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'Cheer Perfection' Star

Another One Arrested

... This Time for Drugs

1/15/2014 10:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There must be something in the water in Sherwood, Arkansas -- TMZ has learned, another star from TLC's "Cheer Perfection" reality show has just been arrested ... this time for drug possession.

As we reported, one of the show's moms Andrea Clevenger was just arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly raping a 13-year-old boy.

Now, less than a day later, Cheer Time Revolution co-owner Ronald Dunlap has been arrested for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the Sherwood police report, Dunlap and CTR coach Ryan Dahl (who doesn't appear on the show) were popped around 1AM this morning after an officer claims he found them inside Dahl's car, which reeked of pot.

When confronted, the officer claims Dunlap and Dahl 'fessed up to smoking weed and were placed under arrest. The officer claims he also found a glass pipe in the vehicle. Dunlap has since been released. Dahl is still in custody.

Ronald's wife and CTR co-owner Alisha Dunlap is NOT happy either -- she tells us, Ronald and Ryan are both currently suspended from the gym, which has a zero tolerance drug policy.

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.



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"Give me a J!" Cheers.

250 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Ummm Ronald look's like a drugged out perv.

250 days ago


geez the rate the cast is getting in deep trouble with the law. tlc may want to wind up either find a new less crazy cast fast or pull the plug before any more cast members get to have a nice chat with the fuzz

250 days ago


Well, it is pot, I bet they wish they lived in CO right about now. But these are two coaches at a cheer gym surrounded by young kids and they also spot tumbling and stunts which could seriously injure someone. I cannot believe this gym has two stoned coaches and a parent who is a child molester/rapist. God bless that POS womans daughter who is about the same age or older than the boy this "mother" raped. Don't know how this gym can survive all this, reputation means alot in the competition cheer and they certainly have a very bad one. All bad things happen in 3's, so lets see who is next.

250 days ago


The co-owner is an ass. Our gym beat his gym at a competition in MS. This guy was dropping the F bomb and acting an ass yelling with all these 8-16 year old girls.Security had to take him out of the building. He was about 10 seconds from being dropped by me. You don't go off like that in front of kids . He should be banned from any competitions.

250 days ago


Sick white people!!!!

250 days ago


Only white and Mexicans do stuff like this!!

250 days ago

jeebus chris    

Pot... big deal. Safer than alcohol or cigarettes Technically illegal in some places, but then so is jaywalking. People should be embarrassed that it's even considered a drug and that smoking it is considered a crime.

250 days ago


Come to Australia...get busted for pot (even if driving) & get a written fine. Then let off to walk home. None of this arresting crap, it's a low grade crime...why waste cops time.

250 days ago


omg ... for pot? are you serious? states need to come out of the dark ages and legalize .... yes, I live in CO .... criminalizing people for pot is not only ridiculous it's medieval

250 days ago


Ah weed isn't that bad..but the bigger story is this guys face is so unfortunate looking. He looks a million years old on that mug shot.

250 days ago

Arkansas girl    

My daughter is in CTR and Dunlap is her coach. He is a very nice man as well as his wife. He wasn't around the gym at the time he was busted for two roaches and pipe nor was he around the kids at the time! CTR is a great place and these kids work hard to compete with other places. As far as the "mother" that was arrested for rape on the 14 year old child my heart breaks for this child however this wasn't related to CTR. Yes her child "use" to go there but hasn't in quiet a whole.. I feel saddened for CTR and all the kids that have worked hard to get to where they are to have this negativity thrown at them considering the rapist was just a parent of a student that hasn't even been with the program in a long time! And all of this about POT!?!? Really!! But I guess all these people that are showing negativity for smoking some pot have never made a mistake!! CTR is a great place and I will continue to support them.... JMO

250 days ago


Way to go Sherwood, Arkansas.....You now have put yourself on the map. I personally can NOT stand the city. MOST of the police in the town of Sherwood are DUMBASSES. They will pull you over for anything and everything. They will find something to Charge you with. The court systems in Sherwood, Arkansas wants that money. So take my advise....Stay out of Sherwood, Arkansas !!!

250 days ago


Way to go Sherwood, Arkansas.....You now have put yourself on the map. I personally can NOT stand the city. MOST of the police in the town of Sherwood are DUMB ASSES. They will pull you over for anything and everything. They will find something to Charge you with. The court systems in Sherwood, Arkansas wants that money. So take my advise....Stay out of Sherwood, Arkansas !!!

250 days ago


To all the supporters of this guy and owners and employees and Arkansas girl. Are you that big of a dummy or are you just blind. These are children who look at these people as rolemodels and for you to say its just pot!! Really. What if your daughter was smoking with him or was up in an stance and he was there to back her and was high and missed her and she broke her neck? I don't care if your a good guy or not he put himself in a rolemodels position and decided to be a drug addict. And then to say the rapier is just a mother of an old member she was on the show representing them and who knows who all else she has done it too. What if someone had a daughter going there and had a brother and she was exploiting them? I guess that's ok because she is a good person. GOOD PEOPLE DONT BECOME ROLEMODELS AND SMOKE POT AT 1AM AND HAVE DRUGS IN THERE SYSTEM WHILE WORKING IN A DANGEROUS SPORT. What a good man. And about not whores there just cheerleaders. Who the hell as a parent would let there child and I mean CHILD where a few stitches of thread and thoughts with there legs way above there head asking for a predator pray on them. ITS YOUR FAULT AS A PARENT FOR ALLOWING your CHILD to where clothing like that at that age. Come on and your supporting this activity because they are good people. You should be ashamed of yourself as a parent to let your child near a facility like that and pay for them to be put out to be exposed to the public in NO CLOTHING. Yes cheerleaders wear cheerleading outfits but NOT EVEN high school cheerleaders look like you dress your children from the age at that gym 3-14 and it's not even appropriate attire or dress code in highschool. When their grown it's there choice but you as a parent are making those HORRIABLE decisions for her and approving it. You should really be ashamed. And while high "the good man" is looking directly under the shortest shirt possible that they make as their uniforms and who's to say he's not doing it as a predator himself. Ever thought of that? No because you allow men to look at your CHILD wearing obscure uniform with 18+ year old grown men looking and placing their hands on your child's private parts. Your teaching your child that it's ok to wear clothing like that and they think its normal to be groped on by grown men. Man I can't believe you would even have the nerve to take up for someone like that when you need to be looked upon yourself for teaching a little girl to be nude and groped as ok. You kind of parents and those kind of uniforms are the main reason that their are predators out there and your saying it's ok because there cheerleader. NO NO NO THEY ARE CHILDREN!

248 days ago
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