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Jennifer Lopez


Man Says She Begged Him for Naked Pics ... But It Stinks Like Catfish

1/12/2014 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez
has been dragged into what looks like the craziest catfish debacle of all time -- a man just sued the singer, claiming she duped him into sending her naked photos in the mail ... but it appears a rando 53-year-old woman is secretly behind everything.

Rodrigo Ruiz filed the $10,000 suit against Lopez in L.A., claiming she sent him a letter in 2008 after he submitted a demo tape to someone he believed was in Lopez' camp. Ruiz claims Lopez demanded he reply with naked photos ... as well as more demo CDs.

He claims the letters led him to believe he had a chance at a music career -- and even a romantic relationship with Lopez, but she never followed through and he eventually gave up hope. Ruiz says he was so depressed he sought out professional help.

Ruiz sent us a few of the 3-line letters he received from "Lopez" and they're obviously bogus ... the first reads, "I just wanted to let you know that I do remember you and that I am interested in you. I have plans on leaving my husband. But I can't say much right now so that's it for now. Send me pictures of you both with clothes and without clothes."

Here's the second -- "This is Jennifer Lopez writing to you again and just to let you know that I got your packages, music, and demos. And just to let you know you need to send me pictures of you with and without clothes."

The third is the best -- "This is Jennifer Lopez and as you can tell its been a while since I last wrote and as you can see I have a new boyfriend which means your in for the long haul and you have to put up with the fact that I am f**king him and sucking his d**k."


In addition to the lawsuit, Ruiz filed a police report claiming sexual harassment.

Ruiz still believes Lopez sent these letters to him, but records show the P.O. box he replied to is owned by a 53-year-old L.A. woman.

We called her to ask about the lawsuit and everything else, and she nervously concocted a lame explanation about operating a Jennifer Lopez fan mail exchange ... and hung up on us.

A rep for J.Lo tells TMZ, "this is a small claims matter that appears to be a desperate attempt for notoriety. Ms Lopez has never seen or met the plaintiff, nor has she ever communicated with him. We believe this matter should be summarily dismissed."

Catfishing someone via snail mail. Never thought we'd see the day.


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woolly -Bear    

Jennifer Lopez is a Fat 50 year old washed up Talentless , Douche Bag of a C#NT. She dosen't know the difference between good music and the Festering Herpes she picked up from her last Gay Boy Toy. How the F#CK did this Wrinkled piece of Leather ever get famous? Her singing is Horrendous and we know she can't act to save her life. Dumb BITCH....... ;p

284 days ago


I think he is lieing about jlo have to want to have a relationship with him .

284 days ago


I got the same letters...but I sent back my naked picures!!! Now Casper won't stop calling!!! Lol

284 days ago


I hope the last psychiatrist,who doctored him,lose their license for not giving him further sessions and the right meds....Great going doc!

284 days ago


Dude needs to kill homself

284 days ago


She always is asking me to take my clothes off too. Enough J-Lo!

283 days ago


TMZ...are you aware of how many husbands this woman has had??? I wouldn't put this past her.

283 days ago


That is crazy

283 days ago


Note+This is Jennifer Lopez=Not the sharpest tool in the shed

283 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, some people are really stupid. Then to make it even worse, they go public and show everyone how totally stupid they are.

283 days ago


woow !!! talk about delusional!!! oviously j.lo doesnt know u and has a much better selection of men to chose from!!! u need a psych ward and so does that rediculous women that set up the fake fan mail ****

283 days ago


dude that guy looks like the crazy roommate chandler bing used to room with.

283 days ago


This is Miranda Grim and I am starting to think that there are way more idiots in the world than smart people and I don't know how far J Lo went in school but I am pretty sure that she went to 3rd grade and I know that was the grade that I learned how not to write run-on sentences and I am sure that I would not believe that I was receiving a letter from Jennifer Lopez if it included a sentence like this and I think she should sue him for defamation simply for insinuating that she did so because this is so stupid.

283 days ago


That is truly one of the stupidest things I have read. It this serious? Please. Can you say delusion?

283 days ago


What a shame he got duped. You can't be too careful. Denzel Washington is my boyfriend. We talk on the computer all the time and he's going to marry me as soon as he can. I send him money all the time when he's between movies. He can't get his webcam or any internet chat like Skype to work right now but he will soon. People should be more careful.

283 days ago
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