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We Don't Want Male Host B. Scott

Looking Like a Girl

1/9/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained some pretty explosive internal emails and texts between BET execs, who candidly admit they ordered a transgender host to change his clothes during its big awards pre-show because he looked like a chick.

B. Scott is suing the network, claiming he was ordered to 86 his flowing blue tunic, black pants, hair, makeup and heels because they wanted him to look more like a man, even though they knew he was a transgender person.
During last year's BET Awards pre-show ... Scott appeared in his garb in the first segment but claims he was then ordered to change his clothes and remove his makeup ... he obliged but was never put back on the air.

BET Music Programming Prez Stephen Hill wrote a pointed email before the show ... "I don't want 'looking like a woman B Scott.'  I want tempered B Scott." 
Network VP Rhonda Cowan offered help, "I can speak to him about being less 'womanly.'"

BET had a potential public relations disaster on its hands ... because B. Scott went ballistic after being told to change clothes.  BET producer Stephanie Hodges wrote an email shortly after the broadcast, confessing, "He got upset and said he was going to blow this s**t up and call GLAAD."

BET has said it "embraces global diversity" and regrets unintentionally offending anyone in the LGBT community.  

But we got an email showing the network was far more cunning.  It's from BET honcho Monique Ware:

"The spin should be he was late for a live show and subsequently replaced and it would have been awkward in a live show to have the person assuming his role removed and him inserted."  It seems she's saying it would be weird for him to come back on the air as a man.

Ware goes on ... "Unless we can make public the reason we didn't want him dressed the way he normally does, I would stay away from suits, suit selections, etc."

In the various email and text exchanges ... BET execs say Scott had been drinking, was unruly, had shown up late, and was wearing garments that were not pre-approved.

We reached out to BET ... so far no word back.



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The same people on this post who are commenting against B. Scott, are the same ones , that when you see them on the street in real life, you'd be like "damn, this ugly mf needs a" I don't feel sorry for BET, because they should have done research BEFORE hiring B. Scott

256 days ago


It's the network's right to select the wardrobe. He/she was being paid. I have a dress code at my job and know I have to follow it in order to come to work. What makes he/she any different???

256 days ago


Why are they even communicating with that freak? Didn't they learn anything from the last time.

256 days ago


hell i'm confused and I didn't watch it

256 days ago


That is one freaky-looking thing, no matter what it's wearing.

256 days ago


Shame on BET

256 days ago

The Zombie    

He/she has an enormous face and hands.

256 days ago


They hired this person knowing full well what he/she
is and then they complained? Sounds like A&E and Duck Dynasty.

Doesn't BET stand for "Black Extremist Television?"

256 days ago


When I go to work my company has every right to tell me what I can and can not wear. That is a job that I WANT to have so I follow rules. Just because you are gay it does not give you the right to pitch a fit! Hats off to BET.

256 days ago


She wasn't even wearing anything offensive in the first place. She looked beautiful. Second of all I think its funny they are saying now she was drunk and unruly. Seems like a cover up to me! Go B.Scott!!

256 days ago

Nobody Special    

Like on Conan he has a segment called,
"If they mated"

What if HHS Pajama-Boy and B Scott hook-up and make a new Hermaphrodite-Hermerican.

They could have a new Hyphenated-American Hybrid Babiy that will be taken care of from cradle to grave.

Now that's West-Side.

256 days ago


What the hell is that. Be yourself meaning no surgical or hormonal enhancements. You are butchering your body.

256 days ago


If they dont like the way it dresses then just get rid of IT!

256 days ago


Stop hiring freakshow trash, problem solved!

256 days ago


Everyone knows who he is and may I add he look weird dressed in mens clothes hell hes has more style and is more sexy then alot of women I quite trying to sweep things under a rug we know theres a LGBT community so chill

256 days ago
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