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Woody Allen's Son:

'Globes' Overlooked Molestation Scandal

1/13/2014 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The Golden Globes made Woody Allen look like a hero last night -- but his own son, Ronan Farrow is blasting the award show for forgetting about Woody's dark side: allegations he molested his adopted daughter. Agree with Ronan, or is he dredging up unproven dirt?

Plus, turns out Justin Bieber did $20K worth of damage when he egged his neighbor's house ... which would make it a felony. The D.A.'s office is fed up -- is it finally time for Bieber to do some time?

And, Gisele Bundchen takes her young kid for a ride -- on a four-wheeler with no helmets. Should we be outraged ... or just calm down?



(0:00) Woody Allen's son calls him a molester the night the Golden Globes praise him. Did he go too far?
(6:00) Justin Bieber did $20,000 worth of damage to his neighbors house with eggs -- is it time to drop the hammer on him?
(10:00) Gisele takes her kid on a four-wheeler with no helmets in sight -- terrible mom ... or terrible to criticize her?
(15:00) Tori Spelling ditches her dog after having kids.
(18:00) The girl Jay Z brought on stage joins us to reveal if the rapper is interested in her on a pro level.
(24:00) Whitney Houston's daughter is officially married to her pseudo-brother! Congrats?
(29:00) The craziest lawsuit ever -- involving Jennifer Lopez and a random man's nude photos.
(32:00) "Survivor" star gets a DUI -- and then takes it to a whole new terrible level.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) "Real Housewives" star Jill Zarin joins us after catching hell for taking carry out at an expensive restaurant.

No Avatar


Shame on the Golden Globes

290 days ago


Rowan is his mothers mouth piece...all the kids were brainwashed.

290 days ago


They're giving the guy an award. Why would they mention an unfounded allegation from decades ago?

290 days ago


they sure moved on from the woody allen talk quickly....

gauranteed they'll spend more time on beiber's egg attack....

hollywood always defending this pedo... by hollywood we mean TMZ

290 days ago


Come on Harvey .. as an attorney you should know that an apology from Beiber would be an admission of guilt. Ain't gonna happen..

290 days ago


the girl was an 18 year old not a little kid....she was not an innocent in all that hot mess.....allen is a genius artist and deserved the award........ good for the gorgeous diane keaton for standing by her friend for over 40 years....we should all have one loyal friend for that long in our lives. mia and FRANCIS' SON needs to grow up and shut up.......he's a true Sinatra concerning this issue that's for sure. i am shocked he hasn't had woody's elderly bones broken yet instead of just running his mouth....

290 days ago


This is a picture of a lady holding a baby on an ATV... NOT a video.

290 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Cristiano Ronaldo just won the Balon d'Or...

290 days ago


That gap in her teeth is hazardous to Nicks bag.....Incest is best keep it in the family....

290 days ago


Ronan's strange mother did such a number on him- I have to say he's spreading unproven dirt. There are too many holes in Mia's stories and too much suspicious timing in her accusations. Children are extremely susceptible to implanted false memories and Mia could easily have done that to her daughter. False memories behave the same as real ones, so even as an adult the girl could be suffering over something that didn't happen. So we may never know what did or didn't happen. We do know the court didn't buy it, and we also know that she wouldn't be the first vengeful woman to make false accusations of this sort against her ex to get the kids all to herself.

Ronan is Mia's golden child, but there are others who as adults kept their distance from her and I'm sure they had good reasons. Ronan is too full of himself to realize that he could be wrong and harming an innocent man. He needs to learn some humility and caution and realize that a high IQ doesn't mean he's always right or knows the full story. He needs to open his mind a little wider. Ronan was just a tiny kid at the time all this was brewing, he's operating on stories told by his mother- who is not a reliable source. He also was more than willing to ask the alleged child molester for a pile of cash a few years ago and was denied, which puts another spin on the reason for his vendetta.

290 days ago


tendrá hijos tuyos, todavía es joven. ahora está ocupada.

290 days ago


estas con la lawrence
estás tanto en internet porque ella esta ocupada, claro, y tu estás muerto. y entonces juegas. conmigo, por ejmplo.
lo del novio ese niñato con cara de gay es un montaje.

290 days ago


estás con jenifer lawrence

290 days ago


Someone call I.C.E.

290 days ago


Well, considering he's NOT Woody Allen's son, it probably doesn't matter.

My girlfriend is very close to the family, and it's common knowledge that Ronan is the son of Frank Sinatra.

290 days ago
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