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Michael Muhney

Angry Y&R Fans Plan Aerial Attack on CBS

1/6/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105_Michael-Muhney_tmz_compositeIt's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's a flying banner paid for by "Young and the Restless" fans outraged at CBS for firing Michael Muhney.

Turns out a group of Y&R fanatics on Facebook pooled together $785 to pay for a banner that will soon fly over CBS Studios in Los Angeles with a message saying, "NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY."

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions.  Muhney has allegedly harassed people on the set for a long time.

Y&R's plan is to retire the character and bring a new actor in to reprise the role of Adam Newman, but it's not sitting well with diehard fans.

Don't mess with soap fans.


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How can you retire a character and then bring in someone new? Just kill him off and shut up about it.

103 days ago


Hopefully none of you lynch mob mentalities get on a jury. Guilty before the trial has even started. Real American justice.

103 days ago


Something's not right here. If this is what really happened why did they ask him to come back to film for a few days and have him at a cast party after being fired? Intentionally putting him with his supposed victim, it just doesn't make sense.
The timing is also strange. CBS was getting major pressure from fans (Y&R trending for the first time on Twitter) and suddenly this story from TMZ. Seeing as Head of CBS Daytime Angelica McDaniel is married to TMZ's Brian McDaniel

103 days ago


Why has this poor child not reported on the groping before? It takes 2 times to be reported? And wasn't that just amazing how Beth Maitland, and Doug Davidson tweeted that oooohhhhh there seems to be room for an aging rocker, Damien, to return. I've had enough listening to his whispering voice. They always have to get rid of one character before another comes on. There are a lot more that could go. Adam's snarky ways is pure talent. You guys know how this works. Get rid of the best actor to make the weak look good, so throw Muhney under the bus. I am so disappointed in this show. Why didn't little Miss Newbie slap the snot out of him the first time. It's really sad how this show has turned out. Money is the reason. Bring back Muhney, or next year maybe another network will win the Emmy. I know some people may think Soapers are crazy, but when you are alone a lot in a rural Southern area, they become your family.

103 days ago


You have to fire him if he's sexually assaulting women and being an ******* behind-the-scenes. And if soap fans want to look the other way because they like the actor, shame on them for backing him, i doubt they would want to work with someone who did that but had lots of fans.

103 days ago


Be it true or not this story has changed the life of both a young woman and a man and his family in the worst possible way. Head of CBS Daytime, Angelica (Angela) McDaniel should be fired as well for the leak of this story to none other than her husbands place of employment, TMZ. Bad for all involved including CBS/Sony.

103 days ago

Duke Steele    

If some punk grabbed my daughter and humiliated her the way this punk did, I'd be on a plane to LA just to break his arms and crush his fingers. If this young girl's father is still around, where is he?

103 days ago


The guy is the biggest douche. Anyone who reads his Twitter feed would see that in about a second. He strikes me as the type who would do something inappropriate and claim it was a joke. I guess Sony wasn't joking around with him.

103 days ago


love adam the soap will not be no good with out him or billy

103 days ago


These are probably the same kind of Butt Pirates that called Phil from Duck Dynasty an ******* for stating his religious views. BUT IT'S OKAY TO GRAB WOMEN TITTIES.

103 days ago


HK said she never said that

103 days ago

Devil's Advocate     

As a occasional view of Y&R and watching this whole debacle unfold, and all these people go on a mission to have MM return to the show, I needed to say this:

Its not going to happen, so get over it.

I am not saying MM did anything, he has a legal right to defend his job if he chooses to do so, there is a concept of "wrongful termination" that exists, and if MM wants to exercise his rights, believe me people, I am sure he already consulted with a lawyer, and the first thing a lawyer advised him to do, was "keep your mouth shut"!!

This is also not to say that what is alleged to have happened did not happen or did happen. Frankly, its none of your business people. In the real world, victims of sexual assault or harassment rarely come forward because they become victims twice, once by their perpetrator and again by the court of public opinion. Shame on you TMZ for revealing this victim's name and to the person who leaked it, there is a special place in hell for people like you. Imagine being the victim of a crime, and having it discussed by people who don't even know you.

I REITERATE: This is also not to say that what is alleged to have happened, did happen. Both MM and the victim are entitled to their privacy and frankly they don't need to discuss it with any of you.

However, I must say that some of the arguments I have read defending MM make no sense: 1) He is a family man with children therefore he could not have done it. Actually, how many people who have families commit crimes? The so called governor or whatever running for Mayor of New York was a family man who could not help sending his private parts to young women over the internet. I can spend all day listing off people who live "double lives" So, suffice it to say, being a "family man" is not a compelling argument that this incident did not occur.

Another not so compelling argument, is the way CBS and SONY handled it by letting MM continue to work therefore he could not have done anything. Once again, that is not a valid argument. All it proves is that the situation has been GROSSLY mishandled, and in workplaces, workplace harassment and bullying is often not handled properly. CBS and Sony have their own problems and issues to deal with with the termination of MM, but their handling of it is not evidence of the incident actually occurring or not.

The only compelling argument is no one but the parties involved knows what really happened, and they are both entitled to their privacy to hash that out. Can you imagine being fired from your job and everyone talking about it? Or, you were assaulted and people criticizing your behaviour or not believing you?

Frankly, if the situation is true, anyone would be fired for that sort of behaviour and its really a no-brainer. All these people paying for banners to have MM return, wow, I can think of about a million more useful charities you can donate to if you are so inclined. The fact of the matter is its just a TV show and people come and people go.

GET OVER IT! Leave these people alone and let the powers that be figure it out. They already fired a person, if MM wants to exercise his options to dispute his termination, he will do so, since he had a legally binding contract with the company.

If he wants to let sleeping dogs lay and move on with his life, YOU SHOULD LET HIM. Frankly, it appears he may not be fighting for his job back, so leave it be.

As for the victim, stop publishing her name or take it down. Thats just awful. Shame on you, I can only imagine that you people dont have children and cant even fantom what it would be like to be victimized. Even if it turns out not to be true, you had no business in publishing her name unless MM defended his position and it was later revealed that the allegations were false. A liar should not have to benefit from their actions, however, a victim's name should always be protected and that principle is paramount over the others.

The powers that be at CBS, Sony and Y&R have a lot of work to clean this mess up - and boy, its a become a soap drama, in and of itself!

Lastly, since it is known who leaked the information, I would suggest that you pack up your desk immediately, as your employed days SHOULD be numbered.

103 days ago


He sounds like a total tool. What's wrong with these fans. You know they're all women. Sick.

103 days ago


What if he raped her? Would the stupid fans still be angry at cbs for firing him? Something tells me they would. I guess these people dont think sexual harassment is a crime.

103 days ago


After watching this horrific story play out on the venerable soap “The Young and the Restless,” I’ve been horrified. An alleged number of incidents to a young lady on the set of the soap kept most of us in the media at bay. Then on Friday, the story broke on the tabloid website and TV show TMZ, that sent shockwaves throughout the industry, that is generally quiet during the holiday season.
The question a CBS executive asked me during a chat was, “How in the hell did TMZ get this story?” I began an investigation, and it really got fired up on Saturday night. You see, a woman who is not even a journalist but a “Y&R” fan, who writes for The Examiner, wrote a vicious, vile story about the alleged victim of Michael Muhney’s. Speculating with NO sources, and just conjecture that this young lady was the one who pursued a married man. Further violating this young lady, who has done nothing to deserve being emotionally, verbally, and further assaulted.
However, a Sony source reminded me, that TMZ is a “tabloid, and the writer in question of the fictitious story about this young lady pursuing a married man, which all of us know did not happen is just appalling and sickening. The one who leaked the story to TMZ is the one who is most vicious, most damaging, not only to CBS, ‘The Young and the Restless’ and to the young lady, who begged that this story not come out, she did not want to be named in any stories, and everyone knew it. She trusted CBS to protect her identity, then someone at CBS outed her. We are going to get to the bottom of this.”
By Sunday morning, the source of the TMZ story was revealed to Highlight Hollywood. And we thought it was in the public’s best interest, the alleged victim, the alleged perpetrator-Michael Muhney, and the fans of “The Young and the Restless” to know who indeed outed this story to TMZ. The source of the vicious story that hit TMZ on Friday night is CBS Daytime honcho Angelica McDaniel. Highlight Hollywood has learned exclusively that Ms. McDaniel’s husband works for TMZ. That’s the “well-placed” source, who outed an alleged victim’s name in the media, who has been attacked by fans of Michael Muhney’s, who should be asking themselves why Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica Bridges held their tongues and their poison pens and pink slips until recently, months after several witnesses and the victim had come to them to report the alleged behavior.
Recently a former soap DIVA went on talk radio and said, “No scandal here! When I worked for a show for decades, none of the alleged scandals occurred.” Was this lady jockeying for a “Y&R” job? Whatever it was, it is outrageous that anyone would claim there was no scandal the day that Michael Muhney was fired. I was not at the set on the days these incidents allegedly occurred, but I think the fans have misplaced anger. The young lady in question should not be subject of nasty rumors and innuendo. Her identity should have been protected throughout this situation, and it should not have culminated six-months later with the firing of Michael Muhney, but actually the firing of Jill Farren Phelps, who chose NOT to do anything until she absolutely had to, and then Ms. Angelica McDaniel to have her husband bring the story to the tabloid where he works.
When asked by us what Sony and CBS plans to do with this information, that an alleged victim’s identity was released by an official at CBS. The Sony insider says, “She’s been protected for a while now, but this violation of a person’s privacy, and having made a scandal to protect her own job, for this CBS should fire Angelica McDaniel today. Everyone knows where the leak came from, and they are outraged. If she’s not fired, not only are actors and young actresses going to feel as though they are not safe to report alleged sexual harassment or assaults, but now they may fear being discarded and outed by CBS itself. This is unethical, and I am sure some heads will roll.”
CBS declined to comment for this story, nor deny the revelations. But a CBS insider tells Highlight Hollywood, “This is so upsetting. haven’t been able to stop shaking since the TMZ story ran, and people here put two-and-two together and it led right to Angelica McDaniel’s desk, just like breadcrumbs in a horrible nursery story. The fact that this young lay is outed and being attacked by tens of thousands of fans, when she did not want this story out is so sickening. The fact that Michael Muhney was kept on and then discarded when it finally had to be done is also sickening. There will be an investigation, and where it leads, that person or those people will go.” When asked if this meant Jill Farren Phelps has finally lost the faith of CBS, and maybe Sony, the exec would not comment on it. “I will say, there will have to be action. This young lady was served up to the tabloid media on a silver platter. The fact that Angelica and her cronies didn’t do anything when she and others including actors reported this to her months ago, and then when the Muhney fans began to attack CBS, Sony, she then outed this young lady is absolutely unforgivable. And where Jill Farren Phelps also knew and when she knew as they say in Washington, D.C. political scandals, is going to become paramount. The fans want Jill out? Possibly and probably her biggest supporter and protector should follow!”
Highlight Hollywood knows that the alleged victims name is out there. But out of respect for her, we will not divulge her name. As for Michael Muhney and the alleged victim, they both seem to have a case to go after the source; Angelica McDaniel themselves. And unfortunately she has opened CBS up to major damages in countless potential lawsuits. The winner in this? TMZ, who has been ignoring soaps and specifically “The Young and the Restless” for years, they finally got the attention they wanted from soap fans. So, Angelica shoots Michael Muhney with one arrow, and blows kisses to her husband’s employers with another. But where the third one lands, we’ll have to see. Time will tell.
Now, do any of you believe anymore that behind-the-scenes feuds are going on at your favorite soap? Angelica McDaniel’s Twitter tagline says it best: “Head of CBS Daytime — I’m watching, talking, thinking or tweeting about @CBSDaytime right now.” Add however, STRAIGHT TO TMZ!
Fans outrage should cease being pointed at the alleged victim, whether they believe her or not is irrelevant. She was not the leaker of the story, now you know who it is, you should demand CBS to fire that person and her friend Jill Farren Phelps.
As we have no right to tell anyone else what to do, we do ask that you refrain from slandering a young lady, who is not the bad person in all of this. Put your anger and rage where it belongs. On Ms. McDaniel’s doorstep, and TMZ for agreeing to out the alleged victim of a crime. And on Jill Farren Phelps, who chose not to protect someone who came to her to report alleged incidents more than once. You should be asking, why CBS did nothing immediately, and that’s even if you are a Michael Muhney fan. And why six-months later, they toss him out the door and then the CBS head of Daytime TV uses her husband’s employer to out an alleged victim.
men falsely accused. In fact just because someone says they were sexually harassed does not mean its true. We\’ll never know the true story but releasing this to tmz was horrible.
Georgia says:
January 6, 2014 at 7:26 am

I don’t believe a word of this crap!!! Why in the world would a married man with a family he loves, let alone risk his whole professional life messing with a no nothing young, horrible actress??? There are so many beautiful co-stars on this soap if MM wanted to grope someone and yet they make beautiful video’s about him……give me a break……this is CBS’s way to take all the pressure off of them since firing MM because the fans are outraged…… very sick……and like so many of the fans my last day will be the last day MM is seen on Y&R, January 30th. I have been a fan since day one and DO NOT believe any of this would have been happening if Bill Bell was involved and since his death the soap has gone steadily down hill……all about money……wonder why the good actors and actresses are leaving Y&R? Only a real dummy would have to wonder…..Good bye ole friend……
Joe says:
January 6, 2014 at 7:33 am

This is one way to end a show for good.
Debra Bardani says:
January 6, 2014 at 7:39 am

This all sounds like spin CREATED and RELEASED to justify the firing of MM. After watching these things for over 30 years you get used to how the studios work
Tj517 says:
January 6, 2014 at 7:45 am

What old guy? He took over from some younger guy who didn\’t want to do the sl because it was dripping with homosexual innuendo.
mary says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:08 am

no one actor or actress can break ot make a show, but thousands of michale muhney fan can prevent the young and the restless from being number one. hes a brilliant actor..the rumor is they are going to replace him..No one can replace MM as adam newman..who ever fired him made a huge mistake.
John says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:11 am

Lol! A real life soap opera about a dramatic soap opera.
Bob Lamm says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:22 am

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing all of the above. We live in a misogynist culture, so of course there are misogynistic soap fans. Women are repeatedly blamed when they are the victims of rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Sometimes, sadly, there are women who blame the female victims. All that is pathologjical enough. But it is sickening that Jill Farren Phelps protected Michael Muhney and then that Angela McDaniel “outed” Muhney’s victim. They should both be fired and they are probably not the only people here who are culpable. Thank you for this very strong and needed statement.
Kim R says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

Let\\’s just throw accusations and innuendo all over the place. The only TWO people who know what happened are the victim and Michael. PERIOD. Neither has made a statement so let\\’s not vilify either til we hear from them. I met Michael in 2012.. he was warm and gracious with a snarky sense of humor. He had no body guard or handlers.. it was just him walking through the hall to the stage. People are calling him narcissistic, but what actor isn\\’t? It\\’s their job to care about their looks..etc. plus their talent that gets them the job. I am not saying the victim isn\\’t telling the truth.. but tell me why if he was such a predator on that set did Sharon Case (Sharon on Y&R# post photo after photo of him and her together and tweet how much she would miss her friend. Why did Clair Egan #Chelsey on Y&R# tweet the same thing? If all of the cast were privy to the sexual assault#s# happening by Michael Muhney then why did a veteran cast member #Sharon# tweet so much about missing him? If you followed him or Josh Morrow #Nick) then you also saw the friendship they had by the exchange of funny barbs to the other. Wouldn\\’t he be offended as a family man by a guy who was allegedly trolling the set? To me that in itself makes it suspicious at best that maybe things could have been misinterpreted. We don\\’t know the victim or Michael well enough to pass judgment on either. I say let\\’s wait for one of them to tell their side .. Until then we ALL do not know exactly what happened. Like I said I am not saying what happened didn\\’t.. I\\’m not saying that it\\’s possible that Michael did do these things.. but all we have are statements from a production person who worked closely with JFP who has hired her friends for the show in the past and has one lined up to take Muhney\\’s place..
Pook says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

Did you even READ THIS? It just told you it is FALSE, it is a false rumor. Started by McDaniel\\\’s husband. So why are you even QUESTIONING anything, getting angry at a lie, saying, \\\”if he did,\\\” defending a non-victim and perpetuating it? STFU! Just STFU!
Maria says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:30 am

I can\’t take neither MM nor HK side. MM wasn\’t like by some of his co-worker according to rumors. It is strange that the young crowd are the ones accusing him. With his popularity that would bring about some jealousy. With him gone that creates opportunity for some of the actors to shine. This guy have being dominating polls and boards for a while now. The reality is when big money is involved anything is possible. So I won\’t convict anybody. I have seen some pretty ugly stuff in workplaces. So I can\’t judge MM and same goes for HK. With these cases no one will ever know what happened. But I have known people who have suffer because of a jealous co-worker. And I have also known people who have suffered being bullied in the workplace. So I can\’t take a side.
Cathy Thomasson says:
January 6, 2014 at 8:42 am

I have been a Y&R fan since the very beginning. I have also been a Michael Muhney fan. This entire situation just sounds too fishy and worse than the most outlandish soap opera story line! Innocent until proven guilty is the first order of business! If something did happen why did it take so long to do something about it? Why then was Michael Muhney allowed to work out an entire week, as he was in this case, if in fact this was true. It seems to me a complete investigation is in order and if anyone should be fired it is Angelica McDaniel and Jill Farren Phelps. We long-time fans have already taken issue with Farren Phelps and her penchant for ruining characters, and story lines, as well as firing and not working with actor’s schedules. If something doesn’t get clarified and dealt with soon Y&R will loose most of it’s longstanding viewership! For both actors involved we want answers and we want the truth to come out. I have a feeling there is even more here than we imagine. Unless or until it is proven that Michael Muhney did anything untoward then I will support him and want to see him reinstated as the one and only Adam Newman. Ms. Daniel and her husband who works at TMZ seem to be guilty of putting this story out there when it should be an internal investigation where the parties involved are innocent until PROVEN guilty following an investigation that should have been kept out of the public eye until then. This entire rumor and how it has been handled it a problem for CBS and TMZ!
Jean says:
January 6, 2014 at 9:25 am

SHAME ON YOU for such a comment about a woman\’s weight.
Claudia says:
January 6, 2014 at 9:28 am

You people are getting nasty. We don\’t know the whole story so settle down. This is like a witch/bitch hunt….

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