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Justin Bieber

Egg Attack is Gateway to ...

The Thug Life

1/10/2014 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's egg bombing of a neighbor's house might seem like an innocent teenage prank -- except for the fact Bieber is a 20-YEAR-OLD MAN.

Which means Justin's now on the path to becoming a hardcore thug! Maybe. Probably. Okay, definitely.



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Someone needs to go drop him off on a Friday night over in Compton - alone. Mister, saggin, wanna-be thug...he would learn in just about 10 minutes.

288 days ago

oh really     

That is such a pathetic childish thing to do. He should be ashamed of himself
Im surprised he didnt have his security guards throw the eggs for him
I hope the neighbor presses charges

288 days ago


I'm sorry...Bieber should never be mistaken for a man. I mean, let's be real here.

288 days ago


Oh this is definitely GANGSTA behavior.
Most of the GANGS of today must EGG a house to be admitted.

288 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    

Nuke Bieber.

288 days ago

Sue from jersey    

If Selina is sick and the rumors are true it's really nice to see you help her and have compassion but treating your neighbors with such disrespect is disgusting so what they told you to slow down there are children in your neighborhood one day when you have kids and care about them double as much as you care about Selina you will know what a punk your being . Grow up this stuff is costing you your destroying yourself

288 days ago


Check my posts, I told you a long time ago, that Justin's mental development stopped when he became an idol. He will always be stuck, emotionally, at that age, even though his years will advance. Psychology 101.

288 days ago


Eggcellent news!

288 days ago


He has the life skills of a 9 year old though.
It isn't the end of world I guess throwing harmless eggs, but ALL of his behaviour in the past year and a half or so looks quite disordered.

288 days ago


This doesn't make him a thug, it makes him STUPID!

288 days ago


I can't wait for the day he gets thrown in jail. Let's see how 'thug" he is then. And seriously aspiring to be "thug" is like aspiring to be uneducated and worthless.

288 days ago


attacking a 13 year old girl in her home. All class you little thug. he has all the money he will ever need, you would think that would help him grow up and make an effort to a little good in the world.

288 days ago


This is what happens...

....when you orchestrate fabulous-ness in your life, boys and girls.

When you pull off miracles.


They come out of the wood-work for you.

In this World you're not allowed to do two things:

1. Make it Big/Stand-Out.
2. Tell The Truth.

H8 syucks.

288 days ago

Nobody Special    

If Beaver has to do some time in Prison,
His first night will be the Romance he is looking for.

When he gets out of Prison he can now transform into a ghetto rapper, spitting new Lyrics like,

My name is Beaver without the teeth,
You got the top bunk I'll take underneath,
I was Living in a Large Estate,
But now I'm Coped in a 6 by 8,
First Night scared about Sodden,
Da Homes see me as an Easy Bottom,
After 7 Nights this ain't what I Thought,
Is this what a dozen Eggs Bought?

Help Mr. Wizard I wanna go Home,
"Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome;
Prezzy 0bama send me a Drone,
Cause It's time for zis Beaver to go home.

Why did the Beaver put his Gold in his Beaver?
So his Roomie would *** into Money!

Pants Low, KY in Tow,
All in All, Beaver likes this Prison way of Life,

After All, he worked so hard to get to Prison...

Nice way to thank Usher, Beaver !

288 days ago


The only thing hardcore about Fleaber is his mouth
which should help him out in prison someday.

288 days ago
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