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Kanye West

Pummeled 18-Year-Old Like A Boxer

1/15/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was like a boxer going in for the kill ... pummeling an 18-year old guy with more than 30 blows ... this according to an eyewitness.

We broke the story ... an 18-year-old allegedly called Kim a "n****r lover" on his way into the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor.  Minutes later, Kim and Kanye stormed in -- Kim ID the kid -- and her baby daddy went nuts.

The eyewitness tells TMZ ... the 18-year-old was sitting in a chair as Kanye made a beeline for him and, without saying a word, started slugging him in the face.  The kid was covering his face but Kanye was unrelenting.  Kim just stood there and silently watched the beating.

The receptionist was screaming, "Stop, stop," but Kanye ignored her.  The kid quickly curled up into a ball to block the blows. 

The massage therapist rushed into the waiting room and pushed Kanye off the kid and ordered him out of the office.  Kanye got out of the building and Kim went to another office for a meeting.


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you wish you knew    

Why is everyone defending this racist POS?! Talk ****, get hit. Maybe next time he'll learn his place as a little bitch who gets his ass beat and stfu.

188 days ago

Nobody Special    

Kym Yells, "I got it on camera, I got it all".

Of course she does, this Narcissist Kook is taking Selfies of herself 24/7. She has that silly phone in her hand 24/7. When she took that photo of her massive butt in the white thing I almost got sick. She will never look good again, her natural beauty is gone.
Botox and the knife have ruined her face/.

Many professional psychiatrist say Kym is mentally unstable and she feels she needs to see herself in the Rags every day or she will get depressed.

Do you really believe she had a baby with Kangay because he was good looking and would be a good father? Ha ! We all know it could be his music fortune that she's after.

A girl as nutty as Kym will never stay married.
Look what she did to the basketball player.

As soon as she gets married and 50% of his fortune is now hers, she will dump him in a heartbeat and not only want the 50% but another 25% to raise the kid, plus child support. She is a human Selfie Taking Calculator and the Gold Digger in Kangays song. How Ironic.

Kangay will really flip-out once he learns she never loved him and it's all about the Benjamin s. This Kook is so nutty he may even do something serious.

Kangay is in Paris now getting some Boys to service. He is a Dress Wearing Queen, and everyone in Paris knows.

187 days ago


Need your help. Here's what's going down: This is the Kim and Kanye What the Hell are you thinking fur protest weekend on social media. Post protests, ask your friends to share and remind them to ask their friends to share. Let's make this go viral. Now. Go. Here's the tweet: Kim, Kanye, WTHRU Thinking?! No Fur! Could you very please help me spam this out? I'm aiming for viral. Thank you so much in advance

187 days ago


how many times do you get to attack people b4 you get arrested with no bail in the US?

187 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Dumb and dumber! What else is there to say? The top notch hoodlum hooks up with the trashiest NFL whore...

186 days ago


I would a kick that kids jazz too

186 days ago


Well, she is!

186 days ago


so why aint the niqqer in jail

185 days ago


so why aint the niqqer in jail

185 days ago


This show needs to go into nowhereland boring same old stuff

185 days ago


Harvey, what is happening with this case, anybody else besides a celebrity would have been arrested by now. Kim is going be the death of Kanye's career.

185 days ago

Nobody Special    

After Kongay finishes is Paris Bun Session and comes back to LAX, he will be arrested and booked for assault and battery.

His big dream of being the best black hip hop fashion designer will be just another failure.

Nobody is rushing out to buy his 280.00 hoodies, or the 265.00 Jeans, but he did sell a few 120.00 white T-Shirts.

The male models Kangay picked in Paris are so thin and Lollipop Twink looking they all look "Malnu" or Malnourished. He picked the
Pajama-Boy with Hot Cocoa as one of his Models.

He went from trying to work with Louis Vuitton and Givenchy down to the dregs with APC selling T-Shirts and Jeans with Timbalands.

It was the best Comedy in Paris

185 days ago

lily taylor    

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185 days ago


So what he called her a n I g g a lover, isn't that what she is? I mean, she's been with just about every n I g g a on the planet so I guess it does sort of kind of make her a
N I g g a lover. Well, actually it makes her a wigga lover since Kanye west think he's white...... (Kanye west doesn't care about black people lol lol lol)

185 days ago

Nobody Special    

The only reason Kim will marry a gay man is she knows it won't last long.

The most important parts of Kym's life are money, cameras flashing at her, more money of course, and for Kym to look at photos in the Tabloids about her and her imaginary friends on Twitter.

In the end, which won't be long, if Kym does not seek money from Kangay it may prove she really liked the guy. If she goes for his money, many of us knew this is how it would end.

This will be one of the ugliest break-ups in a long time. Two people who think they are more important than the other. The Narcissist vs. the Narcissist, one who hunts for cameras and one who hides from cameras.

BTW, The Police are waiting at LAX.

185 days ago
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