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Justin Bieber

Egg Raids Lead to Busted Friends

1/15/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber learned a hard (boiled) lesson -- cracking eggs on a neighbor's house ... makes cops scramble ... and gets your friends busted. For drugs.

But if ya love puns ... egg raids can be fun! For everyone but Lil Za.



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Bieber, a Canadian, is a guest in the U. S. and I suggest he has worn out his welcome if he ever had one.

Time to deport this spoiled brat back to his home country and let them deal with him.

279 days ago


Unfortunately nothing is going to happen to the little punk. Too bad since if he was convicted of a felony he could be deported back to Canada.

279 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    


Poor Lil PizZa...

No more bieber
weenier for him.

279 days ago

News Flash     

You guys are hilarious! Still laughing. Learned a hard boiled lesson. I think dweebs aggression and hate is progressing toward his neighbor.

279 days ago


if anyone hasnt caught on to what the benefits Justin gets with hanging with black guys, then allow me to point it out.
they will always end up getting the blame and doing the time instead of him.

Its a shame that his friends are being arrested for the behavior that he himself took part in.

very sad

279 days ago

News Flash     

I heard Beebs and his Lil Za slept in the same room.

279 days ago

News Flash     

Does Beebs pay taxes like his American neighbors?

279 days ago

News Flash     

He needs to be held accountable financially for this investigation and bust.

279 days ago


Flush this peace of **** down the toilet please he is trash

279 days ago


I'm not a bieber fan at all, but y'all are trying to bring this kid down. I've seen a lot of your stories and they're related to him. Leave him alone. This kid was found on YouTube. He was living his dream, now it's become a nightmare. Media is constantly up his ass. Leave him alone. There's a lot of pressure on him to be perfect. TMZ is always on his ass. He's supposed to make mistakes, just like any other teenager. You're ruining his identity. Leave him the **** alone.

279 days ago


so did they get enough on justin for a case/charge? i fckin hope so. kid is annoying.

279 days ago


I thought the victim caught the little POS and his "posse" on video doing this? Not that I have a problem with the police searching for more evidence but is it really needed? Isn't this whole thing open and shut with Bieber on video doing the deed?

279 days ago


J.B. should hold a press conference.

Telling his side of it.

His being provoked.

No one behaves like this -

Eggs a neighbor, etc.

On a random and arbitrary basis.

Plus the neighbor's language.

Around his own daughter.

Was highly-inappropriate in the TMZ clip.

She's 13.

This neighbor is very quick to name-calling.

"Little this and little that."
(female, female body parts, etc.)

No doubt he's angry but he's supposed to be the older/more mature.

Instead he's throwing fuel on this.

Escalating it.

Words and names hurt, dude.

You're equally responsible.

279 days ago


Harvey's usually really-good at getting/giving both sides of a dispute.

Normally fair and balanced.

But JB seems to so irk the TMZ staff and people -

That JB's not given this privilege.

If nothing else, it'd be interesting to get an least a STATEMENT from Scooter.

Why allow JB to get pummeled like this - where's JB's media people?!

Everyone's just TEEING-OFF on the kid

If you've ever been teed-off-on, you know it's not a fun procedure.

279 days ago


The true problem here:

Once Society casts you as "A Pretty Boy."

You're Instant-Villain.

Society derides, hates on you.

... for your looks - any egregious or obnoxious (typical kid or youth)behavior further inflames.


A young, extremely-good-looking male?

You're fair game to be called queer, pretty boy, gay, phag - whatever the Snarkists decide upon.

It's prejudice and a hate crime.

Cuz "pretty-boys" are not responsible for their God-given looks.

Nor the appeal to females that necessarily come WITH these looks.

I know, I was once one...

My best friends/family led the baiting/daggers-in-the-back.

Couldn't WAIT for me to fail.

Hated based on appearance alone.

Sure, I was young and stupid at the time -

But so were all my friends/peers.

HATED hearing all of the "pretty boy" comments behind my back.

From even those closest.

You have to BE one to know how much this actually suks.

Started screwing my looks up on purpose.

...that's how bad it was/got.

"Maybe they'll like me better if I get good and ugly..."

...then it was WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM, he USED to be one of the best looking kids in the city/state !!!

So then you get SNEERED on and at from THAT angle.

... you can't win...

Justin Bieber can't win right now.

Has to be frustrating as all he**.

Beaten whatever he does -

For engineering a spectacular career and ride characterized by talent, voice, charisma, brains and God-given gifts.

Being on the receiving end of a National-Bullying-Ordeal (for me local) has to have JB at his wit's end.

It did me - I opted-out and walked.

Worked hard NOT to hate them all back.

279 days ago
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