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Yasiel Puig


Officer FURIOUS During Speeding Arrest

1/7/2014 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports has obtained dash cam footage from Yasiel Puig's speeding arrest ... which shows the L.A. Dodgers star being reamed out and handcuffed by a PISSED OFF Highway Patrol officer.

As we previously reported, Puig was arrested in Collier County, Florida on Dec. 28 when officers say he was driving a white Benz at speeds of 110 mph, with his mom and two other passengers in the car.

During the arrest, the cop becomes ENRAGED when he learns that Puig was driving so fast with his mother in the car -- and begins to yell at the Cuban born baseball star in Spanish.   
He also tells Puig that he could have killed his mother.


During the stop, Puig's mother is crying hysterically as Yasiel is taken into the back of the squad car.

At one point, one of the troopers tells Yasiel in Spanish,  "You don't care about your own mother's life?!"

As Yasiel is being led to the squad car, he desperately pleads with the trooper to let him go ... saying in Spanish, "Officer, I'm sorry ... I'm begging you, sir."

One of the male passengers in Yasiel's car gets out of the car and approaches the arresting officer -- who FLIPS OUT ... and screams at the guy to get back in the Benz.


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Wow, TMZ! Looks like you are instigating,"Pissed off, enraged, flips out" when in reality it sounds like the cop took control of the situation. Multiple people in a car and one officer at the scene. He spoke to him in his native tongue, and tried to talk sense into him for recklessly driving with his own mother and multiple passengers in the car. Job well done.

291 days ago


If you have paramedics and cops among your family and friends like I do, you will understand how horrible it is for them to come to the scenes of accidents and see the damage caused by people's stupidity. That cop was justifiably upset. He expressed it rather profoundly. Not all cops do it like that. But they get tired of seeing such stupidity after being the first ones to deal with remains of babies and other innocent folks in tragic situations.

291 days ago


just one of many examples of why this guy is complete moron and should be cut from mlb visa revoked and sent packing he a complete ass and there are plenty of people who could use a work visa that wont break the law and act like a complete classless fool why do we allow this guy to stay and work here just because he can hit a baseball when people with real useful talents like doctors that are denied every day hes had enough chances to prove he will be a good citizen and has just shown that he is just a self absorbed jerk who falls apart when his team really needs him i guess he sounds like a typical dodger

291 days ago


Maybe he hasn't heard about Paul Walker...or ryan dunn... RIP x 2

291 days ago


ay caramba! thinks he can drive 110 freaking MPH around others???? how arrogant and dangerous. fits his plate persona quite well! LOL

291 days ago


That stupid cop wasn't even paying attention to standing in the road. If someone accidentally hit him they ruin their life.... idiot.

291 days ago

A Long Korn    

Rule #1 Don't Speed Rule #2 Don't get out the car when your not asked to do so by a cop or you'll get shot Rule #3 Don't get thrown in jail with pink shorts on

291 days ago


Is "TMZ Sports" really just some 18 year old working out of his parent's garage? Come on. A little translation captioning at the bottom might help the, say 90% of us, that DON'T speak Spanish!

291 days ago


cop was a friggin' Giants fan.

291 days ago



291 days ago


All have to say I'm sorry Officer My Mother and kids are in the Car . I should of been more carefull. Please give a ticket and let us go Home Pretty Pretty Please with sugar on top.

291 days ago


Those Latino dudes look fine as hell in those loud color shorts. They love those loud colors. This dude is fine as hell. I wonder if he knows it. Because if he knew it, he'd be more grateful in general. Wow. Like they say, it's always the pretty ones.

291 days ago


wow, thanks, TMZ! not for the regurgitated story, but for allowing the REAL talent (some of the posters) to make me lmao this AM!

291 days ago


Here's what's actually going on... In Florida and especially the FHP - there are Cuban rednecks...seriously...these are airboat, swamp buggy Cubans with a slight southern drawl Spanish...(you hear it in this video) Now, the Trooper sees the driver is black Cuban and immediately takes the -" I am superior" demeanor (Had no idea who Puig is) and treated him like a rented mule.

In Cuba, the black skinned are often treated with disrespect by the lighter skinned Cuban - Sad really and it proves the revolution was a farse. (All for one - One for all)

Google: Cubanaso and you get an idea of this Trooper personality

291 days ago


He should tasered him right in the head, the passenger in the balls and his mom right in her big fat mouth.

Good job cop.

291 days ago
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