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Ex-MTV Star Sues

You Disfigured My Nipple!

1/16/2014 7:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A former MTV reality star says she's the victim of a botched boob job ... and it left her left nipple so messed up, it "oozed" for several years ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The woman behind the suit is Tiffany Rowe-Storms, who starred on "There and Back" in 2006 with then fiance Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town (they've since broken up).

In her suit, Tiffany claims she went under the knife for a routine breast augmentation surgery back in 2008 ... but something went horribly wrong, and "open sores developed" around her left nipple.

Tiffany claims the problems got worse ... and she was hospitalized for pain in her left nipple in 2010 -- where emergency room personnel discovered signs of staph infection.

In her suit, Tif claims she went to another surgeon in 2012 who found "chronic oozing and infection in her left breast."

Tif says the other surgeon also discovered a strain of staph in her left breast that was so severe, she was "at risk of losing her arm or worse, had it spread."

Now, Tiffany is suing the surgeon who performed the original surgery back in '08 for malpractice -- and for the humiliation of having a wonky left nipple. She's asking for unspecified damages.


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Stop using the term "routine" breast augmentation! There is nothing routine about it, it is an elective surgery. There are risks with any surgery, even the most minor ones, so it boggles my mind that people are so vain as to put themselves at risk just for bigger boobs(that most often look like bricks or look like they are about to explode) . There are legitimate reasons to have breast enhancement surgery(health reasons, mastectomy, etc...), not narcissism.

224 days ago


Well I guess suckling on that one is out.
The good news, you've got two
How's the right one?

224 days ago


Not only does this woman have a child with Ashley Parker Angel she also has another child from some other musical artist. She's a golddigging fame whore. Look her up. Also, why wait 6 years to go after the surgeon who messed up your boob job? I would have gone after him/her the minute there was any kind of issue. She just wants her 15 minutes of fame and money.

224 days ago


Why would anyone wait so many years after the fact? I know. Because she wants money now. Stop playing the victim. Anyone that has any type of plastic surgery, the minute there are any problems you go back to the doctor or go to another one to have it corrected. This sounds fishy to me. You guys really need to get over to and check out the story on this porn star Elizabeth Starr. Her tits are beyond ridiculous and she's playing victim. Meanwhile, bitch doesn't even care that she may die and has two young children to think about. WTH is wrong with this world?

224 days ago


elective surgery honey, you signed the consent forms. kinda like showing off a trophy that isn't yours, no pity here

224 days ago


She should have just left them the way they were. What a stupid bimbo….

224 days ago


she looks like a horse.....she freakin ugly as hell

224 days ago


She needs to look at brite side.......She will never run out of cream for her coffee.

224 days ago


LOL....she gotta be kidding...right?!...HUH

224 days ago


it's the least of her concerns, just look at that ugly face

224 days ago


Yeah, going thru life with a wonky left nipple is not good

224 days ago


Or, she coul dhave surgery to make the right one look wonky

224 days ago


Tiffany looks so hot I wouldn't have cared about the bad boob job, I was sucked the nipple anyway while it was oozing!

224 days ago

News Flash     

It doesn't matter, routine or not every surgery is high risk.

224 days ago

News Flash     

I'm sure the doctor could've fixed her problem if she would've followed post- op instructions.

224 days ago
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