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Iraqi Death Scene

Pics of Marines Burning Bodies

Trigger U.S. Military Investigation [PHOTOS]

1/15/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The United States military is conducting a formal investigation into American soldiers burning the dead bodies of what appear to be Iraqi insurgents.

TMZ obtained 41 pictures that we're told were shot in Fallujah in 2004.  Two pictures show a Marine appearing to pour gasoline or some other flammable on the remains of what officials believe are 2 insurgents.  Two other photos show the bodies on fire.  You then see charred remains.

Another photo shows a Marine crouched down next to a dead body and mugging for the camera.

Still another pic shows a Marine rifling through the pocket of the pants on a corpse.

We have not included all of the photos.  Many are just too gruesome.  There are well over a dozen bodies in the pics and some are covered with flies and one is being eaten by a dog.

We turned them all over to the Pentagon last week, and a Pentagon official tells us the pics have triggered a Marine Corps investigation.

We're told U.S. Central Command -- the organization in charge of military operations in the Middle East -- also reviewed the photos to determine if they had been previously brought to their attention and determined they had not.

Col. Steve Warren, Director of Press Operations for the Dept. of Defense, tells TMZ ... the pictures appear to show U.S. soldiers in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice ... which makes it a crime to mishandle remains.

There is no statute of limitations on the crime -- even if the soldiers are now private citizens ... they can still be prosecuted, which could land them behind bars.

Col. Warren tells TMZ,  "The actions that are depicted in these photos are not in any way representative of the honorable, professional service of the 2 1/2  million service members who went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade."


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I think they do this because of disease that would come with a bunch of dead bodies laying around. I do not think the Iraqis pick up their dead.

233 days ago


They have to burn them otherwise they would rot and stink and cause diseases. It is not like the Iraqis are going to go back and pick them up.
You people do not know much about WAR if you think this is bad.....gees...

233 days ago


And the problem with this is... ?

214 days ago


Here ya go, to all you out there that have a problem and want to call us college drop outs, baby killers and that the dead aren't being respected. Let me ask you something, have you ever had to sleep next to a dead body? Or live in a building where that corpse is rotting? That is the reality of war you f'ing libtards. Burning the bodies is not about respecting or disrespecting the dead. It's about preventing the spread of disease from the corpses.
And for all the internet tough guys out there that want to talk trash. Please feel free to present yourself at your closest Marine Base and express your views.

If you can't stand with us or behind us, please feel free to stand in front of us.

214 days ago
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