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Justin Bieber Photog

Rips Singer Over Other Alleged Attacks

You've Got a Beating Problem

1/13/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's rap sheet is longer than his arm -- at least when it comes to attacking photographers -- so claims the pap suing him for battery, and now the guy is asking for permission to dredge up Bieber's past alleged photog beatings in court.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber is being sued by Jeffrey Binion, the pap who claims one of Bieber's thugs choked him and stole his camera equipment last June in Miami.

Bieber has asked the court to limit the scope of his deposition to JUST this incident, but Binion's lawyers want to grill him about 5 other similar attacks allegedly involving Bieber, his bodyguards, and other paps.  The judge just ruled ... the past incidents are fair game.

Binion runs through the laundry list in his newest court docs -- citing 1) the run-in with a Miami photog just hours before Binion, 2) the alleged attack on an Argentinian photog on November 11, 3) the alleged beating of a Hawaii photog on November 20, 4) the alleged Australian photog attack, and 5) the infamous IHOP debacle.

According to the docs, Binion wants to use these examples to prove Bieber and his goons have a bad habit of attacking photogs ... and it needs to stop.



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His farts will be silent even after an hour of real jail time... and we can;t have that. It's his only musical talent.

285 days ago


Bieber and his goons are simply thugs who have no respect for anyone else.

285 days ago

boo boo    

One time my big giant camera accidentally hit T.I. in the back of the head in a crush of photographers. I didn't get beaten. I apologized and then he posed for me, gave a smile, got into his car and drove away. It doesn't have to come down to sidewalk beatings and camera snatching.

285 days ago


time for this one to go home....

285 days ago

Yu Lee    

where's Jeffrey Binion's rap sheet ???

285 days ago

boo boo    

Also, it's a fact that beiber uses his enormous bodyguards to form a human shield around him when he feels embarrassed or insecure - I've seen it happen when he "skateboards".

285 days ago

Yu Lee    

Jeffrey Binion is guilty of ----

TMZ pays cash for his photos so he doesn't need to pay tax either !?!

285 days ago


The attack to the argentinian pap is not alleged. It was caught in tape. And also the security cam shows how the bodyguard stole the camera,

285 days ago


Good luck Jeffrey, I hope you walk away with a good payday.

285 days ago


It's coming you stupid little B&^CH!!! It's comin'

285 days ago

Yu Lee    

Your so called "Laundry List" is full of lies!
No. 4 - the alleged Australian photog attack ---
the entire story is based on the words of
a local surfer dude, Kes Weartherm,
i did alot of research at the time and found that
Kes Weartherm is a FAKE name, does NOT EXIT,
is not listed in any phone book, any school,
not on Twitter, not on Facebook, only in TMZ fake articles!

285 days ago


So wat tmz! The bieber lynch campaign is getting boring..damn I've seen teenagers who would make him seem like a saint,"O" n by the way! The paps they need no sympathy.Remember they murdered princes Di.

285 days ago

boo boo    

If any of those bodyguards have ever been convicted of anything, the photog has a slam dunk. Beiber better background check his thugs.

285 days ago

Yu Lee    

Obviously TMZ boss, Harvey Levine, is paying for BINION's legal fees! Harvey is also a lawyer and secretly buys these photos for dirty money!
Harvey also trains the paps to be nasty, aggressive and harrass until the celebs lose their temper and get snaped in embarrassing situations! Torturing celebs and publicly humiliating them is called "FUN"
Harvey is not quite yet the new Hitler or Stalin but he would have made a great ROMAN warrior! He doesnt have fans, but he's amassed an army of Bieber haters! Do u intend to KILL Justin Bieber or eat him alive? When will u stop? Will u rape his family too?

285 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

You want to be rich and famous, let them take pics. Its not like they were caught climbing in your bedroom window

285 days ago
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