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Evander Holyfield's Son

My Dad Does Not Hate Gay People

1/6/2014 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_ewin_evander_holyfield_gettyEvander Holyfield may think homosexuality is wrong ... but his son says the heavyweight boxer's got nothing but love for gays -- and even had a great relationship with a gay in-law.

Ewin Holyfield tells TMZ ... Evander is no bigot -- despite being bashed for expressing his opinion on homosexuality during last night's "Celebrity Big Brother" in the UK.

Ewin says, "My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. He treats everyone like a human being ... even if they are homosexual."

In fact, Ewin says he has a gay uncle ... and Evander treated him like a brother.

Ewin adds, "My dad feels that being gay is a choice ... and naturally that's how things work.  You cannot procreate and make a baby with two women, or two men.  But at the same time, my dad is not going to judge someone for their sexual orientation."


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those who are gay are not doing themselves any favors by claiming an unfair playing field. it isn't fair because gays have the highest annual income of any sexual orientation. get over yourselves. we are all human.

288 days ago


Talk about making a bad situation worse!

288 days ago


Listen up gays.....the ONLY WAY U can live a life that is pleasing to God is by being celibate....there is NO DECENT GAY COUPLE....if you are in a gay relationship then u are living an aborminable, perverted sinful lifestyle

288 days ago


I think the black community gets an A+ in the man/woman procreation sweepstakes. A few more non procreating black gays would be a welcome relief.

288 days ago


I am really getting sick and tired of people shoving opinions down people's throats. So what if he hates gays. If he had said he hated an heterosexual, this wouldn't be news. I live for the day when people just describe themselves without notifying the whole world of their sexual preferences. Heterosexuals do not go around doing so why should someone who is gay feel the need to tell everyone. Haters can start responding, do not particularly care!!!

288 days ago


Everyone has a right to his/her opinion. That's America! Land of the free! On the other hand, gays have been around since ancient times. Who's to say what is right or wrong? Whether religious doctrine or not, in the end its all conjecture. Someone dictating a bias view does not make it right. If the issue is procreation, not everyone wants to leave their seed. Hell...with 7 billion people already on the planet, isn't there enough? How is this a requirement to be a man? If the issue is what is typically the traits of a heterosexual man(since Hollyfield comes from a sport that values masculinity traits)--two of the greatest warriors of all time were known to be gay: Alexander the Great and Achilles. Not to go off on a tangent...I am sure there have been gays who served in combat with distinction who never came out of the closet for obvious reasons. I am sure if you asked any vet on why they fought, the usual response is for the guy next to them and not to be gung-ho so to speak. Hey, even women have shown courage. Google the Trung Sisters. Personally, I like the fact that Hollyfield can get along with his gay family member. Its how you want to be treated in the end, with respect. Both parties can agree to disagree and still get along.

288 days ago

Timothy Kincaid    

How nice. Ewin Holyfield thought he'd pipe up and let everyone know that he's every bit as ignorant and bigoted as his father. And how nice that the Holyfield's don't "hate" anyone, even if, EVEN IF (GASP), they are homosexual. Well golly, with that kind of incredible love (EVEN to homosexuals - wow - even to them) maybe they should all get a nobel prize for wonderfulness.

288 days ago


What is with these "Christians"? First they slam and demean gays and then back track by saying they love all people.
Of course, it's all just "free speech".....

288 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


288 days ago

boo boo    

He's clearly not a HOMOPHOBE. He is not AFRAID of gay people. Smearing the reputation of a person because of a dissenting opinion is fascist

288 days ago


so the stupid rages in the next generation too. I think he had a weak male self image and so does his son. He is hiding his hate with God. He hates. You 'hate' the sin, you hate the sinner. If he thinks its a choice to change your biology, then change your color, sir. Try it.

288 days ago


We have separation of church and state. The bible does not govern right and wrong, and as long as you're living your life as a law abiding citizen and not doing harm to others, then I see no reason to concern myself with who you love or who you go to bed with. It's a majorly presumptuous overstep for people to assume that they have they right to tell others what's right and wrong... or what's normal and what's not, based on a thousands year old book (based on absolutely no fact) that we aren't required to live our lives by. People need to learn to mind their own business and work on bettering themselves rather than concerning themselves with the sexual activity of others. It's time to join the 21st century.

288 days ago


well said, ewin

288 days ago


Well I have a black brother so it is ok for me to say ******s suck.

288 days ago


Some people are angry because we don't get turned on by man on man or woman on woman action. What's more disturbing? The act, or the fact that you guys want us to watch?? Surprise! There are a lot more people who don't agree, THAT'S NOT GOING TO CHANGE. QUIT trying to sell everybody front row seats to your abnormal sexual choices! QUIT finding excuses to be bullies to Christians and all others who don't agree with you, and QUIT whining just because we're not ever going to be okay with it!! And you guys wonder why some people don't like y'all or listen to anything you have to say. Who gives a flip if you have scientific evidence for it, or have a "logical" explanation for what you believe?? More than 96% ofAmericans AREN'T going to completely agree with it. THE END!

288 days ago
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