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Justin Bieber


Even If He's a Felon

1/16/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber could go to prison for years -- very worst case scenario -- for his egg vandalism ... but he will NOT be deported to Canada.

There are stories circulating that the stakes are high for Bieber -- as in getting thrown out of the U.S.

Simply not true.  The law is clear.  In order to be deported for a crime, the offender must commit what is called an "aggravated" offense.  The law lists the various offenses, including:

-- possession of explosive materials or firearms
-- possession of child porn
-- illicit drug trafficking
-- alien smuggling
-- threats against the President
-- Sabotage or treason

Eggs are not on the list.

There is one catch-all -- crimes involving "moral turpitude."  But that's defined as crimes that shock the public conscience.  Egging just doesn't cut it.


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Damn it! Somebody plant some child porn in his house, STAT!

244 days ago


wow lol

243 days ago


he better not go to jail or prison

243 days ago

canadian girl    

That's the best news I've heard in a long time! We don't want him back! Keep the little pissant.

243 days ago


One of these is not like the other. Possession of child porn is the same as threatening the president, treason, and drug smuggling? Child porn is horrible, but possession is not the same as production or actually molesting children. Flame me all you want, but that is screwed up.

243 days ago


Uh... TMZ maybe you should check again. He could face possible deportation because of a 1996 federal immigration law that makes felony convictions a deportable offense.

243 days ago

Yu Lee    

... not only he wont be deported, HE WONT go to PRISON either!
the mean minded TMZ wants to scare the heck out of Beliebers - mostly teenage naive girls, some of whom are crying at the thought of Justin in prison!
Harvey is THE lawyer, he damn well knows, Justin has good defense, ITS HIS 1st OFFENSE, if he pleads guilty he''ll probably get a good behavior bond & NO conviction recorded ----
that means NO PRISON, not even a criminal record !!!

243 days ago

Yu Lee    

the FUNNY part is this ---
Legally the damage bill needs to exceed $400 to be considered a FELONY. Even less than $400 is criminal but its only a MINOR crime! How about a mere $2 damage? Let me explain ---
As far as we know, the neighbor is still getting quotes for the damage but has not yet REPAIRED it,
so ......... if Beliebers were to add 99 times more eggs on the fence then Justin's share of the damage would be only 1% amounting to just $2 .............#JustKidding
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT condone any violence or property damage whatsoever so my comment is merely statistical HUMOR & theoretical ..............if u egg any fence u should get caught !!!

243 days ago


They want the tax money he generates far more than they want to deport him. Give it a few years when it's "Justin who?" Then he may have to leave.

241 days ago


Time for an update. #DUI #dragracing

238 days ago


This post is completely inaccurate (I'm an immigration attorney) - Felony Vandalism would almost certainly be considered a crime involving moral turpitude, and therefore a removable offense (assuming the maximum possible sentence is greater than one year in prison). This post confuses the "crimes involving moral turpitude" and "Aggravated felony" removal grounds, which are two completely separate concepts.

238 days ago


Just keep him away from Australia. We don't want him here tagging our property and bullying fans. He's a d### & deserves to be sent to an asylum.

237 days ago
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