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Cuts Kelly Out of the Picture

1/17/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-beyonce-instagram-picBeyonce has cut Kelly Rowland out of her life -- and it was truly the unkindest cut of all.

Check out this photo (above) Beyonce posted on Instagram last night ... in honor of Aaliyah's 35th birthday.

0117-beyonce-kelly-instagram-picBut here's what you don't see ... Kelly Rowland ... who was in the pic when it was snapped in 2001 at the MTV Movie Awards, mere months before Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash.

Kelly posted the original photo on Instagram hours before Beyonce. Then Beyonce reposted it in black and white, completely cropping Kelly out of the pic ... and putting herself smack in the middle of the shot.

So we gotta ask ...


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For Real...this made TMZ...i thought only blogs are petty..but u are TMZ remember how u lied that Jay set up that kid to rap on must be a slow day in the office...We all crop people out of out pics, if she just posted the whole pic, u haters would be on her too...STOP always beating down on Jay and Bey...Get ur money up too....Bey and kelly will still be bestfriends, travelling the world, living their lives while u over here hating...This world is so nasty... I admit to cropping people out of my pics all the time and its her instagram not Kellys so CAN SHE LIVE!!!!!!

257 days ago


"on what WOULD HAVE BEEN" her 35th birthday. People don't have birthdays after they die. You could say "on the 35th anniversary of her birth." Oh hell, people do say Beethoven's 200th birthday, don't they? I give up. And Aaliyah was a beautiful woman and a fine singer: wouldn't she have kicked Beyonce's glowing ass if she had lived? Ask R Kelly. Such a sad loss. And speaking of Kelly, she did post the pic first. Or someone did, FOR her. Nuff said.

257 days ago


Notice Beyonce's big old head next to pretty Aaliyah's? So she cropped her 5-dime forehead to match A's delicate face. (and hid her tracks) Then Bey cropped A's natural long hair, but left ALL of her own horse hair showing. Disgusting jealous, vile woman.

257 days ago

Unkind Truth    

Beyonce's been throwing shade since day one. This behavior is new to some but everyone. This is the same person that claimed 1. she wasn't going solo 2. Destiny Child wasn't breaking up 3. She wasn't dating Jay Z. Lol.

257 days ago


Thats a huge diss. I love Kelly too. I watched some youtubes videos on people pointing out Beys stank behaviour over the years and im going off her slowly but surely.

257 days ago


We all know B is shady!

257 days ago


We all know B is shady

257 days ago


Oh please. Do people not have a life? The full pic was posted BEFORE Bey did hers so no nothing was shady. She can post whatever pics she wants of herself on her page. Get a life of your iwn & you wont be so judgemental of what other people do!

257 days ago


Btw, luv both pics but like Bey's more cause you can see Aaliyah better & the black & white looks cool. R.I.P. Aaliyah. You are missed!

257 days ago


As messed up as it is, Kelly will still make an excuse for Beyonce's behavior. I guess it's habit.

257 days ago


Aaliyah was a real natural beauty. In the color photo her beauty over lapses kelly and beyonce's. beyonce knew this, so she darkened Aaliya's and lightened herself in it, so she could stand out. All about, Bey. I use to like beyonce, but she has started to believe her own hype and is really starting to annoy people. And to make matters worse, she cropped out Kelly R in the photo like she didn't count. Geez... Tell us how you really feel. Lol

257 days ago


That's Some bullSh*t!!

257 days ago


Beyonce seems to be running out of things to keep herself relevant having to bring up the dead by this picture and as you know ... Beyonce's song, "XO" begins with sound from the "Challenger's" mission control. Seems like she getting desperate

257 days ago


Beyonce is a sociopath.

257 days ago


Now lets hope she cuts out that ugly shrek fellow in her wedding photo

257 days ago
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