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'Y&R' Fans Rally Behind

Fired Michael Muhney

1/6/2014 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"Young and the Restless" star Michael Muhney got canned for allegedly groping a 20-year-old co-star, but you know what they say about soap fans -- they are rabidly loyal. Surprised they're still standing behind him?

Plus, Ke$ha seeks treatment for an eating disorder. What pushed her to the edge?

And, "Lone Target" star and former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert joins us to explain why his new show is the most dangerous show on TV ... you won't believe the horrific injuries his crew has sustained since it began.  



(0:00) "Young and the Restless" star Michael Muhney ousted for allegedly groping a female cast member ... and his fans are PISSED.
(6:00) Evander Holyfield says being gay is a choice while on "Big Brother UK" -- and gets scolded by the producers. Since when do they step in when people say stupid things?
(10:00) Katy Perry's ridiculous rider for one of her shows -- we'll tell you every organic detail.
(15:00) Ke$ha checks into rehab -- and is very open about it.
(18:00) "Lone Target" star Joel Lambert joins us to talk about his crew being attacked by killer bees, pooping in bags, and how to evade capture at all costs.
(24:00) Kim Kardashian's post-bikini body -- do you believe her explanation for how she got back into shape?
(29:00) Charlie Sheen's war with Denise Richards gets real weird ... even for Charlie's standards.
(32:00) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ... back together!
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Nashville" star Chip Eston ... he's got pipes in real life!

No Avatar


From what I just read on the post from his fans. He could come straight out and say "YES I DID GROPE HER BREASTS WITHOUT HER PERMISSION" and those same fans will blame "HER" for wearing too low cut of a top. He's part of a union, if he was truly innocent why hasn't he contacted the Actor's Guild and gotten a high priced lawyer to fight for him? I'm not sure one way or the other, have to wait and see how it plays out but those are just a few questions I ask myself.

259 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So all of Michael Muhney's soap opera fans are upset . . . don't piss off a bunch of 90 year old horny women.

259 days ago


Forgot to add...Kinda funny the man says in an interview that he's a douchebag. If he behaves like that with fellow soap stars, some more experienced then himself and shows no respect, what do his rabid fans think he would do if he met that rabid fan face to face? I'm thinking smiling, a photo and autograph won't be the first thing they'll receive from him.

259 days ago


Did you know it was TOTALLY illegal for Angelica McDaniel to leak details of the employment history of Michael Muheny to McDaniel's husband Brian, a TMZ staffer. I can't wait until Muheny sues CBS for million$!

259 days ago


Yes, as long as they can watch their favorite star, no matter what he did, then to hell with her. SMH. No morals. People are sh-t.

259 days ago


Because women, being emotional creatures are willing to let anything slide if a man is good looking; If this guy admitted to it, they would rationalize it as well.

259 days ago


Someone needs to lay off the makeup, sheesh lady, did you buy out the entire cosmetic counter and use it one application?

259 days ago


Every time they use the word "amazing" on The View the world gets a little dumber.

259 days ago


Well I see after more than a year you guys still haven't gotten your shyte together. Geeez, guys.

259 days ago


Has anyone figured it out yet. They get these celebs or people on Big Brother to cause crap to happen. It brings them ratings. Look at the Last big brother in the U.S. they were throwing around racist and homophobic remarks. They continue to allow it to keep up ratings. Sickening. I'm so glad i don't watch reality t.v.

259 days ago


Perhaps no lawyer has been obtained because this story is just that...a fictional story. This fictional story was started on a soap opera fan website four weeks ago and has reached viral proportions.......In addition, comments from the actor noted above may, or may not, have been contracted to speak nothing at this point.

259 days ago


Most of the Y&R fans probably don't even know what he was fired for; they're just angry. Once they find out, they'll simmer down. If they do know, and are still supporting him, then they are simply a$$ho1es.

259 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

you fcuk tards .. just becasue someone says ya go ahead and marry doesnt mean they believe being gay is right.
Just means they dont give a crap if they marry

259 days ago


Oh this is going to be bewdy. I still can't believe that TMZ is complaining about the demands of Perry being all natural foods. I guess that irks all you donut popping fatasses huh?

259 days ago


Oh and look, right after the all natural food selections we'll be discussing how I guy has to poop in baggies. I just wonder how many gigglers in the TMZ room will get out of the poop jokes.

259 days ago
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