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Ripped for Dropping N-Bomb on Her Own Son

1/18/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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 has a strange way of bragging about her son -- she posted a pic of him boxing with the hashtag ... "disni**a" ... and she immediately got blasted for it.

Madonna posted the photo of Rocco Ritchie on Instagram Friday night with the caption, "No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a."

Dirty Soap is clearly a nickname for Rocco. As for the hashtag -- who the Hell knows?

Some outraged followers ripped her for it ... with comments like, "MADONNA U NEED TO TAKE UR arthritis medicine instead of trying to be hip on the internet."


5:50 PM PT -- Madonna changed the photo caption to say, "Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d*ck haters!"


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Advise to Modonna. Keep your kids out of public social media posts.

246 days ago


I just though I'd point out that a good portion of the commenters here are taking issue with a derogatory term for black people (which shouldn't be used) yet seem to not mind using a plethora of derogatory terms pertaining to women. It's not okay to offend one group (it's not) but offending half the population of the planet is perfectly fine? Hypocritical much?

246 days ago


"get of my dick haters"??? God she is beyond immature. Old hag needs to grow the f**ck up. She tries so hard to be young and cool and it comes off pathetic. It's like damn you are old as f**ck and a mother, grow the f**ck up and stop acting like you can get away with or say whatever you want, stupid b**tch. And "haters" really, what are you f**cking twelve in your tiny little mind.... What a joke. She is no innovator anymore lol.

246 days ago


Don't worry about it Madge. I call my brother ****** a lot when I ask him to do something. The colored people in the neighborhood call each other ******. It is an old word and in our vernacular. No biggy!

246 days ago


It's Madonna. The kid is her son. If that is the dynamic in their household and she and her family is comfortable with using the phrase as a term of endearment, who are we to question how they express their love?
Although, I'm certain if someone else was to call her son the "N word" in a different context, she would be one pissed mother.
Not saying it's right or wrong either way. In this case, it is what it is.

245 days ago


I'll give it to you on one hand, Miley Cyrus and all of her marketing agents are pure genius!!! They cash in on the majority of our population, who will buy and sell anything as long as it's heavily broadcasted. First it was Hannah Montana.... candy, clothing, bedding, posters, games everywhere you looked, (Personally this made me want to vomit). But thank you Disney for plastering it everywhere. Now it's Miley Cyrus and her sodomitic posing for the world, on stage masturbation, and famous *********** implying tongue. Congratulations Miley, you are rich because we are all mindless trend following drones, who also happen to be morally challenged. Sadly this is not even what bothers me the most. What does is the fact that she has no vocal ability what so ever! If you think she does, either you are 12 years old and tone deaf, or you have not heard of auto tunes!!! There are so many other people with sheer talent who can in fact Sing??? But instead of glorifying them, we give this imbecile a chance. Why because of her ridiculous one hit wonder father. I did not know that someone like that could have so much pull in in the Music industry?? Again, Thank you Disney! Miley, I know it wasn't Billy Ray or Achy Breaky Heart that launched your career, it was Disney. The company responsible for turning little girls into shameless half naked sex objects for our little girls to look up to. And for getting to decide what we have to suffer through on the radio. She's so desperate it's painful.... Take all the slutty crap away and she'd instantly be out shadowed by people with real talent. However, thankfully for her and her lame career, Americans put up with talentless Singers as long as they do crazy S H I T or act like sluts.....we don't care about actual talent here anymore. 666

213 days ago


Look Rocco is being raised by a narcissistic celebrity. He will be just like Madonna getting and demanding all the attention. Madonna does not spend that much time with those kids. They used to beg her to spend time with them. Madonna is a snobby little diva bitch that thinks she is smarter than everybody else because she has money. But what she has is an addiction of narcissism that needs to be fed everyday 24/7. She is married to it and gave her soul for it. She needs therapy and a lot of it. It's not that hard to sell sex to young people. And that's what she has done with an average singing voice that has made her millions. She gets to the root of sex in her concerts to bring on the adolescents that are already ready for anything to get them off. She is not a good example for her kids and believe me there will be a mommie dearest book probably from Lourdes in the future

29 days ago
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