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Jennifer Lawrence

I Got WASTED The Night Before!

1/13/2014 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lawrence is a GREAT actress ... 'cause she ACTED like she wasn't hungover at the Golden Globes -- despite getting TRASHED the night before.

The 23-year-old -- who won Best Supporting Actress -- was actually TOO sober for her own good during her acceptance speech.  She said afterwords she wished she had boozed it up beforehand to calm her nerves.

But Saturday night in Westwood she was plenty calm  ... blowing past photogs ... earning the award for Worst Performance by a Drunken Actress.


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She should have eaten more the night before, she needed 2 belts to hold up her dress.

284 days ago


This child is sickening. She has no class, poor thing still acting like trash. I will be glad when she fades out. She make A list actors look bad. I am so tired of this no acting range cow.

284 days ago


JLaw is great, she's just like you and I.

284 days ago


This is what I love about JLaw, she's like your typical friend, but just famous!

284 days ago


When did it suddenly become cool to hate Jennifer Lawrence? Is it because she jokingly called Christian Bale fat?

284 days ago


Uh huh. That's the exact same excuse I used for not drinking at my friend's Birthday, when I'd just found out I was pregnant lol. Just saying.

284 days ago


Promising actress. Sorry to hear she has a booze obsession.

284 days ago


Watching the red carpet last night. There were a few shots of her arriving on the red carpet where she looked miserable and was very obviously yelling at whoever was walking with her, I assume an assistant. She was pleasant enough on camera but off camera she looked like she wanted to kill someone.

283 days ago


Can't a grown ass woman get ****ed up and have some and not get called an alcoholic **** y'all have some tight *******s and need a drink yourselves. Get it Jennifer you deserve some fun like the rest of Merica'

283 days ago


Hollywood is full of these drug addicts, drunks, etc....we call movie stars. They have zero respect for their fans, and they all think they walk on water. Most of them are high school drop outs who could never hold down a real job in the real world.

283 days ago


She can't act and she's an immature, entitled bitch.

283 days ago


I really like Jennifer Lawrence and really enjoyed her in the Hunger Games movies and Silver Lining Playbook, but sometimes I wonder has she peaked too soon. She is only 23 and already has an Oscar and two Golden Globes. She is very successful and with all this attention comes a lot of pressure to be perfect, especially when you are so young. I hope she is able to keep the drinking under control.

283 days ago


I think I'm in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She is the anti-Lohan. The great actress who can have a drink and not beat someone up or show up late or carjack three people or steal from friends and strangers alike or get arrested or go to jail etc. etc. etc. Ms. Lawrence doesn't need to do anything but be herself to win awards and the public's love. There's nothing about her that I dislike - sexy, down to earth, talented, smart and has the mouth of a sailor. My kind of girl.

282 days ago


Here we go! Another sudden fame idiot who's decided she's another queen of a person and has to keep her nose in the air. She should take her money and retire before she turns into a total mess. What's next, Jenny, drugs? I better go, I hear Paris, Britney, Lindsay, and Miley knocking on your door.

280 days ago

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