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Tori Spelling

We're Not Getting Evicted

... We Left

1/12/2014 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0112_eviction_notice_splash2Tori Spelling got a notice from her landlord to either pay up or get out ... but we're told Tori has already gotten out AND paid up.

Tori and her family moved out of their Tarzana house last month for more expensive digs, but there was this little matter of unpaid rent that pissed off the landlord ... pissed him off enough to slap a legal notice on the front fence to either up pay back rent or face formal eviction.

If this story isn't tracking, that means you're following it ... fact is, Tori had already moved, so there wasn't anybody to evict. There was however the matter of more than $7K in unpaid rent.

Tori's lawyer says the delinquency was just a "clerical error" and the rent has been paid through January.  Apparently there's some bad blood between landlord and tenants -- Tori's people tell us the landlord was a nightmare and failed to repair numerous items which caused them to move before the lease was up.  

It's unclear whether the landlord will try and enforce the rest of the lease or just walk away from it.


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News Flash     

Stupid TMZ observers, can't call them TMZ readers because they don't read! Every other post is about a misspelt word. So what! People make mistakes and this is definitely a simple one. Payed or Paid so what!

287 days ago


Paid up, TMZ. "PAID UP".

287 days ago


I guess I will relax with some good football in my non mansion. At least nobody has a note on the door !!!!

287 days ago


She resigned to spend more time with her family.

287 days ago


Too bad, one of the biggest train wrecks I have witnessed. Homeless soon, maybe. Don't expect mom to help with that.

287 days ago


Did TMZ put this post up to make Claudia look better since everyone was wishing she would be euthanized?

287 days ago


Since you guys don't care about grammar. how about hiring some of the readers..

- its Paid..not payed-
Tori Spelling got a notice from her landlord to either pay up or get out ... but we're told Tori has already gotten out AND payed up.

287 days ago


He's a landlord.

Landlords are from another planet.

Planet C.

Like the mom Tori's suffered-with and-through.

You know I love her so leave her alone, TMZ.

Get off her case or I'll send Charlie Sheen in.

286 days ago



286 days ago


Only good things from now on, TMZ.

Only good things.

Pretty, hot, brilliant, great actress, best-selling author...

Courage-personified for taking on Candi.

Saying stick the money, mom.

etc., etc., etc.

Stuff like like that.

Stuff that's true about Tori.

286 days ago

Ms NY    

Payed ? If you need an editor, I am available.

286 days ago


why are they renting?

286 days ago


Aaron's only mistake in life?

Not leaving EVERYTHING to Tori.

...Perfect score except for that.

NOW look at everything -

Indulgent-Candi is in a 19,000 sq. ft.

-2- floor penthouse with refracted lighting/waterfall..

Tori and Dean have to scramble.

Me here worried sick about both of them.

286 days ago


From now on forward all Tori and Dean stories to me.

For prior approval.

They don't call me the-green-light for nothing.

Look closely, TMZ, even my ink is green.

286 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

Aside from the "payd" mistake, I think their are a few commas missing. Or should I type "there" and "comma's" like the weekend staff would do?

286 days ago
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