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Justin Bieber

Lil Za Can Still Live With Me

1/17/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-lil-za-justin-bieber-tmzJustin Bieber won't be kicking his buddy Lil Za to the curb after this week's drug arrest ... in fact, Biebs is telling friends they're still as close as brothers -- and Za can stay as long as he wants.

Bieber's people have been urging the singer to bail on Za for months -- and they've turned up the heat up following the raid on his house this week -- but we're told JB won't budge.

Our sources say ... Za has an open pass to stay in Bieber's Calabasas mansion ... and he has no intention of leaving.

As for the rest of Bieber's crew ... we're told most are running for the hills -- because they think they'd be big fat targets if the house gets raided again.


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I bet Za took the charge for Bieber...

281 days ago


I'm beginning to think he's gay too

281 days ago


Beiber is sucking off Za cuz his cream is good for his throat

281 days ago

Unkind Truth    

Dude, stop surrounding yourself with these wannabe ass thugs and found you some black folks worth something. Damn! They make you look lamer than what you already are.

281 days ago


Jesus- if any of us were rich beyond belief at his age we would probably be jerks too until we matured. He's doing pretty normal stuff. It's not that different to a lot of kids his age - that's when people experiment and act rebellious until something bad happens and you learn your lesson the hard way. He's not gay. He does look like a lesbian though. He's been friends with that kid for a long time. Friends don't ditch friends when it's a real friendship when one of them gets in trouble. Loyalty is important. We all need to feel we have allies in this world no matter what. Ride or die. Or whatever the cool kids call it...

281 days ago

Obvious justice    

It's called justin being a spineless lil wimp or lil za has something on justin that justin is willing to keep the retard around just so he won't release any dirt on him. That's what you get stupid bomber for being a moron . Now ill za is milking you for all you got

280 days ago


When Selina is scarce, Lii Za is willing to provide JB with some black ***** and warm lips on JB's Junk in exchange for a roof and some cash. THAT is why he gets to stay...SEX

280 days ago


Of course he won't kick his boyfriend out.

280 days ago


***s, duh people. Just get married and move on.

280 days ago


can anyone say " sponge"??? boys and girls???????

280 days ago

John Platt    

I don't know If Justin reads this crap, gossip etc. This is my 1st time here. I too was an adolescent addict, alcoholic, but never any fame until age 27, when I put myself voluntarily, into a 30 day inpatent rehab, then 1 yr of AA, NA daily, and one yr of nightly after care theraoist led 3 hr group sessions. The 12 step meetings 9 times a wwk for 5 yrs, hats how sick I was, and how frightened I would relapse back into addiction hell. If he reads this, I would like to help FOR FREE. I went back to school, got my CADAC, D.A.R.K certification, passed the grueling tests, then a real case study, then the 9 panel board of the top therapists who grilled me with no expressions on the case study, I aced it 1st time. I then specialized in adolescent / young adult addictions treatment, and within 9 yrs became clinical director, running several rehabs and hospitals. I personally developed a whole new appoach to reach young people, and helped many succeed and get clean, ang go on to lead happy normal lives. Being both schooled, and an actual addict myself, it helps when just book educated people, who never pesronally experienced addiction themselves, couldnt reach these lost young adults. I devotd 16 yrs, until I burned out myself from such intense work, trying to save good young adults and kids from the hell thats to come, if they dont change thier ways. I am now 28 yrs still clean and sober, not one relapse. I retired, opened a garden center, but failed when the 2008 economic collapse came. Now very sick, terminally ill, I want to cont to devote what time is left to helping. I am not afraid of dying one bit. When and if it happenes, I am at peace with what, who, and how I am. Really, NO FEE, NO PERKS, NO PUBLICITY, just an anonnymous act of good will. Justin is at a cross road, to burn fast and die, or change, get out of that whole life style, the fame, fortune, and start a new quiet life, humbled and let it all go. Easier said and done with contracts, and some people who literally own him. He made the mistake of using the hand symbols, tying him him with the other elites. Never too late to get out, but NEVER to speak again of what he knows, has seen, was involved in, for if he does not, he will be found dead of a supossed over dose, like thousand of other child star / sensations. Ego craves fame, power, spot light, money, and NOT EASY to abandoe, especially when groomed from age 4 to be such an con, who influences s many other youths. Contact me carefully, and I will help in what time I have left.

280 days ago

John Platt    

Me again, Justin, I know your scared to death, and putting on a brave act. Your friends, to you, are all you believe you have left, who you can trust, and the only ones who ( get you). I did the same thing, made an extended, non related family, for my ownfamily never understood me. I was so unique, or believed so at the time. I felt misunderstood, like born out of place and time. I was actually worse than my friends addiction wise, but they had much more criminal back grounds. I know your trying to SAVE them. Underneath all that grooming, almost hypnotized by the elite , rich life style and people manipulating you, tricking you into believeing your in charge, when you know deep down, they have you by the Ba--s. Talk to other once child / young adult stars who got out, but choose carefuly and wisely, and dont trust anyone. Since you are an assett, they are monitorng your every move, probably have thier goones pretending to be body guards, but you know deep down whats going on. STOP THE HAND SYMBOLS ASAP, the making a pyramid shape with your hands, the index finger and pinky finger sign, the index finger and thumb circle around one eye etc, you know what I mean. Get your own laywer, a powerful one that wont be influenced by thiers. and get Out. Break the contracts and pay the fee's, even if it breaks you financially.
I have just put myself ( AGAIN ) in danger by posting this. I have nothing to lose. I research and post what they hate, and feeling the full brunt of the consequences, things you only heard of , as conspiracy theories. My posts got posted by 3rd parties, and I really pissed some one off. IRS, State, audits, accused of state ins fraud, accused of selling opioids to people in pain, running a tiny little woodstove refurbish business out of my home, when I actually donate 3 a mnth to families in need. Since I am terminally ill, they can only arrest me, lock me away, and that doesnt scare me either, like I said, my soul cant be taken away.
Now I sound just crazy, but you know the truth.
Again, I will help for free, or die trying. There is a way out, but you must be clean and sober, change almost every single part of your life, really really hard, and only the brave and courageous can do this. Think you got that stuff in you? Time to prove it to yourself, others, and the higher power, not thier higher power.

280 days ago


Sure he want Lil Za to live with him because he is going to set him up to take the fall for more of his illegal crap.
Lil Za is a big fool. He needs to get away from that piece of garbage. Hope Bieber get busted for his cocaine use soon. The alternative is he will OD.

280 days ago


Of course cause he sucks his dick for more coke go die in a fire beibs

280 days ago


Duh he can live with him beibs sucks his dick for coke go do in a fire beibs we all ****ing hate you

280 days ago
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