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Iraqi Death Scene

Pics of Marines Burning Bodies

Trigger U.S. Military Investigation [PHOTOS]

1/15/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The United States military is conducting a formal investigation into American soldiers burning the dead bodies of what appear to be Iraqi insurgents.

TMZ obtained 41 pictures that we're told were shot in Fallujah in 2004.  Two pictures show a Marine appearing to pour gasoline or some other flammable on the remains of what officials believe are 2 insurgents.  Two other photos show the bodies on fire.  You then see charred remains.

Another photo shows a Marine crouched down next to a dead body and mugging for the camera.

Still another pic shows a Marine rifling through the pocket of the pants on a corpse.

We have not included all of the photos.  Many are just too gruesome.  There are well over a dozen bodies in the pics and some are covered with flies and one is being eaten by a dog.

We turned them all over to the Pentagon last week, and a Pentagon official tells us the pics have triggered a Marine Corps investigation.

We're told U.S. Central Command -- the organization in charge of military operations in the Middle East -- also reviewed the photos to determine if they had been previously brought to their attention and determined they had not.

Col. Steve Warren, Director of Press Operations for the Dept. of Defense, tells TMZ ... the pictures appear to show U.S. soldiers in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice ... which makes it a crime to mishandle remains.

There is no statute of limitations on the crime -- even if the soldiers are now private citizens ... they can still be prosecuted, which could land them behind bars.

Col. Warren tells TMZ,  "The actions that are depicted in these photos are not in any way representative of the honorable, professional service of the 2 1/2  million service members who went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade."


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If you look at the pictures of the bodies it looks like they are in the early stages of decomposition, now im not saying I know for sure but I think they may have been burning them for health reasons to stop the spread of disease.

282 days ago


Gee, TMZ, what's with the clickbaiting these days?

282 days ago


Im sorry for anyone who is remotely shocked by these pics. What did you think war was about? Its not pretty, kind, fair, or humane. This is nothing compared to the real ugly truth of what really goes on during wars, you just dont usually get to see a piece of it....

282 days ago


what does this have to do with celebrity news.

282 days ago

News Flash     

Our soldiers have been at war for so long they've lost their minds.

282 days ago

News Flash     

There is a chain of command. Who told them to do it?

282 days ago

News Flash     

The pictures aren't working on iPad.

282 days ago


TMZ should have thought about all of the other US Military people that are still over there before putting this photo up !

282 days ago


So what! All is fair in love and war! One can only imagine what the terrorists do with American soldiers bodies. War is ugly on both sides. This has been going on in every war and won't change anytime soon. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

282 days ago

John Elliott    

This is nothing compared to what they do to us. Especially if captured alive. Who is going to get the bodies of foreign dead people anyways. This is war peoples against an enemy who does not have rules.

282 days ago


Sometimes, burning bodies was necessary during prolonged combat to keep the dogs and rotting flesh from spreading disease. There wasn't always time and resources available to dispose of them properly. Most people see it and thing "oh! that's so disrespectful!". However, they also forget the images of the Americans being burned and hung from a bridge that kicked off Fallujah in the first place. War is Hell. It's not always what you think it should be. We don't always walk around handing out flowers to women and children and kiss babies.

That being said- taking pictures of it is stupid. Mugging for the camera was stupid. If this WAS done maliciously, then forget everything I wrote above.

As for TMZ gloating about the fact they received the pictures and turned them over: good on you for doing the right thing but WHY BRAG ABOUT IT? Don't you have other stupid s@*$ to write about? Stick to Beiber and quit trying to put more troops in harm's way. Do you not remember what has happened in the past when pictures like this were printed? Lives may be lost over them, and I hope it causes you to sleep horribly at night.

282 days ago


This is messed up- it's as simple as that. It doesn't matter what others do, we are civilized people. This is uncivilized animalistic behavior. Disgusted.

282 days ago


TMZ this is low even for you pukes. It is a war zone! Have you not what they do to us and their on people. I say what happens over there stays over there, is it rite sometimes no. They should round all of you up at TMZ and drop you in the street over there and then see what you say you bunch of cowards!

282 days ago


So what?

282 days ago


I see a lot of "butt-hurt Berts" on here today. "People join the military because they are too stupid to do anything else... etc". I won't even waste my time arguing it, but they sound like someone still dealing with the loss of their girlfriend to a Marine returning from deployment. GET OVER IT!!! It's not good to hang on to so much hurt for so long.

282 days ago
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