden when you hit the waist it literally blows up five times wider and fatter than the rest of her then it goes back down to thin slender legs and normal feet. I mean it looks like a human oddity. There is nothing attractive about a deformed human being at all. And I'm sorry but when I see a huge ass on a person the first thing I think of is booty sweat funk. The fatter the ass the deeper the ass crack, and the deeper the ass crack the more sweat and moisture accumilates within the crevises, and when that happens the stronger the smell. I associate fat bubble asses with a horrid sweaty catfish thick funky odor. There is no way even the slightest sweating wouldn't accumilate an odor around all that area no matter whether you just got out the shower or not. It's just gross to look at and I can't imagine what man would ever think that bigger ass cheeks mean better quality sex. You would think it just makes the P&&*y harder to get to.

291 days ago


Humble? MILF? Really TMZ? How much did you get paid to say that?

291 days ago


The doorframe is crooked, must have been an earthquake hahaha. This idiot still doesn't get it, people do not want to see a brand new mother who is middle aged trying to be a sexpot.

291 days ago



291 days ago


What kind (character, integrity) of people, stand around phototgraphing their buttocks?? MAYBE a 14 year old-surely not a 34 year old adult, mother??? Bit of a sicko, don't you think? Or someone who has nothing else to offer~

291 days ago


if my ass ever got that big and sloppy i would never ever leave the house until i worked it off..those big bubble asses are disgusting..overweight..lard..nasty!

291 days ago
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