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Lil Za Drug Arrest

Looks Like Molly

... And Xanax

1/14/2014 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police now believe the powdered drug they confiscated at Justin Bieber's house -- allegedly belonging to Lil Za -- may NOT be cocaine ... they think it's probably Molly ... a form of Ecstasy.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they're testing the drug right now and should have results shortly.

In addition to the white stuff, we're told police also found Xanax  ... which they believe belonged to Za as well. 

If Za was in possession of Molly (MDMA), less is on the line than if it were cocaine.

Cocaine could land him in prison for 3 years, but punishment for MDMA is much less, about 1 year.

As we reported, Za was arrested this morning inside Bieber's home while police were executing a felony search warrant in connection with Bieber's egg attack on his neighbor.


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Where's Lil Fist(er)?

250 days ago


So, Lil Diss and Lil Dat are still hanging around the Beeber? Slow learner. Looks like the Beebs is getting back some of that Karma he was throwing at other folks. About time, IMO.

250 days ago


I bet if they drug tested Bieber right now, he would not be clean. He better be thanking God & Lil Za that he took the wrap for him. They're all guilty but who's money do you think bought the drugs? Biebs of course.

250 days ago


thats miley's molly drug connection

250 days ago


Must be nice to have friends who will risk going to jail for you and be charged with a felony. Idiots. Send his ass back to Canada already.

250 days ago

Nobody Special    

Ever since Beaver let those Hood Raised Thugs Live with Him, His Life Has Gone DownHill.

That photo of Beaver in Bed with Both of the Leech Za's is just a sad view of his wasted life.

When I was his age I had the most beautiful girls in a dating rotation. I did not have other guys sleeping in my homes. He has no idea how to enjoy his life. He is getting used like a Sucker.

I was not Brain Dead like Beaver, No Weed Smoking, no drugs. I only had successful friends, no LOSERS.

Beaver thinks he is the only young kid that made it big, and try's to sell himself as misunderstood. He is a stupid stoner, and will lose everything Usher showed him how to earn.

I feel sorry for Usher the most, Beaver really F ucked hiom

250 days ago


Lil Brain Cells.

250 days ago


Justin is a foolish young person give the little twerp a break.

250 days ago

tarheel gramma    

Lil Za wasnt doing those drugs by himself, Im pretty certain he wasnt the only purchaser, & its a damn shame that Justins gonna let him burn for it all. Lil Za couldve said none of the drugs were his. Cops couldnt take Justins hired body gaurds etc word if theyd called little Za a liar. If the Molly was in his pocket, different story. But coke just out for all too see?! Thats the homeowner/leaseholders responsibility. Justin just let his friend fry. Hes a ****!

250 days ago


Seems like Bieber keeps these black people around as fall guys.

250 days ago


Can't wait till Bib's fall from popularity so we don't have to listen to this garbage baby boy blah blah.

250 days ago

News Flash     

That's right the white punk blaming it on his black friend. That's Canada for ya.

250 days ago

News Flash     

Drug test them ALL!

250 days ago


Kim, you should give some money to Octomom that twin sister you dissssssed. She is up for felony welfare fraud. You are a fraud yourself so I'm surprised you keep such a distance from her.

250 days ago

News Flash     

Watch o Kimye the attention is off you!

250 days ago
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