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Arian Foster

Driveway Meltdown

'This S**t Is Tearing Me Up'

1/14/2014 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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An extremely emotional Arian Foster EXPLODED on a reporter in Houston moments ago -- telling the guy the legal war with his pregnant baby mama is "tearing me up."

The reporter, who works for FOX 26 in Houston had gone to Arian's home to get a comment -- standard operating procedure in the news world -- and that's when Arian went off.

The Houston Texans running back stood in his driveway and made it clear, he's not ready to open up about the situation yet ... yelling, "I'll talk to y'all when I feel it's right."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Arian -- who's married with children -- is being sued by a college student who says the NFL star pressured her to get an abortion and refuses to help out financially with the pregnancy.

Arian filed a legal response, claiming the woman is a fame whore who's trying to exploit the pregnancy for a reality show.

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I don't care if he cheated on his wife. The media is sick! "Standard media procedure" get out of here. You guys are pathetic. And most of the negative comments on here are from racist white folks as is any thread with a Hispanic/black topic SMH...we all love us some kanye don't we ? (Sarcasm)

249 days ago


He will be broke in 4 years. If he makes an NFL salary and that is his pit of a house. he deserves all that is coming his way

249 days ago


justify it all you want, two wrongs DONT make a right, but the reported crossed a line by goin to the mans home!

249 days ago


She wasnt a fame whore when u were ****in her smh

249 days ago


This Man ceased her ! She isn't a whore, shut or no of these things ! She was brought up in a good family and had a lot going on for herself. She could have KILLED the child as he wanted but she didn't fell this was the right thing to do. Until you know Brit don't speak bad of her. How would you feel if it was your daughter that got knocked up by this dude ? Two wrongs don't make it right. But that's no reason to look down on her. They are both adults they both knew what they was doing when they done it.

249 days ago


I wonder if any of her best friends/family knew she was seeing him... Usually girls around her age tell at least one friend everything... If none of them knew that's bc she knew he was married and didn't want them telling her what she was doing was wrong. However if any of them did know that's just sad bc I'm sure someone knew.

249 days ago


@ us2020 I'm sorry I've seen pics of her mom out with her at nightclubs... She's only 20...on top of that her younger sister has been in some pictures with then... The mom was wearing stuff you'd see a hooker in... Great way to be brought up.

249 days ago


My favorite part of the video is of him actually saying, "I have a family in there man!" You weren't thinking of that FAMILY when u were impregnating this other woman, u pig!!!!!!

249 days ago


I guess he was too busy boinking his girlfriend to take down his Christmas decorations.

249 days ago


Kinda stupid to name a black man Arian. Wonder how many people misspell it Aryan?

248 days ago


Who names a black child Arian? How often do people misspell it Aryan?

248 days ago


These black pro-athletes sure like white women. Wonder why that is? Before I am labeled as a racists, name me one white pro-athlete who has a black wife or girlfriend. I couldn't think of one either.

248 days ago

gOd's imaGe     

First of all, despite their skin color, any women who fools around knowingly with a married man is a certified whore, hoe, etc! She was working her magic box on Chase Budinger until he broke out of that spell and escaped without having to break bread. To a blackman who doesn't know his true history and legacy before Europe, he is still subconsciously under the influence of white supremacy. This influence still sets the images of beauty through commercials, magazines, entertainment, etc ..(ck out fox news,good example) So therefore spellbound blackmen tend to put a pretty white woman on a pedestal in most caaes. Sometimes through trials and tribulations respect and love is created. And last but not least white girls are more adventurous in the bedroom and are easy to manipulate than blackwomen.

248 days ago


He can forget her having an abortion, that baby is her ATM machine for the next 18 years. She knew what she was doing as soon as he put it in her. When will these stupid men ever learn?

248 days ago


I was always an Arian fan being from Houston. I really believed in his mentality of being at peace (Namaste) and one with everything. Now, he better not be doing his traditional TD celebration anymore because he has already ruined that. Cheating is never cool regardless if it is marriage or not. Going behind someones back shows what kind of person you are. However, I am flabbergasted to see this man would go after a senior in COLLEGE!! I am 29, I can pull woman, and feel like I am to damn old for college girls already. This man is one of the best RB's in the league, he could have at least did something better then that. Goodness. Life will slap the hell out of you.

248 days ago
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