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Cuts Kelly Out of the Picture

1/17/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-beyonce-instagram-picBeyonce has cut Kelly Rowland out of her life -- and it was truly the unkindest cut of all.

Check out this photo (above) Beyonce posted on Instagram last night ... in honor of Aaliyah's 35th birthday.

0117-beyonce-kelly-instagram-picBut here's what you don't see ... Kelly Rowland ... who was in the pic when it was snapped in 2001 at the MTV Movie Awards, mere months before Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash.

Kelly posted the original photo on Instagram hours before Beyonce. Then Beyonce reposted it in black and white, completely cropping Kelly out of the pic ... and putting herself smack in the middle of the shot.

So we gotta ask ...


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Orlando Salazar    


225 days ago


I think her account was hacked. There's been some unusual activity on it recently. Kind o bizarre.

225 days ago


Beyoncé is a piece of crap. U have to expect that of her. No surprise

225 days ago


Because she's a fake dumb bitch. I don't like her, didn't like her back in Destiny's child, and won't like her in the future.

225 days ago


Beyonce being a complete bitch doing that to her former member who helped her bitch ass be famous as well. No I in team..... I will not support beyonce anymore becuz of this

225 days ago


Tmz who cares about Beyoncé ? She's just a dumb rich chick who has a baby from that devil worshiper JZ

225 days ago


I must say, she does a LOT better when she remains mysterious. She can't talk, so she shouldn't, and this just proves how very CHILDISH this woman is. If you didn't know anything about them, you might actually buy into the hype that they are this grown successful couple, but even though this happened years ago, from what I have read she hasn't changed much. And that whole fake baby thing was SO pathetic and transparent.

225 days ago


Omg... She seriously did this to her long time gal ... I love b but wat she did was not cool @ all..

225 days ago

No Thanks    

Just more solid PROOF of the celebrity "photo-shopping" epidemic.

Now she's ripping pages from Kim KarTRASHian's play book.

Such a..Dirty Shame!.

Their tactics are CLASSLESS.

225 days ago


Aaliyah was way prettier than Bey she should've cropped herself out too!

225 days ago


i dont think she wanted to post for Kelly so she cropped her put u guys make it a big deal

225 days ago

Ernest DeBrew     

I guess that Beyonce is upset that Kelly Rowland did not invite her to her wedding or something else Kelly did/said. No matter how famous, successful, rich, etc. you are, your possessions do not mean anything without your family and friends.

225 days ago

No Thanks    

Just more solid PROOF of the celebrity "photo-shopping" epidemic. FAKEAZZES!

Now she's ripping pages from Kim KarTRASHian's playbook. Copycat!

How original..

Beyoncé nothing more than satan's puppet.


225 days ago


All y'all sippin' on that haterade! Lol she IS the second coming. It's no big damn deal. So she cut kelly out the pic. Who gives a flying f***!

225 days ago


If they really dont know eachother & that picture was a spur of the moment pic we're they both got in quick then I dont think cropping is a problem at all... I would have done it also, especially instagram doesn't let you post full pics any o way so why not crop? Its her posting, i say let her rock...

225 days ago
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