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Lil Za Drug Arrest

Looks Like Molly

... And Xanax

1/14/2014 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police now believe the powdered drug they confiscated at Justin Bieber's house -- allegedly belonging to Lil Za -- may NOT be cocaine ... they think it's probably Molly ... a form of Ecstasy.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they're testing the drug right now and should have results shortly.

In addition to the white stuff, we're told police also found Xanax  ... which they believe belonged to Za as well. 

If Za was in possession of Molly (MDMA), less is on the line than if it were cocaine.

Cocaine could land him in prison for 3 years, but punishment for MDMA is much less, about 1 year.

As we reported, Za was arrested this morning inside Bieber's home while police were executing a felony search warrant in connection with Bieber's egg attack on his neighbor.


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That seems like a very excessive search warrant for an egging incident. I'm shocked at the Biebs hubris in not cleaning up his hovel. Did he really think the cops wouldn't have come? I can't believe anybody was stupid enough not to abandon the house and I wonder what judge would sign that warrant. Wonder if it will hold up in court. Oh, Canada, please take this loser back!

282 days ago

News Flash     

Oh we all know it was planted by the cops. Out to bust lil thug for no reason.

282 days ago


What a waste of police time. EGGS ?

282 days ago

News Flash     

I'm glad they got the little bastard out of bed, bet the neighbors are glad it's quiet for now.

282 days ago

News Flash     

The little bastard probably stumbled down stairs wrapped up in a bed sheet with electrical tape. Looking like Jennifer Lawrence ( I do love Jen.)

282 days ago


Of course, they take molly and play with each others lil wee wees all night long.

282 days ago


They should remove him from the area, the real estate market in that are is suffering from him. The community was a better place when he wasnt here. Parents fear for the lives of their children playing in the front of their homes because he wreaks havoc in the best neighborhood in the city., driving 90 MPH in an upscale neighborhood. GET HIM OUT

282 days ago


I hope the LAPD does a serious investigation on them all! Take 'em ALL down. And I am sure that after reading the recent revelations from THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER that Selena is suspected in the mix too, they should BUST them ALL. They are killing themselves because it is so readily available to these celeb kids. It's sad that adults are allowing them to kill themselves for fame. I hope Kris Jenner is back from tanning to look after that lil yung'in she has that is constantly in contact with these MSFTS group. Bunch of druggies is what ther becoming.

282 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Poor LIL ZA. He looks adorable!!! I don't know who he is, but my $$ is on unpopular rapper. Anyone, you're in California I assume, go get some medical weed!! No reason to ever get busted for drugs out there anymore. Stick to the plant!!! BTW, Panthers are up on TE Islanders 3-0 after one period and I am baked on the kind herb

282 days ago

Nobody Special    

LiL Za is no Rapper,

He is so brain dead from doing drugs, he forgets the words and then has to hum the rest of the Rap Song,
Oh Say Can You See, Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum, Da Da Da DA DA.

282 days ago


I'm the one who knocks.

282 days ago


Take it easy on the Beiber! This is such a waste of time and money. The POPO should be proud of themselves a effen Battering Ram....What a joke! The neighbors are dooshbags!!!

282 days ago


So Kanye can go sock people in the face WEEKLY in public and the beebs gets a battering ram??? LAME!!

282 days ago


Sounds like some money was paid at the last minute to prevent the more serious charge.

282 days ago


So I guess we found out what the "X" in #EXABeliebers stands for lol

282 days ago
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