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Charged with Felony Welfare Fraud

1/13/2014 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has just been charged with 3 felony counts of welfare fraud and now faces more than 5 years in prison if convicted on all counts, TMZ has learned.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office filed the charges, including 1 count of aid by misrepresentation, and 2 counts of perjury by false application for aid. The D.A. claims Octomom -- real name Nadya Suleman -- failed to report nearly $30,000 in earnings between January 1-June 30, 2013.

Octo is accused of failing to disclose income between January and June of 2013 -- specifically, money that she got from personal appearances and residuals from videos.  TMZ knows ... the video in question is a masturbation video.

The D.A. is asking the judge to set bail at $25,000.


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Joanne Allen    

I can't stand her either, but some of your comments about the children are immature and uncalled for. Those babies are nothing but innocents brought into this world by a nutbag of a mother. Please stop your derogatory words towards the kids.

284 days ago


p.s. ,this woman makes us all sick with her nasty ,sicko b.s..please get her out of the news , dammit ! between her and kimmy kandasiain were all sick of all of that group as a news topic ! noneofem are realstars or even good celebs in any sense of the word ! and yes there are manyjust likeemout there ,lohan ,and sheen to name a few .bunch of dopey ****birds for hollywood role models .a waste of t.v. & movie air time any longer !

284 days ago


this woman is aprime exampleof TOTAL irresponsibility of all the things shes does and has done . she makes honest people,look bad that actually need the help .jailher ass,take her kids and quit putting this psychotic bipolar bitch on highlight , ahes not even news worthy .cept foryou republicans that want to lump us all in this same catagory ! there is a secondary systemwithin the systemthat is helping these peole like her commit fraud and it harms those that are in true need of assistance ! drug test ,welfare peole ,and whatever necessary steps that are necessary to halt this and other welfar frauds and make itpossibleto eliminate these peole from further stealing from the overwhelmed system !i would gladly volunteer sometimetoproof read files for people that are questionable ,ehtically and equally in my homestate and be glad to do so ! they failadrug test ,and alcohol abuse in public and get dwi`s ,they lose their benefits if it can be proven they use their benefits illicitly and illegally to obtain benefits for drugs and alcohol ,and heavily fine orclose the stores that condone and help them do this ! instead of food and proper useful spending .yes ,iwould in a heartbeat ! im carl,in louisiana ,email is .

284 days ago

S Riley    

I'm so sick of hearing about this psycho's antics. She's appeared on every talk show that would have her trying to make people feel sorry for her , done porno, and now she's scamming the welfare system when the intelligent public refused to send her donations after watching her crocodile tears. Even the realtiy show world wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole knowing she was bad news. As flawed as it is, those poor kids would be much better off in foster care than with this sick person. Enough already, before she does any more damage to these innocent children and ends up in jail anyway, take them away from her and give them more stable homes before they have to endure seeing her taken from them in handcuffs!

284 days ago


Money earned during the 2013 tax year is reported between January and April of 2014. So I don't know why she would be expected to have paid taxes on it yet.

205 days ago


She should have to face permanent sterilization or the fraud charges. If sentenced for the fraud, offer to reduce the sentence in return for her ability to have kids. Either way, taxpayers pay.

195 days ago


I find it amazing how they picked on this one person when they are millions fraudin govt on welfare fraud!!! maybe cause she is white!!! illegals seems toget away with it!!!!!

181 days ago


She should go to prison, she is the reason that anyone receiving welfare or are trying to have such a hard time being trusted by the government or the taxpayers who foot the bill for the most part.

160 days ago
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