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Justin Bieber

Egg Raids Lead to Busted Friends

1/15/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber learned a hard (boiled) lesson -- cracking eggs on a neighbor's house ... makes cops scramble ... and gets your friends busted. For drugs.

But if ya love puns ... egg raids can be fun! For everyone but Lil Za.



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The guy never grew up, but doesn't the LA police have better things to do? The cops could be out fighting real crime like murder, drugs, etc...and they investigate an egg thrower? I guess that us considered crime fighters in LA. What a waste of LA taxpayers money.

251 days ago


You guys are Failing to look at the big picture. Justin beiber isn't really getting investigated for throwing eggs, the Feds just needed a legitimate reason to enter His house to investigate other problems he may be causing, example drugs. He's allowing all these Little hip hop kids to stay over and they're Obviously not there making music. They're using that mansion as A Trap to deal illegal drugs. Those kids Can be the next Pablo Escobar Of LA!

251 days ago

Yu Lee    

If Lil Za goes to jail, Justin's T-shirt will have "FREE ZA" Cold joke!

251 days ago


Send his arrested development spoiled arrogant Canadian A** to JAIL!!! Who eggs a house at his chronological age? Or deport him to Canada. They deserve him!!!

250 days ago


"BEAVER" is asking for facial hair donations before he cries on camera...

250 days ago


Deport the little fart!

250 days ago


The law should have a right to see legal do***ents Bieber has with his friends, signed and sealed by his lawyer, ''every time you take a fall for me you get xx amounts of money'', ''if you go to jail for me i will pay you xx amount of money after your get out of jail''.
Why are these dumb boys living vicariously through Bieber? I'm taking the fall for Bieber because that is so cool. Biebers own did-it boys. Just wait until someone dies in his house. Will Bieber make someone take the fall for him, or will they finally say - NO. Bieber: ''you are no longer my friend of you say no''
Bieber is a psycho gangster, mentaly ill youngster, and those boys are in danger every time Bieber does worse and worse things that the boys end up taking the fall for him.
A classic pshychopath deal, to put others in harms way, make others take the fall, to play them against eachother or against continued friendship, unless they do exactly like Bieber says.
Bieber is far more disturbed than we knew.

250 days ago


My prediction is that this egg incedent is JB's swan song...the begining of an epic and complete downfal ending his musical career, ending his friendships with anybody who was responsible for his meteoric rise to wealth and fame, the end of the wealth and his ability to replace any wealth with sold out concerts. In 10 yrs when folks look on wiki to find out who he WAS, this egging will be front and center as the beginning of the end, it will be his defining moment overshadowing every single record he ever sold and I also predict he will spend at least a few days in JAIL over this egging OR the search will turn up something bad and his own security cameras will help put him in jail, AND HIS LIVE-IN PARASITES WILL COST HIM BIG TIME MONEY!! To the point of having to sell his fancy house and cars. And Selena?? Done like dinner, she will no longer tolerate being hooked up with a fool who acts like a 12
yr old

250 days ago


People have taunted Justin since 2009. From calling him a girl, a f*g, to a douche bag. And some of u expect Justin to just sit back and take it SMH. Pain changes people, words hurt. Justin has done extraordinary deeds for people, but it seems like some people would rather focus on his mistakes which by the way aren't abnormal for somebody his age. Close minded, judgmental, hypocrites are the ones who degrade Justin. It's sad how disgusting society has gotten. I wish the best for Justin honestly♡

249 days ago


Maybe the reason Bieber is acting out is due to his break up with Selena Gomez.. or he just wants to act like an immature little bytch for attention.

249 days ago


i think he will be the next "good one" to die young. most likely from a drug overdose...ahem :coughs:

243 days ago
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