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Young Jeezy

ARRESTED for False Imprisonment, Battery, Terroristic Threats on Son

1/7/2014 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-young-jeezy-sonRapper Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his own son ... TMZ has learned.

According to the charging documents -- obtained by TMZ -- Jeezy got into a fight with his son in a bathroom and he threw his son into the glass shower door, causing the son to hit his head.  Then Jeezy allegedly punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and pummeled him.  

According to the incident report, Jeezy's son attempted to escape but the rapper's bodyguard blocked the stairwell.

The docs go on -- claiming Jeezy subsequently choked his son and said, "I will kill you."  According to police docs, Jeezy's son claims his dad said, "I will put a bullet in your head right now," adding, "If I could get away with it, I would kill you."  The incident allegedly occurred in Sept., 2012.

We've learned Jeezy turned himself in to authorities Friday after a grand jury warrant for each charge was issued. He bonded out soon after for $45,000.

Jeezy's attorney tells TMZ, "We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately. At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family's privacy."


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lol dumbass

258 days ago


y would u beat ur kid that way or any kid for that matter...theres ways to go bout it n his way is not it...u don't threat in to kill ur kid....don't get me started on body guard blocking door.

258 days ago



258 days ago


I have no idea who Young Jeezy is, but it sounds like a very sad situation. My friend go into a really bad physical fight with his dad, and it hurts the child the most. My friend's dad kept punching him and even though he's younger and bigger, he didn't try to fight his dad back, but tried to get away. He didn't want to hurt his dad, even though his dad hurt him

258 days ago


Father of the year. smh

258 days ago


Y'all have no idea what the kid did. Yet plenty of you (the usual bigoted trolls) are going all off on a tangent and making this about race and rap music. What if the kid told his dad, "F you" or bucked on him or something? I know I would've gone flying across the room! He was 16 at the time so it's a likely scenario. And why is he just now being charged from 9/12? You see, when I was growing up I actually heard the words "I brought you into this world, I will take you out" and it was nothing personal. I just knew my parents meant business. A lot of kids today are being raised by morons of alllll colors who don't know how to check their kids. And then they sit back and wonder why they act a fool when they're grown. So anyway, just something to think about before passing judgment.

258 days ago



258 days ago


Its a tough don't put your hands on any young cousin shot and killed my uncle cuz my uncle beat him....were all on my cousins side, and it does hurt that I had to lose an a fan of jezzy but this is bs, grow up dude, something your nor expecting might happen....

258 days ago


What a piece of sh**.

258 days ago

She's baaaack    

It happened in September 2012. That's almost a year and a half ago. His head reminds me of the old album/movie called The Point where the main character had a pointed head. If there is ever a remake with black cartoon characters there's your guy right there.

258 days ago


These kids are out of control im a mother of an 18yr old girl their disrespectful seriously idk wats up with this generation her father is n her life and he has held back many times from beating her bcus of her mouth thats his only child crazy smh!!

258 days ago


This is sad, all around sad. We do not know the entire story. The family relationship will never be the same for jeezy and his boy. Wrong to destroy your sons body, but we should be insightful and understand the kid probably has no respect. I feel bad for them all.

258 days ago


Respect? Really? Indicted by a grand jury about being totally disrespectful to the health and well-being of your son and you demand respect? Let us know how that works out for you, frigging thug.

258 days ago


That's crazy! I was removed from my mothers custody at 16 because she used a belt like a whip on me and my back looked like a slaves. It is never ok to use excessive force on ur child. No matter what they did. His son will be traumatized by this forever.

258 days ago


Happened 15 months ago, and just now turned himself in?

258 days ago
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