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Honey Boo Boo Family

Injured in Bad Car Wreck

1/7/2014 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-honey-boo-boo-car-crash-tmzHoney Boo Boo and her family were in a bad car crash Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Pumpkin and Jessica were all passengers in the car driven by Sugar Bear.  

Sources tell us ... they were at a red light, waiting to turn left.  The light turned green and Sugar Bear began the turn.  A guy driving a truck was allegedly speeding in the opposite direction with his lights off and crashed into them.

Members of the family were taken to a local hospital ... an ambulance showed up, but Mama June tells TMZ ... the EMTs were going to take them to a hospital they didn't like so they went to another hospital in an SUV driven by their bodyguard.

Pumpkin says Sugar Bear has a contusion on his back, Mama June has a back and neck sprain, Honey Boo Boo hit her head against a passenger window and has a headache, and Pumpkin herself has severe chest bruises and is having panic attacks.

And June tells TMZ ... "We've only had that Suburban for 6 months and it's not even paid off yet."



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why is his news

287 days ago


That's good that nobody was seriously hurt or fatally injured. I was waiting to turn years ago when my kids were little and some idiot plowed into the back of us and totalled my car. Detroit has a NO FAULT claim so all I got was what the blue book for my older car was worth. That was 500 bucks which can't buy anything good so I lost my job and was without a car for quite sometime. Can't wait for the new season to start. Love the show. We live totally different here in Detroit but at the same time, we're all loving family people so everyone can just get off their high horse and quit bashing these people!

287 days ago

Terry and Mandy    

They have a body guard to do what? Protect them from their millions of adoring fans? I'm glad they are all right. Can't comment on who was at fault because these articles never give you the correct information on what actually happened. I hope they have goood insurance. Although I'm pretty certain there will be a huge lawsuit.

287 days ago


Just reported " its probably just a couple Boo Boos"

287 days ago


I can't believe the HATERS on this article!!!! If u don't like their show DON'T WATCH IT!!! If u don't like them WHO CARES, I'm sure there r people WHO DON'T LIKE U EITHER!!!!! Wat is this "Country" turning n2--We're going backwards instead of moving FORWARD!!! WE AS A PEOPLE NEED TO DO BETTER!!!!ijs

287 days ago


Mama June has a neck sprain. I wasn't aware she had a neck!

287 days ago

Pondo Sinatra    

Well they all so fat, plenty of cushining, they will be ok

287 days ago

Bob Greise    

This is why US companies are bring in the Chinese, Indians, and Hispanics to run our companies and everything else that requires intelligence. These people give Christianity a bad name and do nothing more than entertain us. They are White Trash and are like the monkeys at the zoo whose sole purpose is for us to gawk at and laugh.

287 days ago


I think if u dont like them then dont watch thier show! But all u ppl who keep postin hateful stuff? Ever heard of love my haters?

287 days ago


If you're capable enough to request a different hospital because the one you were headed to wasn't of your favorite list, then you shouldn't be heading to hospital in the first place. They sound fine and just drama queens

287 days ago

Jules Destaing    

Where do they bury the survivors ?

287 days ago


There are some hospitals i would not go to either. Had relatives get poor care or die

287 days ago


by bad wreck you mean a dent? this ain't a bad wreck , paul walkers crash, now that was a bad wreck

287 days ago


Hope they're all right and wow I can't believe half of these comments.

I don't care what anyone says, they are the most genuine people I have seen on tv. Yeah they can be loud, dirty and crazy but they are good people. They're not racist or homophobic, they don't cause trouble and they don't judge others.

Instead they're just a really close family that truly love each other, they help out a lot in their community, they don't care what others think and they don't flash their cash about - which I think is best of all. The mum has been smart by putting the money into trust funds for her kids, which is just great. They are honestly just fascinating people and do create genuine entertainment, I haven't laughed so much for any other reality show.

I think people need to actually watch the full two seasons before they make judgement (OR comment negatively on numerous articles for that matter) as I bet half haven't even seen this show. If you haven't then I guarantee you don't know what you're talking about and I'd suggest you do as there is definitely something positive to take away from this.


286 days ago

Brian Workman    

The cars breaks were overworked by all that dead weight on board!!

286 days ago
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