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Gwyneth Paltrow

The Snootiest Lemonade Stand Ever!

1/9/2014 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gwyneth Paltrow's kids have a question for passing drivers ... Would you like some smug with your lemonade?

Gwyneth and her kids set stakes in Pacific Palisades Monday ... hawking the hoity-est of toity-est beverages -- 100% homemade lemonade ... organic, and, of course, sugar-free.

Check out the sign -- clearly a Gwyneth creation -- a buck for a small glass, 2 for Venti and a bargain if you buy a cookie.

It's a good lesson for Apple and Moses -- when life gives you lemons, they're not as good as your mom's.


No Avatar

Nobody Special    

Oh my

296 days ago

Mary P    

Lemonade by nature has sugar. Otherwise it's just lemon juice.

296 days ago


Hopefully lemonade had arsenic in it and Paltrow drank all of it. Trying to discredit Vanity Fair because story wasn't positive is classic vindictive bullying tactics. If Paltrow wasn't involved in sh** she's ashamed of, don't participate in those shameful activities. Otherwise, we live in a free press and speech society where Vanity Fair or any other media outlet can write whatever they want about u. Don't like it, Europe can have you. Second thought, they don't want you either.

296 days ago


No sugar added? That's gonna be some SERIOUSLY tart s~~t!

296 days ago


Is this a goldfish in the glas??

296 days ago


This is so dumb. She is hoity toity because she doesn't want to feed her kids food laced with chemicals and sugar??? Get over yourselves.

296 days ago


Oh brother!

296 days ago


cut her some slack- the kids clearly made the sign and good on her letting her kids to the sort of things normal non celeb kids do….she is who she is, she shouldn't have to hide out in the bushes while her kids have their stand- I'm guessing the neighborhood knows she lives there already anyway… question the sugar free but whatever- leave her kids alone

296 days ago


I do not see a City Permit that allows them to sell Lemonade and cookies there, I do not see where they passed a county health Inspection, Where they would need to have a place to Wash there hands with soap and hot water.

296 days ago


C'mon. You photograph tons of celebrities. How many of them make lemonade stands with their kids.
Yeah I think she's snooty as F, but she really seems to give a damn as a mom.

296 days ago


And you miss the whole point. A celebrity mom, spending time with her kids, making sure they get the same memories as other children. God forbid she uses organic lemons and no sugar added. I can think of a whole bunch of celebrity women that TMZ likes, that would never ever do this. And I'm pretty sure one of those kids is awfully proud of that sign they made. Can't wait for the day when they see this and feel ****ty.

296 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with this.. Just another grumpy, obnoxious idiot twisting sh*t. what a surprise! Thanks tmz, for wasting 3 minutes of my life reading this trash. I hate Gweneth Paltrow.. but im not gonna rag on her for having a lemonade stand with her kids. OMG it's 100% lemonade! What a hoity toity b**ch! Get a life..

296 days ago


TMZ really has a bug up their ass about Gwyneth Paltrow, don't they?

296 days ago


No one likes anti-American remarks Ms. Paltrow, why have you settled by living on this side of the pond? You can go, we won't miss you!

296 days ago

john flynn    

Rather see her doing this than riding a scooter....

296 days ago
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