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Kim Kardashian

That Guy Called Me a Slut

And Said 'I Will Kill You'

1/14/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was threatened with DEATH by the man who allegedly called her a "n****r lover"... and she's filing a police report and wants the guy prosecuted for making criminal threats ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the nuclear blow up at a Beverly Hills medical building tell TMZ ... the guy screamed at Kim, "I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT" ... and THAT Kim believes is a crime.

TMZ broke the story ... the guy had been yelling at paps outside the building as Kim showed up.  He apparently tried to help her get in the building, but when he started ranting at photogs, calling them "n****rs" and  "f****ts" ... Kim called him out and he then went crazy on her. 

For some reason, Kim called Kanye in the middle of the guy's rant and the guy screamed that Kanye was an "n****r," and it all culminated in confrontation in a chiropractor's waiting room when Kanye barged in and punched the guy.  Now Kanye is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation.

Kim has already met with her lawyer and they decided they will mount a counterattack by filing a police report. 

Whatever happens ... it's not good for Kanye.  He's already facing battery charges for his LAX assault on a photog, and the L.A. City Attorney wants to use every confrontation to prove Kanye has an M.O.  This isn't going to help his cause.


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There is nothing wrong with pointing out the slut is a slut.

He should plead temporary insanity for threatening to kill the slut though.

246 days ago


Sounds like she should have called the cops 1st instead of Kanya if she feared for her life. He lost his cool, you don't go looking for trouble and that is what he did. Sounds like a cover up to me to put the blame elsewhere.

246 days ago

The Original    

The pictures of her here look nothing like the photoshopped "selfies" of her. She looks a lot heavier here. Dumb biotch

246 days ago


Oh blah blah blah. No one cares if her feelings were hurt. I'm not one to call another female names like that but sounds like he hit the nail on the head if he did say that....I highly doubt that was said though. Shes looking for sympathy and not getting it.

246 days ago


Micheal Jackson had his own Dr in his house why can't Kanye and Kim get a chiropractor to come to theirs also considering Kanye is the biggest ******* on the planet you'd think he(&Kim) would stay away from public places like that if possible...

246 days ago


This dude was probably like hey, there's Kim K and a bunch of photographers. If I start yelling crazy stuff I can get on TMZ and get all kinds of attention.

246 days ago

Joan K    

Poor whittle Kimmie Kakes, does the truth hurt?

246 days ago

Serina Grant Lechner    

Did he really threaten to kill her or is she saying that to get Kanye off there video of him threatening to kill her....

246 days ago


Lies,lies and more lies. She claimed yesterday she had it all on tape. I hope for her sake she has that part on tape cause filing a false police report is a felony and she has to be arrested. Kanye West should have been locked up a longggg time ago. If he was a regular person police would have arrested him right after he hit the guy. Now it's time the cops slap on the cuffs.

246 days ago

We Are Tired Of The Kardashians    

What is the media's huge obsession with the Kardashian clan? Everywhere you turn - on the internet, television, and magazines - you see their pathetic mugs and some story concocted by them, that the media immediately feeds on. What is it going to take for the media to ignore these losers, and write about real newsworthy celebrities? We the people, are beyond sick and tired of having this trash shoved down our throats all the time.

246 days ago


You are a slut.... and there's video and other black men in your life to prove it. So own it bitch! Also.. He called you a ****** Lover....In Paris....which you are! So own that too dumbass....after all, that's yo man's "song" (if that's what we're supposed to believe).

246 days ago

We Are Tired Of The Kardashians    

Are there any witnesses to this threat other than Kanye and Kim? More than likely not, because it's not true. You can't believe anything a Kardashian says.

246 days ago


Kim's a liar!

246 days ago


Show the dirtbag's gace upclose!!!!

246 days ago


She used her iphone to call Kanye .
God knows how many selfies and pornos she's made with it.
And we"re expected to believe she didn't record this.
After all she learned at the feet of her blood sucking dad Bob Kardashian who hid evidence for O.J.
Kris and Bob taught that goat faced tramp"The PI ss Queen" all she knows.

246 days ago
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