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'Cheer Perfection' Mom

Arrested for Allegedly Raping Minor

1/14/2014 10:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A 34-year-old mom who appeared on the TLC reality show "Cheer Perfection" has been arrested on suspicion of raping a boy under 14 years of age.

Andrea Clevenger -- Kylie's mom on the show -- turned herself in to authorities in Sherwood, Arkansas this morning after two felony warrants were issued for her arrest: one for rape, and one for engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium.

Based on legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the boy was 13.  He claims he was in Clevenger's home when she had him remove his pants.  He says she climbed on top of him and had sex with him, and he claims he ejaculated in her mouth.

The boy also claims he had oral sex with Clevenger in her car on 2 occasions and they texted sexually explicit pics to each other.

According to docs, the parents saw the pics and called authorities in November.

Clevenger -- the same mom who once suggested treating a flat-iron burn with her own urine -- has been released on bond ... but has to wear a GPS monitoring device.

TLC had no comment.



No Avatar


i used to dream of a woman like this at 14. kid should have not ruined a good thing.

282 days ago


After watching this video, this lady has some Serious boundary issues and a host of mental fractions. Get help. S.O.S.

282 days ago


Only reason she got busted is cux the kid dont know how to delete crap lolololol..... 13 will get ya 10

282 days ago


There's a Special place in Hell for someone like her.

282 days ago


Ur a sick dog. Hope u go to jail and get raped on a daily basis u piece of ****! UR AN OXIGEN THEIF!

282 days ago


II was surprised a women actually did this Perverts watch these kids. Her child can never compete since she is on the pervert list.

282 days ago


She should be sentenced like a male pedophile!No double standards bull****!

282 days ago


And people pick on Honey Boo Boo....sheesh

282 days ago

Black Adam    

Where was she when I was 13?

282 days ago


Nasty freaky whore.....only way to describe her.

282 days ago

Bob Dole    

Here's the thing...and this is directed at all you people screaming pedophile... First, hebephile, not "pedophile." There is a difference. In short, if he can ejaculate, we leave the realm of pedo. Second, every 13yo boy is a horn-y little Shiite. This isn't a matter of being predatory. While it is a bit off, a 34yo woman with a 13yo boy, I can guarantee that there were no threats involved, no coercion, and nobody was being forced. This boy was a more than willing participant, because, when we're 13, we'll bang just about anything. This is a statutory crime, meaning he couldn't give consent in the same way that he can't buy cigarettes...and we all know minors can buy cigarettes anytime they want. Does it make it right? No. But just about every man will tell you, it's A LOT different for a boy than a girl; which is why women get off easier (no pun intended.)

282 days ago

boo boo    

Who do we give the "Luckiest Kid in America" award to?

282 days ago


Really a women raping a boy, last time I checked you can not rape a man (boy)!! You force a male to get a boner!!!

282 days ago


this guy is lucky. i wish i was 13 again and could have sex with an older woman.

the guy obviously wanted it. if he didnt, none of this would of happened. its not rape at all. she gave him the best time of his life.

this world needs more woman like this!

281 days ago

Bob Dole    

What's interesting here is that the men are joking about this while the women are upset by it.

Let me tell you ladies why: we remember what it was like to be 13 years old.

281 days ago
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