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Michael Muhney

Angry Y&R Fans Plan Aerial Attack on CBS

1/6/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105_Michael-Muhney_tmz_compositeIt's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's a flying banner paid for by "Young and the Restless" fans outraged at CBS for firing Michael Muhney.

Turns out a group of Y&R fanatics on Facebook pooled together $785 to pay for a banner that will soon fly over CBS Studios in Los Angeles with a message saying, "NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY."

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions.  Muhney has allegedly harassed people on the set for a long time.

Y&R's plan is to retire the character and bring a new actor in to reprise the role of Adam Newman, but it's not sitting well with diehard fans.

Don't mess with soap fans.


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292 days ago

Crystal- Skill    

I really dont care if he did it or not at this point, just because i know for a fact that if my co worker touched my breast twice im going to the Police not my boss, and the fact that the head of CBS daytime is married to the man who wrote this article I REALLY dont care now.

292 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

I was groped in an office by a well educated but sneaky professional once.
She grabbed my goods when I wasn't looking.
I let it slide that time.
Turn your head and cough my ass!

292 days ago


what a bunch of sad, pathetic losers these women are. This guy manipulated them before when he used to come onto a big soap forum and made them feel sorry for him when his character was taken off the canvas a few years ago, then he seemed to disappear from the forum. He also tweets like crazy and seems very arrogant, but why isn't he tweeting now? The bigmouth sure seems quiet and he is the one who tweeted he was fired and then did a weird interview to get his minions foaming at the mouth. He already said it was his fault he was fired so let it go you insane fans. One weird fan who posts about him all the time even went so far to go on a lame site and blog that the victim was rebuffed by him, just made up a story about this poor girl. If MM was any type of man he would come out and admit what he did, not let a young girl go through even more.

292 days ago


TMZ has no right to allow its staffer Brian McDaniel to perpetuate this story. Since he the staffer/source is taking up a personal cause for his own wife, he should be named.

292 days ago


Why hasn't the actor come out and vehemently deny all accusations labeled agains't him?

292 days ago


It does seem inappropriate not to disclose that the alleged victim's husband is writing these stories.

292 days ago


In the tribute to Jeanie Cooper they talk about how grabby she was with the male actors and that was accepted-actors have ego's and what ever the problem Y&R is messing with well liked actors and risking their audience-to many long term actors leaving

292 days ago


Muhney should go on General Hospital. They have some superb actors and a constantly expanding cast of thousands.

292 days ago


How do they reprise the role of a character that has been retired?

292 days ago


So, which is it master's of misinformation- The alleged victim's husband wrote these stories OR the head of CBS daytime's husband wrote the stories. Can't be both. I mean do some of you not read any other posts on here before posting your own "truths"? You all act like this is some great conspiracy by CBS, the higher ups at CBS daytime and the staff on Y&R to take down some great Shakespearean actor. The dude straight up calls himself a douche bag. I don't get all the flap. Just stop watching or get a hobby to occupy your minds. The guy is toast. He won't be back no matter how many banners fly over CBS. No matter how many of you " threaten" to quit watching (yet you will still be tuning in saying you won't). No matter if the Nat'l Guard has to quell the raving masses.

292 days ago


So I am assuming that you all will be there to film the plane on 1/9 from 11-1? Since you have made this such a priority to get CBS's story out there. I am sure Mr. McDaniels can do as he meets his wife for lunch at the studios. Right now Mr. Muhney is innocent until proven guilty. All this "alleged" is hear say until proven.

292 days ago


Are these people serious?? He basically sexually harassed a younger girl and they are mad at CBS for firing him? What, if he raped her the fans through him a f*king party? Unbelievable. Are these REALLY house wives that are fans?

292 days ago

Charlie Bradley    

YEAH BABYYYYYY! you don't MESS with soap fans!

292 days ago


Love the show was saddened to hear of Adam's firing BUT after seeing why he was let go I agree with y&r's decision! Very unprofessional & to think he has a wife and kids of his own!! Now I'm disgusted!!

292 days ago
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