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Terrell Owens


... to a Postal Worker

1/10/2014 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0108-terrell-owens-rachel-tmzTerrell Owens is finally gonna get his ring ... 'cause the former NFL star is GETTING MARRIED ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We know ... the 40-year-old wide receiver has obtained a marriage license in L.A. which shows he's planning to get hitched to Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old postal worker from Texas.

FYI -- Snider is NOT one of Terrell's FOUR baby mamas. As far as we know, they have no children together.

It's unclear how the two met ... but here's a shocker, it WASN'T on T.O.'s old VH1 reality show, which documented his (unsuccessful) search for the perfect mate.

As for the wedding, the marriage license is only good until April 8 ... so T.O. and Rachel have to swap "I dos" sometime before then, or else they'll have to apply for another license.

We're told the couple has been pretty hush hush about their engagement -- because, unlike Terrell, Rachel isn't obsessed with the spotlight.


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No Avatar


I thought he was broke and couldn't afford child support. How did he afford that ring?

289 days ago


How is this girl ugly???..my God what is wring with people....her face looks like a 7 out of 10.....with the right make up she could look more beautiful

289 days ago


He wants white and she wants green....

289 days ago


Hmmm... I thought he had pissed all his money away, at least that was his excuse for not paying child support. Either (a), he was lying and is not as poor as he made himself out to be or (b), that diamond is 18 carat glass.

289 days ago

just because    

Dear God (1996)

289 days ago


So he can afford a ring but not pay child support? Ppl spend their money on what they want to spend it on I see. Wonder how long this marriage will last?!

289 days ago


How you got on make up and still ugly???? Well then again TO aint a prize either.

289 days ago


I wouldn't pay child support either screw what the courts say I would act broke and pay a certain amount that I know is going to be spent 100% on my child and not the gold digging mother I'm tired of females living off of child support and using their children for financial gain and when you don't say these ridiculous amounts of money they can guilty you using the public all they have to say "its for your child" when they know Damn well its not if women had to show what they were spending the child support and it could only be spent on the child's needs and not her miss me with the "I should be spend it to keep a roof over your child's head" crap or "I should be able to spend it on my bills" because if you didn't have a child you'd still have bills you would see how the amount of women having children out of wedlock declines

289 days ago

Sandy Goddard    

Rachel is a very sweet and caring woman and anyone who wants to say otherwise better get to know her first. I've know her since elementary school and can tell you first hand the only thing she is in it for is LOVE! She is a beautiful person inside and out... Do not judge people when you know nothing about them.

289 days ago


Black athletes and their white women's trophies lol.

289 days ago


T.o. need to get his self together before he add someone else to his life. He was just on tv crying about his financial and family life.

289 days ago


What kind of brain dead woman would marry this fool? He is a clown, how much do you want to bet in a few months or years she will go postal on him?

289 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Im a person who has only dated black woman and NEVER had a desire to date any woman outside of a black woman BUT, I disagree with people who criticize men or woman for dating outside of the black race(African descent)) because LOVEis hard to find and culturally I can say that maybe the black men who unlike me, date and marry outside there race find the woman they decide to marry better for THEM. I respect that and so should we all. I know Dennis Rodman said when he was poor and in High School and College black woman would call him ugly and wouldnt give him the time of day. He went on to say that once he became an NBA player and later a star, they were all over him hence he felt they were about what he had, not who he was. My point? To all those blacks which I am as well who criticize T.O for marrying a caucasian ask yourself what he endured in the past, hes dated white and black woman so maybe he finally found someone he feels is for HIM, not T.O the football star and maybe after the fame left, this woman just LOVED T.O for Terrel Owens and thats why he finally is getting married. Sometimes we find out who cares at our lowest(even though Terrel still has some $ and opportunities to make more) instead of our huighestr and I feel this is the case with Terrel so, instead of hating on him for marrying a white woman, be happy he has found someone who LOVEs him despite what people say about him and IF he has little money, this woman really LOVES Terrell and all this hate is ignorant and this is coming from a black man who only dates black woman, Im happy he found LOVE despite the fact I NEVER have dated a woman who wasnt black! Congrats Terrell and I hope many better days financially for you, you were a great Wide Reciever in your day and the future is bright and seems you have a woman who can help you have better days. LGNM

289 days ago


Black men looooove ugly white girls and white girls loooove ugly black men... They're perfect for each other :)

289 days ago

theresa thomas    

Looks like he got his white women trophy. I'll give it a year,...poor girl!! She must be dumb as a door.

289 days ago
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