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Jon Gosselin

Kate Put Our Kids in 'Horrible' Situation

1/16/2014 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Jon Gosselin says he felt TERRIBLE for his daughters for having to appear on the "Today" show with Kate this morning ... telling TMZ the whole thing was "horrible" to watch.

Gosselin appeared on "TMZ Live" moments ago and said Kate's humiliating meltdown on live TV this morning shows exactly why the kids shouldn't be forced to participate in a lengthy publicity tour with their mother.

"I’m going to handle this as a family matter," Jon said ... adding, "I don’t want to affect the children anymore."



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He doesnt want to affect his children anymore?! So... the right thing to do is to comment on TMZ the second you get the chance. Dude is so desperate for the limelight and so is his ex wife. I feel bad for these kids.

280 days ago


Mady wasn't being shy. She just didn't want to say what her mom was expecting. The important thing was Kate's very unmotherly reaction. No protective mom mode, she was clearly angry and trying to get Mady to stick to the script. A normal mother would never have responded like that. Jon is right, it was very wrong to put the girls in that position in the first place. Kate is a pathological narcissist at the very least. She stopped pretending to like Mady in particular long ago- Mady was willing to speak up about unfair situations and often tried to protect her dad against her snarling mom when just a little kid. I wish Jon would at least get full custody of the twins- they're old enough that a judge should pay attention to their wishes, if they know they don't have to stay with Kate. But they might be reluctant to leave the younger ones unprotected.

280 days ago


If this twerp really cared about the kids welfare so much, he would be in court fighting for them instead of doing interviews with TMZ and all the other magazines he's been running his mouth off to, he is in it for the money. He had his chance and he blew it on Ed Hardy crap and a changing line up of girlfriends. I've seen his meltdowns too and they are just as obnoxious as hers. Go away both of you and let your kids live in peace.

280 days ago


Kate is controlling and obsessive, but guess what. With a pair or twins, a sextuplet and a husband who has not been a real stable influence (for his lack of holding down a job that could provide for his family and not being a great role model for his children).

Kate is almost like a dictator, strict and very controlling, but with 8 kids and 1 parent one cannot be soft and cuddly all the time. One cannot let things go and not be strict in the home or with your children because else it would be a disaster zone in her house.

Kate and Jon choose to be on TV in the beginning and I think the children missed the extra people around the house and if not for the show they would have not experienced half the wonderful things they have done in the short lives. Because with 8 children and a 1 parent household you don't often get the chance to do the things these kids have been able to do.

Would it be better if they had grown up sheltered, safe and happy with no TV exposure? Yes, I think it would have been better but with 8 kids you do what you can to survive and thrive. Kate might like the TV attention but she also wants the best for her children. I think she would do anything to provide for her children and for their future, even if it means yet another TV show.

280 days ago


Jon Gosselin is as bad as Michael Lohan.

280 days ago


Gee, If I were Kate I would never show my face in public after that embarrassment. you can tell that those kids were forced to be there in that lame interview.

280 days ago


Great parents those poor kids have. One is a douchey loser, the other is a controlling bitch, and both care more about themselves than anything else.

280 days ago


Kate is the bitch in this whole thing! Stay out of the media Kate and just raise your children in a normal way.

280 days ago


It's a repeat of the Lohans all over again. Thank Jon for reminding us their father isn't any better than their mother.

280 days ago


I have to agree with Jon on this one. The girls CLEARLY did not want to be there. Wow, I felt awful for them.

280 days ago


Hey Mommy and Daddy Dearest crawl back under your rocks and leave the kids alone. They would be much better off. And as we can see they can think for themselves.

280 days ago


he just keeps mouthing his bs to anyone who will listen to try and be relevant, was he worried about his kids when he walked out and went on a yacht with his teenage gf?

280 days ago


Puh-leez. Neither if those idiots deserve those kids. At least Kate stuck around tho, Jon.

280 days ago


Very easy to judge a woman who takes care of 8 children alone... There is no way Jon is financially or emotionally supportive ( check him out on "Couples Therapy" lol) frankly I give kate a lot of credit because how many people can take care of 8 kids today and not have a few parenting skills which the majority disapproves of... Hell most people don't have a clue about the inner workings of a household that size!

280 days ago


I've never watched their show but from this video, I gather that Kate is not warm-hearted. You can tell that she never was. You can see how she is with her kids. She didn't comfort them when they got nervous. She made them feel worse. Jon was probably initially drawn to Kate's strength. It's rare for women like Kate to be strong & sweet. You usually get one or the other. After a while, a man wants to feel loved & nurtured. Kate just knows how to delegate. She needs to work on that, especially where her kids are concerned.

279 days ago
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