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Kanye and Kim

Alleged Victim's Bizarre Conduct Before Attack


1/14/2014 5:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The 18-year-old who got attacked in a doctor's waiting room by Kanye West is on VIDEO -- outside the building and before the confrontation -- and he appears to taunt the paparazzi as Kim Kardashian walks in.

The barely-a-man screams to Kim, "They're whack, dude.  You have to deal with that everyday?"  He then excitedly hops up the front steps like a rabbit. 

The video stops as Kim walks in.  TMZ broke  the story ... Kim claims the man then started to hurl epithets to Kim about the paparazzi, calling them "n*****s" and "fa****s"   Kim says she then called him out for using the word and then he turned on her, calling her a "n****r lover."  At that point Kim called Kanye on his cell -- he was nearby -- and the guy apparently knew Kanye was listening and he called the rapper a "n****r."

We're told the guy walked into his chiropractor's office and Kanye and Kim followed shortly thereafter, and eyewitnesses tell TMZ Kanye punched him in the face. 

Kanye is now a suspect in a criminal investigation.  And, as we reported, Kim claims the guy threatened to kill her and she's going to file a police report of her own.


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Funny that Kanye can use the N word any time he pleases but other people cannot. Wonder how long it will be before Kanye loses his temper with Kim and punches her - hope TMZ is there to cover that story. Kris probably told Kim they need some publicity for their upcoming unreality show so they should stir something up.

261 days ago


I believe the comment section is designed for the people who got picked last for dodge ball, who sat alone during lunch, or sat in the front of the class and got caught digging in their nose. I understand you! You now can rage against the machine - get your revenge my friend. The comment section is your platform to stick it to the man!!! Ha ha

261 days ago


If this actually happened the way she says it happened my question is why in this day and age are we still using racial slurs? Anyone who uses any racial slur is only showing what they believe to be their own self importance and their level of low self esteem, ignorance, jealousy and anger at not being able to succeed in this American life. As for Kim and Kanye I want to see and hear the video from one of the camera's that was focused on this supposed action.

261 days ago


So where's the guy? All I saw was Kim walking. I didn't hear him say anything. How would the paps know she was going to the chiropractor unless she called them?

261 days ago


another photo op for kim and west. I love how they set these scenes up. The lemming followers eat this stuff up.

261 days ago


I hope that guy gets what he deserves. I dont care who you are, you should never spit those kinds of words at anyone. It is terrible and is not ok. I am for Kanye on this one! The guy deserved it, maybe next time he will watch his mouth.

261 days ago


This kid is a total a-hole who is looking for attention and a pay day. I hope a judge him out on his ass.

261 days ago

Black Adam    

Kris Jenner paid that guy to do that.

261 days ago

How about this instead...    

Is it possible to not be on either side? That's where I find myself. Humanity is a trip.

261 days ago


If he threatened to kill her, would she have filed a police report before this? Why run, and leave the medical office if you did nothing wrong? They are so stupid! No one runs away from the incident if they are in the right, and they don't file a police report in retaliation when they find out a felony is in play. Charge her ass for filing a false police report. You know she would have been tweeting about that.

261 days ago


It's only her word that racial slurs were used; she also claims she hasn't had plastic surgery despite new nose, cheek bones, chin, yada yada

261 days ago


Never white pants Kim.

261 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So the EXCLUSIVE DETAILS is the fact that this entire story is bull shyte.
Perhaps you'll get a plausible story after the third try.

261 days ago


So where is the guy's alleged 'bad behavior'??? No where. Kim and Kayne LIED. The guy should sue them both for slander and assault.

261 days ago


Surprising this woman doesn't have security with her. Deserved or not, she is basically like a pop star, so she needs protection anytime she is out in public.

261 days ago
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