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Mr. Rogers

Killer Reputation

Rumor Won't Go Away

1/7/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after Mr. Rogers' death, one rumor about the lovable TV star still persists: That behind those innocent grandpa sweaters ... beat the heart of a cold-blooded assassin!

Yeah, it's total BS. Or is it? TMZ investigates.



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Your headline is wrong. There is no D in Rogers. Just sayin'.

286 days ago


Sniper or not, everybody knows:

Mr. Dressup >>> Mr. Rodgers

286 days ago


Mr. Rogers was thr Jason Bourne of PBS!

286 days ago


He was a Christian Minister before getting into children's television. The rumor is total stupid hogwash!

286 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

This is how rumors gets revived.

286 days ago


The rumor comes from some people saying he was a sharp shooter in the Vietnam war. Others say he was a sharp shooter in the Korean war. In 5 minutes I did a short investigation using Google. It showed many flaws in both theories. Also supports are not assassin's. Unless you are talking about killing squads that have list of people to target. I consider that straight out assassinations. Marines protecting their fellow soldiers are not assassin's. This is just another non story tmz latched onto. So they could keep their site full of new stories for advertisers.

286 days ago

Moe Greene    

He blew me when I was ten.

286 days ago


TMZ certain people should just be off-limits to your fiction, but I am OK with any attention you draw to Fred Rogers as he was part of what made this Country great. A genuine Man who cared about people - over money, gossip or material things and he was greatly loved by all of us.

Mr. Rogers reputation is based on the fact he went in front of Congress and raised 20 Million Dollars in 1969 which is equivalent to $129 Million today. He raised the money for his programming which taught kids that they are loved and special and I still remember feeling pretty awesome when after watching one of his programs. He had a character that was irreplaceable and taught us that we could learn to love one another and not be afraid of feelings. I am forever thankful for Mr. Rogers and how he made me feel safe a child and taught me lessons I could pass on as an adult.

286 days ago


Ding ding dong!!

286 days ago


Nice of TMZ to bring up nothing more than rumor about a beloved dead man.

285 days ago


The way this rumor got started is because he looks a little like Carlos Hath****. Carlos was a highly decorated Marine sniper in Vietnam.

285 days ago

Saltine Crackas    

Rumor is that TMZ is an underground Gay rights advocate group only hiring the gayest of gays and bashes anyone who doesn't follow their Gay agenda!

285 days ago


I live in Pittsburgh. I know people that knew Mr Fred Rogers very well and spoke to him on a daily basis. He was a wonderful, loving, and kind person 365 24 7. How cruel to try to slander his name. I love you, Mr Rogers. RIP

285 days ago


I actually WORKED WITH FRED during the making of his "Heroes" do***entary. He was an amazing, polite, friendly and wonderful man! He interacted with his staff and fans with the utmost respect and was the person you saw on screen. He swam laps every morning, then meditated, was a vegetarian, and when you spoke with him, he never failed to give you his undivided attention. He was a beautiful and authentic man. It's sad to read such hurtful lies about such a compassionate and loving person.

285 days ago


I always thought that if he had a secret it'd be a bunch o little boys trapped in his basement. I get hat a lot of people loved Mr. Rogers but you can't deny that he has that certain creep/child molester factor going on about him. When I was little I cried every time I heard his voice because he just freaked me the f**k out.

285 days ago
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